How Can You Effectively Transcribe Videos? - AWS Video Transcription

You can use VIDIZMO a YouTube-like platform to leverage AWS for video transcription - Amazon Transcribe. Simply upload videos, transcribe and manage them.

Do you want to automatically transcribe your videos stored on Amazon S3 within the AWS environment? or are you impressed with Amazon’s AI and want to give it a shot? Either way, you’re on the right page.

AWS is innovating in AI at a rapid pace. Recently, it launched the SageMaker and has a dedicated $10 million dollar AI and ML scholarship. 

Similar to its other AI, AWS' Video transcription uses cutting-edge technology such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Languages Understanding (NLU) to automatically convert speech to text in up to 37 languages.

In this blog, we’ll discuss why we should transcribe our videos and what AWS transcribe is. Lastly, we explain how VIDIZMO is an effective way of transcribing your videos using AWS transcribe – a YouTube-like portal for organizations to upload and manage videos, while having all of them automatically transcribed.


Why Use Video Transcription?

Ever thought about what motivates a publisher to transcribe their videos? As we ponder this question, we came up with three main reasons.

  • Accessibility for Users

One of the main reasons to transcribe videos is their accessibility. Deaf and hard-hearing viewers require transcription in order to fully consume videos like any other viewer. It is also required by Section 508, ADA and other access compliance purposes.

When we talk about accessibility, we also talk about people speaking different languages. Transcription in multiple languages can make the content accessible to a larger audience.

  • Improves SEO

This is a proven fact! Having a transcript will boost your SEO. The main reason behind this is that search engines can’t crawl videos; therefore, transcription provides text that can be easily crawled and ranked. This makes your videos much more visible and searchable across the internet or within your site.

  • A Better User Experience

Transcription can improve the user experience. They can be made searchable and translated into multiple languages. Searchable transcripts provide ease to users where you can jump to the exact moment of the word spoken. A transcript can also be made interactive to boost the user experience.

According to Statista, in the E-learning and market research industry, 64% had used speech-to-text automated transcription in 2020.

Transcription is not only used on videos you watch on a daily basis but also on any audio recordings, call center technologies, 911 calls and others. For example, a business meeting is recorded via video is later transcribed for all the attendees to have notes. The reasons to use video transcription are endless.

Video Transcription in VIDIZMO

Amazon Transcribe

Amazon Transcribe

AWS provides a service known as Amazon Transcribe that automatically generates transcripts from video and audio files.

Amazon Transcribe is widely loved and used by numerous organizations. One of the big names is NASCAR, which opted for Amazon transcribe to boost their VOD content.

Before automatic transcription, manual transcription was a hassle. Individuals or businesses had to sign expensive contracts to integrate transcription technology.

Amazon Transcribe uses deep learning technology, one of them being ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition), which quickly and correctly transcribes your videos. Others include NLP and NLU to make sense of spoken words and return more accurate transcriptions. The benefits of using AWS video transcription includes

  • Easy-to-read transcripts that are very similar to manual transcriptions, matching punctuation and formatting as well.
  • Customized transcription means you can add your own vocabulary and train your own model for more accuracy.
  • To ensure customer privacy, Amazon Transcribe can redact confidential information from supported language transcripts.
  • The transcription takes place in the AWS cloud and you can keep your transcriptions secure, which is helpful if they have personal or sensitive data.

Learn More About Amazon Transcribe

Like any other AI engine, Amazon Transcribe too has limitations and leads to poor transcription accuracy when it comes to poor audio quality, inconsistent background noise, cross talk, speakers in multiple languages, or slangs being used.

Getting started on using Amazon Transcribe

Here’s the thing, Transcribing video via Amazon Transcribe can be a lengthy process. You first need to create a bucket which are containers for data stored in S3, then configure the settings by providing the bucket name, versioning, region and others. After creating the bucket, you can upload your audio/video file within the container, input the URL into “input file location on S3” and then start streaming. Finally, you get to download the transcript file.

Why go through this process when you can use a content management system to not only store but use AWS Video transcription services to automatically transcribe your videos?

After all, video transcription is not a one-time process and you’d want a convenient solution – one where you upload your videos, and they are automatically transcribed!

VIDIZMO And AWS Video Transcription Go Hand in Hand

VIDIZMO, an enterprise video cms saves you the hassle of a long process and helps you store, manage and transcribe your videos automatically.

VIDIZMO leverages AWS Transcribe and gives you automatic transcription from a variety of sources such as video, microphones, audio files or recordings.

Each of the transcripts is interactive, which allows a user to search for a specific keyword and jump to the exact part, thanks to the timestamp Amazon transcribe returns. In VIDIZMO, there is a transcription tab next to the player where you can search, change the font, edit the transcription, and download the transcription file for offline view.

The editing function is great as you can make minor edits and perfect your transcriptions. This is because the AI won't return 100% accurate transcriptions but it's better than writing transcriptions from scratch. 

A screenshot of video transcription

If you have videos stored in Amazon storage S3, VIDIZMO connects and automatically transcribes those videos as well.

Here is the catch, VIDIZMO offers much more. Yes! Apart from automatically transcribing your videos, you can manage the system for multiple end-to-end use cases. You can either stream videos internally, such as onboarding or training videos, or stream them to an external audience, for instance, a marketing video.

To learn more about our transcription services and what more we offer, check out our website or sign up for our free trial.

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Learn more on how VIDIZMO helps in streaming videos in AWS. If you are an AWS reseller and are looking for joint partnership opportunities to increase the consumption of AWS services, feel free to contact us.

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