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6 Reasons Why Organizations Use Online Remote Training Platforms

Take a look at the benefits of remote training methods and how they're changing modern corporate training programs.

There’s been a big change in the way we work. More and more employees are working remotely, actively operating regardless of their location. This change in work dynamics means that the old-style, in-person training approach doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s costly, inflexible, and limiting, not a viable option for a modern business to grow in the contemporary, fast-paced corporate environment. That’s where remote online training platforms come in. 

The development of new video online training software and platforms has made remote training increasingly popular with organizations. And the novel coronavirus has only promoted this transition in how businesses operate.

In fact, Microsoft is pushing to transform the manufacturing industry and workforce, building a factory of the future. Their direction through this pandemic is evident in their COVID-19 solutions showcase. 

Zoom CEO Eric Yuan even said, I truly believe in the future, everyone will [use] video for remote worker collaboration.”. Since the pandemic took hold over the world, video conferencing and streaming platforms such as Zoom have seen a surge in demand; Zoom itself saw usage increase by more than 30 percent early on into the year.

With remote online training platforms, organizations have the power to train every employee, whether they’re home or at another office location or in the factory, whether a few miles away or halfway across the world. For many modern businesses, remote training has become an efficient and practical way to keep up with the rapidly developing business environment.



What is Online Remote Training?

As the term ‘remote’ suggests, remote training is where the trainer and trainee are not present for training in-person. Instead, training occurs through virtual training methods such as live stream sessions, training videos, and online digital material. Other than for training remote employees, while in-person training is still widely used among organizations, remote training offers several significant advantages over the traditional, in-person corporate learning and training programs. 

More and more businesses are turning to remote training methods and materials such as video content since they enable engaging and effective corporate training for employees from any location. And with the development of new, innovative video and digital training content management platforms, it’s become very easy for businesses to implement the solution. 

Moreover, while most organizations initially turned to remote training for when a trainer or trainees couldn’t physically attend a training session, many organizations are now starting to combine or replace traditional, in-person training with remote training methods to create more effective training programs.

Benefits of Remote Training?

Other than the obvious benefit of being able to reach employees no matter where they are, remote training also provides a lot of flexibility and savings. For many businesses, these options alone make remote training exceptionally appealing. But there are several more benefits to remote training methods that make it all the more attractive for organizations to implement. 

Accessibility Anytime and Anywhere

Accessibility-for-Remote-TrainingThe idea behind remote training is to reach remote employees. From the corona-virus pandemic, we can tell that you never know when you’ll need to start working remotely. However, working from home is not the only reason you should worry about accessibility. Time is also an important factor and can limit employee learning if they are not available or invested at the time of the training session. 

By providing access to on-demand learning content around the clock, employees can learn at their own pace at any time. This is perfect for high-tech tools, gadgets, or products with perpetual updates. On-demand learning content such as training videos accommodates to each employee’s style of learning by providing access from anywhere at any time. This also includes devices other than the traditional desktop, such as mobile phones and tablets.

Reduce Costs & Time Investment

Reduce-Investment-for-Remote-Training-1Training in-person requires a lot of time and resources. You need to plan and scale an on-site training session and spend on training materials for each time you organize a training event. Furthermore, if trainers are outsourced, you’ll have to pay each time for their services. 

Remote training methods provide a high degree of flexibility, such as online training videos through a platform and live training sessions, allowing you to save time and resources that you’d need to invest if a session was in-person. You can search and compile your training content to make a remote corporate training program online without having to go through the hassle of creating and scheduling training programs and sessions or having to manage all the training logistics. Additionally, you can reuse your existing digital content. It’s also much easier and cost-effective to have your subject matter experts to record and upload new training content.

Improving Efficiency & Productivity


When it comes to in-person training, sessions are usually timed, and employees need to keep up with the pace of the training while making sure they don’t miss any important points. This makes them more inclined to miss information since they have limited time to process all the information. 

Self-paced learning through online content such as on-demand learning and training videos allows employees to view the content again, slow things down, or save content for viewing later again. This allows them to recall and retain information more easily and leads to an increase in productivity. Moreover, you can measure how much time an employee invests in your content to measure how effective and productive they are with your training.

Interactivity and Engagement

Interactivity-for-Remote-TrainingIt can be challenging to keep employees engaged in a training session. Additionally, when it comes to in-person training, it can be a difficult task to collect feedback on how effective the training was and how knowledgeable your employees are regarding the topic of interest. 

