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Entailing the different tools for different digital media, and how redaction can be easier with a tool that handles multiple types of digital media.

The technological revolution has led to all media attaining digital forms. Today, we have videos, documents, audio, imagery and more stored digitally on systems across the world. In many cases, the data of these mediums is confidential or private. It can carry critical information such as PII data or other highly confidential information. Hence, the need for redaction of the data in these mediums was born and quickly turned into a necessity.

Redaction For Different Mediums

For each data medium, redaction works in a separate way. Document redaction involves masking text data and is an entirely different process compared to other forms of digital media.

Images work with a layer for masking elements in the static image. Videos are the same, but moving elements need to be redacted for each individual process, thus making the process of video redaction a lot more complex.

Audio redaction works with segments containing the data being redacted to be either muted or overridden with a bleep noise.

Different Tools For Different Mediums?

In the market today, there exist several different tools for the redaction of different mediums. Document redaction being a rather different domain, has its own set of dedicated tools for PDF files and other document formats. There are also tools where audio files can be tweaked for redaction. Image redaction can be done via image editing tools. Similarly, video can be redacted in video editing software or dedicated tools.

But do we need all these separate tools?

Why not opt for a tool that allows us to perform redaction for a multitude of data mediums? Instead of going through the hassle of working with multiple tools and meeting their requirements on the system and otherwise, why not opt for a single solution?

VIDIZMO Redaction Tool – An Excellent Solution For Your Redaction Needs


VIDIZMO provides its Redaction Tool, which acts as a complete solution for your redaction needs. The tool specializes in working with video and provides capabilities to redact audio and images as well. This diversity is one of the many reasons that make VIDIZMO’s Redaction Tool one of the best tools available in today’s market.

However, there’s more to that. VIDIZMO’s Redaction Tool is a complete solution for redaction purposes, with a large array of features, such as those mentioned below:

  • Image, audio, and video redaction
  • Automatic and manual redaction
  • Security of uploaded data
  • Browser-based tool and application
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Redaction for faces, people, objects, license plates, weapons like guns & rifles, and other custom-defined data
  • Active tracking of detected elements
  • Option to blur, pixelate or cover an object with a solid box
  • Unique name allocation for detected elements
  • Deployment as SaaS, Government or commercial cloud, or on-premises
  • Option to retain original file or overwrite
  • API and widget integration for RMS, CMS or other systems
  • FedRAMP compliance (through partners)
  • Simultaneous redaction of multiple files
  • Available as a standalone tool, or as an add-on with either of VIDIZMO’s video content management and Digital evidence management products

If you wish to learn more about our online redaction tool, be sure to check out the video redaction tool page or contact us.

Or read our detailed guide on redaction for more information on the topic.

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