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Creating Training Videos-Make Your Own YouTube-Like Training Platform! 

Creating training videos for employees helps you achieve your organizational goals instantly; here is how to make your own YouTube-like video-based training and management platform.
by Madiha Hassan Updated on January 17, 2023

Creating training videos for onboarding a new employee or training them requires a massive effort, time and cost. An organization must reserve a sufficient budget & resources separately to prepare interactive training videos for each department, let alone to host these videos and manage them for quick retrieval and segregation.

The high costs of these employee training practices have cost a lot, enabling a need for a YouTube-like training platform that stores, manages, and playback on-demand training and learning content.

In 2015, companies in the US spent $1252 per month on employee learning and development, which makes up $180 Billion per annum.

That's why finding the best video training platform is crucial for organizations that want to reduce their budget and resources and get additional perks to manage their training content.

Organizations prefer video content over documents because videos are easier to consume and give a clearer perspective of the organization and its best practices. These training videos secured in a platform allow convenient and easy access for employees and store your training content forever!

Making a YouTube-like platform for employees helps create and manage training videos that can be accessed on-demand and allows you to train thousands of employees simultaneously.

Well, small and large organizations have switched to video training solutions to enable corporate learning and engagement for their hireling.

Creating Training Videos with A Complete Video Solution!

Digital learning has transformed the usual learning practices. To stay in the game, it is essential to focus on employee training, introduce new standards to employees, and onboard the new employees with a platform enriched with features.

There are several benefits of creating training videos for employees. At the top of the list is cost efficiency!

Investing in different video content management and training platforms is a one-time investment that trains a complete workforce. Using these platforms minimizes the efforts of newly hired employees.

Creating Training Videos


A comprehensive video solution is used for creating training videos for employees. It makes a virtual training library that compiles all your training videos so your employees can access them and consume video content at their convenience.

But the old-school employee training solely focused on slides and onboarding with excessive documents without incorporating videos.

Surprisingly, these tools are not as dry as old-school training as they also allow adding interactive elements in training videos to make your videos engaging and help the organization understand how productive these videos are.

An organization collects real-time feedback by engaging its employees with answers from surveys and quizzes.

Not only this, but employees can also add feedback to the training videos with the help of annotations and comments. The added security features within a video solution allow organizations to create private and public live events.

Why is Video Training Effective?

The process of hiring a new employee is complicated, and so is the process of employee training and onboarding. Video training can help with better engagement, accessibility, producibility, cost-saving, management, sharing and more! 
Training videos are an effective way of employee training because these videos can be retrieved as per needs. Also, these videos help organizations to track their performance and user engagement with video content using user analytics.

Information Retention

Information retention increases by 65% while watching a video, and by reading a document, information retention is only 10%. Videos make this possible by creating visuals and a hook that grabs the viewer's attention, making it better than reading lengthy documents. Not only this, but concise videos are also a great way of delivering the message precisely.


Using video training increases accessibility by offering closed captions and subtitles and converts videos into multiple formats to work at all bandwidth conditions and devices. You can also include additional features using a video solution to cater to disabilities like hearing loss, visual impairments, etc.


As mentioned earlier, videos are a great way to increase producibility and have a more powerful impact than reading documents.  Training videos allow you to revisit information anytime. Recording videos beforehand is more effective than live sessions because it saves resources for other high-priority tasks.


One of the significant uses of creating and organizing videos for training and onboarding is that it is cost saving.  It saves time, resources, and manages all employees without hassle.

Onboarding a new employee is not a problem anymore by creating training videos according to the needs of each department. You do not have to train an employee one-on-one, which will help cut costs and reduce the budget for training new and existing resources.

How to Organize Training Videos?

Once you have created and uploaded content for your employees it is essential to organize and retrieve videos.

Organizations can add categories, collections, and playlists to segregate content according to departments and assign meta data or add custom fields like employee name, address, etc. using this video solution.

Also, restricted access rights help to define access to users based on the following:

  • Anonymous

  • Departments

  • Entire Organizations

  • Access with a link

Moderate content and eliminate bulk or impractical videos to prevent your library from congestion. The quick search feature enables video retrieval with the help of spoken words, face detection, object detection, speaker recognition, and brand recognition.

Who Uses Training & Learning Platforms?

Training tools act like a shelter for video content for organizations. Businesses, Schools, Healthcare, Aviation, Sports, and multiple industries opt for a training platform and use it to maximize their performance.


