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Digital Evidence Management System for Government in 2024

Is your organization facing difficulties in storing and managing digital assets? VIDIZMO helps government agencies in managing digital assets securely.

Enormous amounts of digital assets are created and managed every single day. According to Global Digital Asset Research launched by Bank of America, it is estimated that:

“Digital Assets has a $2 trillion+ market value with 200 million+ users with the potential to transform every industry.”

Many government agencies and other organizations have an extensive collection of digital assets in the form of videos, audio, images etc. For instance, law enforcement agencies collect digital evidence from multiple sources for the purpose of legal investigation.

In order to store, manage and share their digital assets, many agencies are looking for cloud-based digital asset management systems.

Is your organization facing difficulties in storing and managing your digital assets? Why is digital asset management for government agencies important?

Is there any efficient and secure digital asset management system available for government agencies?

This article will highlight the major benefits of digital asset management for government organizations and presents the best tool available to serve that purpose.

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A Quick Introduction to a Digital Asset Management System

A typical digital asset management system helps agencies to store their branded digital assets securely in a centralized location such as videos, audios, and presentations, helping you manage them in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Why Is There a Need for Digital Asset Management for Government Agencies?

One question that usually roams around in the mind is why government agencies need a cloud-based digital asset management system rather than a simple storage solution for digital assets?

This is because it is one of the biggest challenges for governmental organizations to store, manage and organize digital assets.

According to a study conducted by Fotoware,

“55% of the respondents recognized the ability to manage and organize digital assets is a great challenge”

Therefore, cloud-based digital asset management is preferred and required by agencies to save time and improve efficiency. Many agencies are using various locations and systems for digital asset storage and its management, few of them store them within the same system.

According to the study by Demand Metric:

“61% of the marketers and creators use cloud storage platforms to store their digital assets while only 34% use digital asset management systems.”

Using cloud-based digital asset management systems has many benefits:

  • You can store, manage, and organize your digital content within the same system.
  • You can search for relevant digital assets or other important files quickly through metadata.
  • You can access your digital content from anywhere, anytime and from any device.
  • You can restrict access to unauthorized personnel.
  • You can reduce the chances of data breaches by using a highly secure digital asset management system.

VIDIZMO: The Best Solution For Your Digital Evidence & Other Assets

VIDIZMO provides IDC MarketScape recognized Digital Evidence Management System that empowers government agencies to securely collect, store, manage, analyze, and share their digital assets especially digital evidence in a centralized location. Not only that, but you can also deploy your assets on a CJIS-Compliant Government Cloud (Azure and AWS).

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System

Get Started for FreeIt offers integration with other CMS and RMS systems, Role-Based Access Control, Government-grade security, and Artificial intelligence services with a multitude of other interesting features that save your time and money. Some of its features are as follows:

  • Ingestion of digital evidence in the form of videos, audio recordings, and images from a variety of sources such as CCTV, Dashcams, Drones, Body-worn cameras etc.
  • Flexible range of deployment options such as on-premises, on the cloud (Commercial/ Government) and in the hybrid infrastructure.
  • Security features for protecting digital evidence such as AES-256 end-to-end encryption, password protection, SSO authentication, access reason provisioning etc.
  • Integration with SSO identity providers such as Azure AD, OneLogin, Okta etc.
  • Integration with your existing IT applications CMS, and RMS systems.
  • Access limitation to authorized persons only within the organization.
  • Role-based access control with a default set of permissions given to each authenticated user.
  • Share digital assets within the organization or outside the organization via links, set expiration dates, number of views, view only options and much more.
  • Add annotations and comments to your digital assets to highlight any significant information.
  • Redaction of personally identifiable information visible in all digital assets files to meet the compliance requirements and privacy concerns.

But that’s not all! We offer much more!


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