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Best Way to Redact a Single Person Amongst Many in a Video

In this article, you will get to know the best way of redacting only a single person in a video with multiple people, and a redaction tool to do this.

How can you redact a single person in a video amongst many? In a video, 5 people are clearly visible and you're interested in hiding only one person completely, then how will you do that efficiently?

Obviously, you need redaction software to serve the purpose. In general, you can redact a single person manually, but it is time-consuming and needs extra human effort. For example, Law Enforcement agencies are involved in handling massive digital evidence for investigation and legal court proceedings every single day. Therefore, protecting the identity of victims, innocents, bystanders, or police officers visible in digital evidence is a perplexing task for most law enforcement officers.

All you need is a tool that can be used to redact a single person automatically with features of detection and tracking through artificial intelligence, which saves time and human effort.

VIDIZMO provides a redaction tool with features such as facial detection, inmate tracking, and video redaction. With VIDIZMO’s powerful Artificial intelligence you can automatically detect, track, and redact a single person rapidly.

In this article, you can see how a single person can be redacted with VIDIZMO’s Redaction tool.

How to Redact a Single Person in a Video with the VIDIZMO’s Redaction Tool?

The entire process of automatic redaction of a person in a video follows three simple stages:

  • Detection
  • Tracking
  • Redaction 


The first step is to click on the studio space and select the uploaded video that you want to redact.

Select the scanning types, e.g., face, person, or license plates. Start to scan your video frame by frame.

VIDIZMO Redactor's Studio Space showing the "Start Scan" page on the right-hand side.

Our AI indexer will point out the faces of people appearing in videos. A detected rectangular box will appear as shown in the picture below.

detection of steve jobs in a video



Multiple faces in a single frame can also be detected and merged as a single person as well.

You have 3 options available here:

Merge, delete or edit options for detection.

Let's take an example: a person is moving fast in the entire video as his face can be seen in multiple directions and dimensions. In this case, you can select the different facial angles of the person merge and label him as person 1.

You can also draw a redaction box on detected items manually to enhance the efficiency of the redaction process.

Merging Multiple Faces



Our Redaction system tracks faces and persons frame by frame automatically using artificial intelligence, reducing human effort, saving time. You can even select the start and end time to redact face, body parts, or custom objects.

Now, select the checkbox options and finally click on the redact icon and redact the detected faces or persons completely.

Features of VIDIZMO Redaction Tool:


Key features of VIDIZMO Redaction software are as follows:

  • Automatically detect and track faces, objects, bodies, license plates, and weapons including pistols & rifles along with custom objects and on-screen text through artificial intelligence.
  • Mute selected audio segments that hold personal sensitive information.
  • Allow users to simultaneously redact multiple video/audio files.
  • Blur, pixelate, or add a solid redaction box over the redacted items.
  • Automatic redaction with manual redaction choice to ensure more accuracy and efficiency.
  • Store, manage and redact vast amounts of audio/visual data quickly.
  • Complete Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) is also available with complete security features, a chain of custody, transcription, translation, and much more.
  • You can purchase VIDIZMO Redaction software as SaaS or deploy it in Azure/AWS or in your on-premises data center.

You can buy our product in three ways:

Standalone Redaction Tool:

You can choose to buy our standalone redaction tool, which is easy to use and simple. You can upload, store, manage, and redact media files effectively here.

Learn more: video redaction software

Enterprise Video Platform with Redaction:

Or you can choose to buy our complete Gartner recognized Enterprise video platform. This is a complete solution to upload videos, live stream, manage, and store them securely and you can define who will have access to the video.

Learn more: Enterprise Tube

Digital Evidence Management System with Redaction:

Or you can choose to buy our complete IDC recognized DEMS to store, manage and share massive digital evidence in the form of audios, videos, and images securely. Redaction can be added to the multiple features this platform offers.

Learn more about VIDIZMO DEMS: Digital Evidence Management System


Do check out our guide on redaction that we prepared to cover this vast topic.

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