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Use AI to Improve Your Bottomline with Enterprise Video Platform

Leaders embrace VIDIZMO’s Audiovisual AI features, and high-growth companies are seeing the benefits.

Major global trends which impact societies, economies, businesses, cultures, and personal lives, often called megatrends, define the future and the pace with which the world changes. Communities and businesses today are presented with a landscape characterized by a sophisticated and unprecedented set of challenges and opportunities. Subject to disruption, the existing market can even disappear abruptly in a short space of time if they do not adopt these megatrends. 

Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a megatrend seen in the current markets. A study done recently by the International Data Corporation (IDC) stated that worldwide spending on cognitive systems of AI is expected to exceed $79.2 billion by 2022. Governments, along with marketing, consumer, and education industry, will be spending a substantial amount in the coming years on Artificial IntelligenceThe mentioned industries, will, according to IDC, be the largest consumer of Artificial Intelligence and will represent nearly 55% of all worldwide spending. 

VIDIZMO’s AI features is a potent way for industries to tap into advances in Artificial Intelligence. VIDIZMO, an enterprise video content management platform delivers a reliable and scalable live and on-demand video streaming services globally. By combining a robust video platform and exceptional 
Artificial Intelligence features, VIDIZMO provides the most comprehensive video offerings available. 


VIDIZMO’s Audiovisual Analysis

A video contains a vast trove of information: the presence of fine-grained information that change frame-by-frame and scene-by-scene creates an enormous reservoir of identifiable data that can be examined and interpreted at tremendous scale, with implications both for operational agility and for audience appeal. Similarly, information the video users can possess through VIDIZMO’s AI features about audience interactions and behaviors invites deeply revealing intelligence that can be transformed into business objectives. The core of VIDIZMO’s audiovisual AI features is the rich set of audio, and visual inputs for machine learning models. The types of audiovisual analysis that VIDIZMO provides are Keyword extraction, Brand extraction, Topic inference, Artifact detection, and Sentiment analysis. 


Industry use cases


Corporate brand identity is what drives your entire organization to perform, what makes hiring top talent more accessible, and what gives the framework by which to operate the company. Powerful identity like the company logo conveys the value proposition you offer to your customers and the capabilities that allow you to create that value. So why is it that many companies struggle to develop healthy identities and the abilities that enable them? The problem is one of incoherence: many companies fail to communicate their brand identity because their logos and central message are inaccessible to the final consumer. VIDIZMO’s AI feature such as Brand extraction: extracts brands from speech and visual text. These AI features would identify the company’s logo both visually if the logo appears in a video but also through speech if the brand name is spoken. When the videos would be reviewed by a stakeholder, for instance, those made for a trade show, the number of times the company logo is picked up by VIDIZMO’s AI. These insights would let the decision makers decide whether they need their logo to be placed more visually to be seen or mentioned more often verbally to be heard by potential customers. 

Market Research

One of the popular approaches in the market research industry is to employ behavioral research methods that record using a video a customer’s reaction while interacting with a brand or a product. Such types of researches methods are considered more insightful than quantitative methods such as questionnaires. Behavioral researches which record videos of users interacting with the product need to be analyzed manually for the customer’s reaction and emotions. However, with an increase in the sample size, these methods become very labor intensive. VIDIZMO’s sentiment analysis, which would identify positive, negative, and neutral sentiments from speech and visual text would eliminate the need to review videos and analyze customer reactions manually. 


A university may be interested in knowing the topic of a particular lecture given. A talk given in physics, to cite one example, may include discussion around the topic of “event horizon in a black hole.” These specific topics would enable students coming from many diverse backgrounds to learn as much as possible since they would be viewing content by a particular topic and at their own pace. VIDIZMO’s AI features such as topic inference would allow inference of the main topics from the transcripts of the video lecture, making lectures easily accessible because this would enable students to find videos based on topics they would like to see.  


VIDIZMO is arming the industry through AI features with a competitive advantage. In each of these use cases and more, Artificial Intelligence is rapidly changing the way we understand, consume, and relate to the world around us. As companies try and keep up, it is imperative that they keep up with the innovation curve because those that lag in innovating will fail to improve their bottom line.  

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