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5 Rising Technologies in Law Enforcement that will Level Up your Game.

Digital Evidence Management has improved because of the new law enforcement technologies. Police officers are on fields, work flow is fast and simplified.

Most of us are always so grasped while watching crime or detective TV shows, maybe because they make solving crimes look like a piece of cake. Simply gather a miniscule piece of proof, run it through a PC, and – boom – you have discovered the culprit. Although, the reality is that law enforcement and investigations are not that easy peasy lemon squeezy. It can require weeks, months or even a very long time to coordinate with a piece of proof to a particular individual, if it very well may be coordinated by any stretch of the imagination; nonetheless, that does not imply that innovation is not getting up to speed to Hollywood innovation.

New advancements are coming to fruition consistently, making it simpler to forestall and battle wrongdoing. New advancements, new techniques, and groundbreaking thoughts have carried huge change to law authorization. Police and law authorization offices the nation over is driving the change, spearheading imaginative thoughts, adjusting to evolving settings, and fusing bits of knowledge from officials and local area accomplices. The advancements that are molding the fate of law requirement start with arising advances that help new ideas of tasks, empowering the mediations and connections that guard society.

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Here are 5 ways to make Law enforcement agency life easy-going!

1. Catching of Digital Evidence Made Easy!

Various gadgets are used by officers to capture digital evidence which include audio recorders, digital cameras, video cameras etc. Getting stuck in different equipment can be a hassle and we do not want to waste time while being on a crime scene, right? So, why not use the most convenient yet proficient enough of capturing all forms of digital evidence, Tada! A smartphone.

In the 21st century where people rely on their iPhones, and which is doing extremely exceptional job at catering to our needs of audio recording and a digital camera that captures and can immediately upload the evidence on the go without any additional waste of time.

VIDIZMO empowers officers and investigators on the field to manage evidence using mobile devices. The Mobile version aids you to instantly upload, manage and share evidence from your smartphone. It gives you the features of evidence capture and playback and additional digital media proof from mobile gadgets, including android and iOS. Quick and simple search by keyword can make the job less tedious, Influence the area metadata from caught proof for programmed proof planning. Also, secures access, management and sharing by making it a must for users to be logged into DEMS and be authorized.

Learn more about using your smartphone to collect evidence here: Empower Officers & Investigators On The Field to Manage Evidence Using Mobile Devices

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2. Evidence Collection From Various Sources

A crime or incident could take place anywhere and the collection of evidence becomes the conundrum of it all as from several sources, it becomes tricky to reach out to individuals to submit evidence. Evidence collection from the public, prosecutors, defenders and internal affair management can be a task itself. On the off chance that there is no way of finding the names and contact data for every individual who may have been available, you will probably end up hanging tight for observers to offer facts.

To simplify the process of collecting evidence, VIDIZMO offers different portals for Citizens, prosecutors, public defenders and internal affairs which enables them to submit evidence instantly, better management of the discovery process for prosecutors, streamline evidence management for public defenders and empower internal affairs investigations.

The citizen portal facilitates officers to submit request to citizens for evidence submission and go to the veracity by crowdsourcing evidence along with the features of single storage, evidence triage, audit trails and make it scalable and reliable. On the other hand, prosecutor’s portal delivers secure and easy evidence sharing, complete data security, audit trails and scalable storage with adaptable deployment. Public defenders are not left behind here as they can instantly receive and manage evidence in a single location, security and access control to evidence is provided with simplified evidence management and 255+ format support. The Internal affairs portal prevents unlawful commotion within the workplace and maintain secrecy for covert investigations. The features highlighted in this portal are privileged access, private comments and annotations, alerts and notifications, private audit trails, covert collaboration and quick search.

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3. Dive Deeper, Safer and Faster with Artificial Intelligence

The conventional methods which were used before consumed immense time of the officers, had them stuck to the screen more than the field. They were also less reliable, and evidence was easily accessible and tampered with without any trail of the entire process. Well, now we are off the hook from all those challenges and into a safer zone because of artificial intelligence and technology advancements.

