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Boosting Enterprise Video Platform Efficiency with Faceted Search

Faceted search is the key functionality in an enterprise video platform to ease the difficulty of voyaging through the clutter and hence VIDIZMO's priority

As an enterprise video library gets loaded with content, it becomes increasingly difficult for employees and managers to search and find relevant content for their current needs. The most convenient method of achieving this level of organization and ease is by adding a search function to the library. As desired as the searchability is, it is equally beneficial to a growing enterprise where the archives are bulking up as the painful process of manual search becomes obsolete.  

Among the many benefits of an Enterprise Video Platform, including end-to-end video and digital media management, is the crucial ability of in-video search and accessibility to content across the organization efficiently and straightforwardly. By having control over the database with a fast and faceted search function, employees throughout an organization can find specific parts of a video by searching through voice, text, or even face of the speaker. 

What makes an optimal faceted search function? 

While general search relies heavily on metadata, faceted search in enterprise video content management uses a wide range of video aspects to better index content. A search function can achieve efficient and optimal results by employing faceted features such as automatic speech recognition (ASR), optical character recognition (OCR), and facial recognition. Consequently, this results in quick and easy extraction of insights from video using artificial intelligence. 

For an enterprise video platform to enable global search across the portal or within an account, thorough indexing of stored content’s metadata is crucial. By indexing all forms of content attributes, such as, but not limited to titles, description, meta-descriptions, tags, category, the author and any indexed and searchable in-video content, the enterprise video platform can provide in-depth and extensive search capability. Another vital function aiding search optimization is relevance-based search; where the searched Media or User with the highest weight appears first. To obtain narrower search parameters; filters can also be custom-created and made “displayable, searchable, facetable” for more meaningful media categorization to enable enhanced search capabilities.  

Some of the many ways faceted search functions in an enterprise video platform boost its efficiency:

Search using metadata: 

An enterprise video platform with faceted search functionalities allow an in-depth search of all videos in the platform using content attributes such as video title, description, tags, hashtags, author or even by custom attributes such as publishing date, video type, live event date, department, company, location or any other required identifiers. A basic form of search, however, coupled with a faceted search, searching is a whole lot easier. 

Search by category: 

 Categorization, as essential as it may be to an organization’s content storage, also proves to be collective bundling and storage in playlists within the portal, which further improves search effectiveness. A simple search would reveal results for all videos categorized under a, which further improves search effectiveness. A simple search would reveal results for all videos categorized under a particular topic, either individually or within an organized playlist.  

Search in-video text with OCR: 

 By using optical character recognition (OCR) technology, an Enterprise video management, detects and indexes text that appears in a video and converts it to a text file, making it easy to search for a specific date, location or any other information appearing as on-screen text in any video across the database. 

Search using speech recognition: 

 If an enterprise video platform offers automatic speech recognition (ASR) software to provide machine transcription, it helps index every spoken word in the video, thereby allowing users to search for any keywords or phrases spoken in a video. This way, users can quickly skip to any precise portion of the video where the searched keyword is used. 

Search in closed captions (CC): 

 By indexing the text in closed captions, an enterprise video platform can search within a video by words or on-screen subtitles. If the enterprise video content management functionality engulfs automatic speech recognition (ASR) software, it will allow the user to search in a video using those closed captions. While it also generates closed captions or video subtitles that display the text version of spoken words on the video screen, searching in CC also adds clarity to video and audio files.  

Search using facial analysis: 

The latest in faceted search, facial analysis is offered by a fewer number of enterprise video streaming contrast to other search abilities. An Enterprise video platform utilizes intelligent facial detection software for recognizing people within videos. Different sections of the video are marked based on the person speaking at various intervals to skip to a speaker’s portion within a video by simply clicking on their face in the timeline. When a face has been recognized, a timestamp is generated directing users to the specific time the face appears in and across videos. Hence, a face in a video can be easily searched, which subsequently refines the search from thereon while massively reducing the time taken to look for a person in an amassing video content storage. 

While a search provides management of large databases, searching through them for a specific need is where most organizations feel the burden. As the amount of information increases every passing day, smart ways to store and manage are crucial. Faceted search is the critical functionality in an enterprise video platform to ease the difficulty of voyaging through the clutter.  

For a detailed exploration of modern-day Enterprise Video Platform also referred to as Enterprise Video Content Management System (EVCM), read  A Detailed Guide to Enterprise Video Content Management.

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