Comparing The 4 Best Video Cloud Services in 2021

Learn how cloud can be beneficial for your organization's video needs and what are the top best video cloud services.

In order to improve efficiency and cost, businesses go under transformation by migrating their existing systems over the cloud. The word “cloud,” was once a trendy buzzword is now a word toss around daily as a part of our personal and professional life. According to the research, by 2025, the data stored in the cloud will be over 100 zettabytes. Video being an important part of this data is scaling by the day. Since video is a powerful form of getting your perspective heard, smooth streaming from anywhere around the globe is what will keep your audience engaged.

This is where we need the best video cloud service. To let your audience stream videos from anywhere and everywhere. You have control over as to who watches videos, store them in a compliant way while scaling the streaming and storage capabilities according to your business requirements.                                      

Why Using Legacy Systems is a Bad Idea?

The limitation of the legacy services/systems such as security, sharing videos locally, adaptive bitrate streaming, and other problems are the reason why businesses opt for video cloud services.

Let’s take an example. Sharing videos locally requires downloading a video and then sharing your video via USB or CD. Downloading can take minutes thus wasting time and reducing your productivity. In comparison, the cloud gives you complete flexibility in terms of sharing a video.

Why have clutter laptops or overburden private servers when you can technically have unlimited storage and easy access via the cloud?

Below are the benefits of using cloud services.

What Are the Benefits of Using Cloud Services?

1.      Remote Access

All you require is an internet connection, and you can access the content, including videos, from anywhere.

2.      Security

The cloud is much more secure in terms of security than local or any other stores out there. It has additional layers of security, and all thanks to encryption algorithms, only authorized people can access the content.               

3.      Syncing

One of the benefits includes syncing and updating across all devices. Let’s say you made some minor changes to your excel sheet; the changes will be updated on all devices saving time, duplication and the hassle.

4.      Recovery

Imagine your phone shut off out of nowhere and wiped your entire data. What would you do? Simple have backup on the cloud. In case of hardware malfunction, you can access the file from a cloud that can act as a backup.

5.      Redundancy

By chance, if your cloud service becomes corrupted, redundancy comes in handy. It is the act of duplicating your data for an immediate backup.

So, seeing the above benefits, how would you ensure you’re opting for the best video cloud service? There are plenty of options to choose from but let me break it down for you the following best options.

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Top 4 Best Video Cloud Services    


VIDIZMO, a Gartner recognized video content management system, offers you a YouTube-like portal for streaming live and on-demand videos. This video cloud service is available as SaaS, on Azure, AWS or any other cloud of your choice. It offers all the benefits mentioned above and has a comprehensive feature list such as Video delivery via CDN for minimum buffering, Artificial Intelligence for automatic transcripts, closed caption and smart search. Furthermore, it solves bandwidth challenges such that you can readily play your videos through the browser on any device.

Since cloud offers top-notch security and VIDIZMO makes sure to leverage from that, by deploying VIDIZMO on Microsoft Azure, you can be stress-free in terms of security as Azure provides multiple encryptions and a dedicated team of 3500 security experts.  

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Wistia refers to itself as a SaaS company selling video marketing solutions. You can upload, store and manage videos and embed them on your site just like VIDIZMO. However, it is limited to certain use cases. Most popular among digital marketers. It is a simpler video platform that provides a simple SaaS solution. This leads to Wistia being weak in terms of private video streaming.             

Wistia is one of the expensive video cloud service platform, given its capabilities. Since a video cloud service provides you with unlimited storage, exceeding the bandwidth will lead you to pay more for already expensive options.

pCloud Logo

pCloud, quite obvious by its name, offers real-time syncing across all devices. It offers video cloud storage services with a lifetime subscription plan meaning you pay only once. You can get 10GB of storage with a free plan, but this won’t cut it as an enterprise. You can get 500 GB or 2TB of cloud storage for $175 with an additional charge of zero-knowledge encryption in the form of pCloud Crypto, even though it should be offered in the first place.

The plus point is that there is no file limit, and deleted files can be retained and restored. It also provides high security with 256-bit encryption and two-factor authentication. If we talk about high-end features offered by its competitors, pCloud doesn’t have many. According to the reviews, encryption costs extra, and there is no live support.                              

Google Drive Logo

Another best video cloud service is Google Drive. Free plan of 15GB, Google’s native cloud service allows you to share files with other people even though they are not Google Drive users. Note that files from other Google services are also stored within, meaning even each email attachment you will download takes up space.

A paid subscription allows a larger storage limit making it a good option for collaborating in real-time while synching the updates but not suitable for video files. There are no download limits but if you want to share a large video file to many users and the download quota is exceeded then Google may restrict the download for 24 hours.

Google Drive has limited capabilities when it comes to video playback. Another limitation is that block-level copying makes the process of uploading video slower.

Best Video Service on the Cloud | Final Thoughts

Four platforms later, and keeping in mind your business requirement, you might have come to a conclusion for your videos. If you want a complete package and cloud service as a bonus, then you should try VIDIZMO. If your requirements are simpler, Wistia will suit your needs, or your budget allows you to have a cost-effective, then go for pCloud. Feel free to visit our website or contact us to learn more about VIDIZMO.

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