The healthcare industry has changed its approach and moved towards video management platforms for shaping the healthcare system with a YouTube-like platform.

You must opt for a video solution to broadcast emergency medical information or create a video repository. Also, creating training videos like CME courses and digital content for medical education is more accessible through self-paced learning and easy-to-access videos.




An AI-Powered Platform enables a powerful search engine that finds relevant content within a single click. You can also search on-screen text and detect faces and objects.

Moreover, role-based access allows you to instruct who watches your videos. Sharing videos with expirable links ensures that your videos are observed at the right time.

Training healthcare staff by adding interactivity elements acts like wonders. They can learn and interact with quizzes and surveys instantly and expedite the learning & training process.



How does a training video solution help in sports? Technology has paved its way in every nook and cranny of the world, and so have sports.

FIFA uses video content management and training platforms to train their referees, coaches, and umpires. However, the feature-enriched platform also reduces the language barrier by introducing subtitles for every video.

Well, that's not only how a video solution helps in sports! A house-full stadium does not mean that everyone is enjoying the match! You need to indulge them in high-quality videos so that they can track every moment of the game! How would you do that? Engage your audience with live broadcasts.


Nowadays, schools are using technology to increase their performance and training teachers with a training solution saves a lot of time.

Asynchronous training tool is essential because live sessions can be recorded, and the employees can access these videos on demand. The highlight of a training platform for schools is that learning is made more accessible.


Not only this, but schools can create learning videos for students as well! A great experience of virtual learning was initiated during Covid-19.

However, creating a virtual academy with VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube, a YouTube-like platform, allows content management and course creation, adds interactive elements, multilingual capabilities, detailed analytics overview and much more.


Learn More About VIDIZMO Video Learning Platform


As many industries have switched towards video solutions, businesses have also included different tools and platforms to make their processes efficient.

Companies use video solutions to engage their new hiring and existing employees in training activities which positively reflects the organizational result.

Effectively integrating a new employee into an organization is transformed by using a Video platform which improves staff retention and helps you evaluate your employees with the help of interactive elements & quizzes.

Organize and Manage Training Videos With VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube!


VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube

Whether it's employee training or creating a virtual academy, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a YouTube-like platform with similar features and interfaces; however, you have access to content, videos, and files, and you decide when to share a video and how many times a video can be watched.

Course Creation

Creating training courses with interactive content using VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is easier than ever!

Compiling videos under different departments can separate content for easier access and helps to arrange training content allowing a faceted search for quick finding and filters.

Once an organization creates these videos, it can share them with new and existing employees for training and learning. 

Add Interactive Elements Like Never Before! 

VIDIZMO Multitenancy

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube offers a comprehensive employee training solution that tracks users and generates reports about video consumption. You can stream interactive live videos to large audiences, and these live streams can be ingested into a customized portal for training and onboarding employees. 

Not only this, but you can also pre-record videos for training your employees, which is much more time-saving and feasible than going live every time you train a new employee. 

Employee evaluation is not a problem anymore! This solution helps you add interactive quizzes and surveys to evaluate your employees every time they watch a training video! 

However, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube offers a multi-tenant solution that segregates content from one department to another.

Not only this, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube works more than just separating, managing, and sharing video content:  

  • Restricts the user from downloading & uploading videos.

  • Create Password Protected Videos 

  • Delivers On-demand Videos 

  • It gives a fully Customizable Portal

  • It helps you create Interactive Courses 

  • Easily integrate LMS & Video Conferencing Systems 

  • Creates an Accessible YouTube-like platform 

  • Generates User Analytics 

  • Compile Videos 

Want to create training videos for your employees? Get a free demo to evaluate how VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube can make a difference in creating training and learning videos. 

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The Ending Note 

Organizations cannot work without helping their employees with the onboarding process. If you are thinking of building a solid connection with your employees, you need to value your hiring and train them to perfection.

Opting for a video training and management platforms can reduce headaches and do the job for you in no time. Train your employees with a single video or with multiple videos and minimize your cost and resources. 

Want to know how VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube works for employee training and creating training videos? Get a free trial and enjoy the exclusive features of this YouTube-like platform. 

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Posted by Madiha Hassan

Madiha is a Associate Product Marketing Strategist at VIDIZMO. For Queries, you can email at websales@vidizmo.com

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