Remote training allows you to add interactive elements to your training content, such as inserting quizzes into videos so you can test your employees and learn how much they know about a topic. This way, you can immediately generate automatic reports and obtain collective feedback from each employee. Furthermore, interactivity helps keep employees more engaged and improves retention for information.

Easily Measure Training Effectiveness

Measure-for-Remote-TrainingAs it is with product training, the objective is to create experts who understand the product in-depth. Product expertise means greater brand loyalty and retention and more referrals. It also makes it easier to cross-sell or up-sell. To develop product experts, you need to carry out proficient and productive training. 

Virtual training makes it easy to keep track of the time and content consumed by the employees through metrics such as media analytics and results for interactive training elements, like quizzes. Through the feedback on your training content, you can measure how effective your training is and find weaknesses in your content or program.

Privacy and Security

Privacy-and-SecurityManaging physical training material can be not only time-consuming, but also increases risks for security, loss, and privacy. Physical material requires a lot more care when it comes to confidentiality.

Media technology such as video platforms guarantee a high-level of security and extensive privacy options. You can safely upload your training assets without having to worry about the content getting into the hands of someone beyond your department or company’s boundaries. You can also easily search and find a piece of training content search without having to worry about lost or misplaced material.  

Training Remote Employees through VIDIZMO

With VIDIZMO Virtual Academy, you can stream live and on-demand training videos and manage your digital training content on a secure online training platform. You can live stream a webinar, upload pre-recorded training videos, or upload other digital content such as audios, presentations, and documents to train your employees. You can also record a live session and reuse it as an on-demand training video. 

VIDIZMO also gives you the option to create quizzes and surveys, which you can insert into a live or on-demand training video to keep your employees engaged, evaluate your employees, and get feedback on how effective your training is. You can also attach related media such as presentations and workbooks into a video for employees to download and view offline. You can check out our blog to learn more about interactive training with VIDIZMO.

In addition, live streaming in VIDIZMO also offers live chat so employees can interact within a live training session and a Q&A where they can submit their questions and receive responses. You can also control and monitor which employees are attending the session, as well as integrate your Twitter and Yammer feed into the live training session. VIDIZMO also gives you the option to create an FAQ ahead of starting the session where employees can view frequently asked questions and answers. You can learn more about interactivity in a VIDIZMO live stream in the video below.

You can also attach annotations or ‘notes’ to on-demand training videos to divert attention to or highlight a specific point in the video. And with media analytics, you can see how employees engaged with each video measure the effectiveness of your remote corporate training methods. 

You can create playlists and collections of your videos and other digital media to make organized training programs and segregate your training programs through multiple portals. Each portal has it’s own settings for privacy, and VIDIZMO provides extensive security controls to make sure only the right people can access your content while keeping unauthorized individuals from viewing your training videos and content. 

Finally, VIDIZMO seamlessly integrates with any CMS, LMS, or Video Conferencing Platforms so you can easily integrate the solution with your existing technology infrastructure, leverage your existing training content, and easily share and transfer your content.

Microsoft’s Inspiring Approach


Microsoft seems to be keeping themselves ahead of the rapidly changing trends and they’re practically driving innovation (no surprises there!). So much so that they are adamant on bringing even the most hands-on element of business, like manufacturing, up to speed in the grand race of digitalization. They are promoting remote learning and training in manufacturing as well. This is why VIDIZMO Virtual Academy made the cut in Microsoft’s transforming workforce and factory of the future theme. Virtual Academy is among the Featured Apps on Microsoft Azure Marketplace as well as the commercial marketplace COVID-19 solutions showcase. 




Over the last decade, more than 80 percent of companies in the US have already or plan to implement policies for greater flexibility regarding workplaces. And with the novel corona-virus, many feel that remote working might even become the norm for many organizations. However, even without the pandemic, the merits of remote training have been discussed for years, especially as technology continues to evolve and influence the way we work.

Microsoft has been focusing on bringing remote training and learning to the manufacturing industry. In this effort, VIDIZMO Virtual Academy found itself among the Featured Apps on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and the commercial marketplace COVID-19 solutions showcase.

With VIDIZMO, you can easily manage and use your digital training content for training remote employees while leveraging VIDIZMO extensive options and functionalities to add more value to your content, improve training efficiency and productivity, and ensure you can continue operations under any circumstances.  

VIDIZMO is deployable on-premise, cloud, or hybrid storage. You can start your free trial by clicking the link below:

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To learn more on how you can use VIDIZMO to carry out remote training, check out our website or contact us.

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