DEMS has made job simpler for officers and more protected with Facial, body and object detection, search within video, auto tags and speech to text. DEMS portal offers support in 20+languages making the painstaking report writing process a comfy experience. The key transcription perks bring on search within evidence, end to end encryption and compliance with legal frameworks such as CJIS and FedRAMP.

Evidence security on the other end is a crucial aspect that needs to be investigated while gathering proof from various sources. VIDIZMO for that prevents unauthorized access with role-based access control, verify the integrity of evidence files with the standard SHA cryptographic hash function to detect the presence of any tampering, location and IP restrictions, automatic login timeout, SSO integration, Access reason provisioning and manages users and creates groups to bulk manage access to evidence for multiple users.

Learn more about Artificial Intelligence used for DEMS here: Collect and Extract Insights, Analyze, Translate, and Redact Digital Evidence Using Artificial Intelligence

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4. Redaction of Sensitive Information

Redacting private data from proof is a standard practice, but on the other hand it is very tedious. Physically putting a veil to cover somebody's face in a video, for instance, can take a redaction expert twice the time span of the actual video.

We can automate audio and video redaction utilizing artificial intelligence. It benefits us to concentrate more on cases than intricate administrative workflows, convene surging public information requirements in time. We can redact audio and video evidence in any format such as dash cams, body cams, CCTV, surveillance footage and others. Muting audio portions, blurring or cropping images and hiding texts from spawned transcripts is provided by VIDIZMO. Mechanize the audit cycle by checking potential faces and bodies inside the occurrence caught from different account frameworks.

The highlighted redaction abilities offered by VIDIZMO make officer desk job less complicated and more focus on ground duties. Various redactions styles, detection and tracking, characterizes the start and end time to swiftly redact audio comprising confidential details. There is a built-in editing tool to eliminate frames comprising unwanted footage. Redaction can protect identities by blurring, adding a black box or by pixelating.  

Learn more about redaction here: Automate Audio and Video Redaction Using Artificial Intelligence



5. Seamless Integration Supporting Officers

To maximize efficiency and performance of officers and the investigation is essential. Integration with IT and records management systems to accelerate investigations is beneficial for both the officers and the case itself. Efficient management improves identify issues before they become a challenge and facilitates build trust with the community.

VIDIZMO consolidates evidence from various sources, diminish the hindrances brought about by disengaged frameworks at the hour of settling on significant choices and address more cases quicker, prompting more fruitful arraignments. Expanding interoperability and reduces reporting time. Lessen reaction time for finding calls and guests by incorporating with your current PC supported dispatch framework (CAD).

The main integrations offered by VIDIZMO are single sign on, records management systems, computer aided dispatch, body-worn cameras, content management systems, content processing apps, provisioning and interview room recording systems.

Learn more about integration to support officers here: Integrate with IT & Records Management Systems to Expedite Investigations

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VIDIZMO makes digital evidence management painless and manageable, making life for law enforcement agencies easy. It ticks all the check boxes that one keeps in mind for an efficient and improved law enforcement, video surveillance, public safety, insurance, law enforcement, commercial security. Public evidence submission and others. VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) is a protected and gadget freethinker computerized proof administration framework deployable on cloud or on-premise, that empowers public wellbeing and law authorization organizations to store, oversee, investigate and share always expanding advanced proof gathered from various sources like body-worn cameras, dashcams, CCTV cameras, call chronicles and other sources while guaranteeing the most significant level of consistence like CJIS and FedRAMP. Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) is trusted for its protected and rich sharing alternatives, AI and redaction, proof access the board, adaptable arrangement choices, compliances, and reconciliations for proof ingestion.

Recognized in IDC MarketScape*, VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) streamlines the process of securing, managing, searching, analyzing, and sharing ever-increasing digital evidence.

In short, VIDIZMO is your best friend when it comes to solving a case rapidly and efficiently with the advance, high-tech methods to make your investigation journey smooth. Click on the CTA below to learn more about VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System or click on the Contact Us button to discuss your compliance requirements with us.

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