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Learn more on how you can develop effective ethics training for employees, and use VIDIZMO a YouTube-like platform to deliver them.

Where people loosely define ethical behavior as right or wrong, but there is more to it. According to a survey, 94% of the workers say it’s important for the company they work in to be ethical. Ethics are the moral principles dictating an individual’s behavior and the way they act. This is highly important in workplaces. Workplace ethics set rules and regulations to nurture both employee-employee relationships and employee-customer relationships. Nowadays, ethical culture strength in a company remains high, with 14% of employees working in strong ethical organizations globally.

It is necessary for a company to train their employees through ethics training programs to result in higher, more productive employees, employee retention, and demonstrated customer loyalty. So, in this blog, we’ll discuss the purpose of ethics training, why it is important and international ethics consideration.

Furthermore, we will discuss how to develop an effective ethics training and how VIDIZMO can help by allowing you to create an internal YouTube-like video training platform.

Purpose of Ethics Training for Employees

When employees hear ethics training, they are less likely to participate and least excited about it. However, ethics are essential that maintains honesty, diversity, and compassion among individuals. The two main purposes of ethics training for employees is that

  1. It protects your company’s bottom line
  2. It ensures that your company has a safe place to work

The consequences of unethical behavior in the workplace may result in reputational damage. In the era of technology and mobile phones, the act can be recorded and shared online. Nevertheless, the benefits of ethical training for employees are beyond reputational harm. It can also improve business outcomes. Ethical behavior can increase job satisfaction, employee performance, trust, organizational commitment, and overall organizational citizenship behaviors.

International Ethical Considerations

There is a code of conduct when expanding your business internationally by keeping in mind the organization's mission, vision, values, and any other ethical and legal issues. When extending beyond local borders, business leaders could encounter the following dilemmas

  • Political concerns either domestically or internationally
  • Outsourcing labor overseas
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Different working norms and conditions
  • Child labor laws and human rights violations
  • Environmental concerns such as oil pipelines, rainforests, protected areas, etc.

How To Develop Effective Ethics Training for Employees?

Considering the above points in mind, developing effective ethics training for employees is crucial. So, what can be the best practices a company can carry out in this regard? Let’s find out.

  • Having Core Values

Your organization’s culture needs to be aligned with the necessary code of conduct. In short, there should be a solid foundation established from the senior management to the very junior level.

  • Types of Ethical Training to Include

Another thing you can do to develop effective ethics training is to pinpoint the types of training required. It can be related to companies’ culture or even ethics outside the office or focus on the following areas such as

  • Privacy and data protection
  • Company code of ethics
  • Company culture
  • Customer relations
  • Regulatory and compliance training
  • Diversity training
  • Remote Training

You can train employees from anywhere, regardless of their location. Organizing remote training sessions are the new norm of today’s world. Just a simple setup, and you can deliver ethics training over the internet. In this regard, video conferencing tools are used, and the training is recorded for future reference.  VIDIZMO, a YouTube-like platform helps you manage recorded training sessions which we will discuss later on.

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  • Proof of Focus While Keeping Track

Organizations can have proof of focus by monitoring the session stats or understanding in real-time through online interactive quizzes and surveys to measure the success and overall effectiveness of the ethics training course.

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  • Include Everyone

Let’s face it, training sessions can be boring. Obtaining maximum results can only be achieved through a dynamic session involving everyone. Encourage group collaboration in online training sessions to increase interactivity among employees to share and work together.

  • Create Common

Creating a common goal and identity should be part of your culture and workforce. Be clear about the company goals and values. Keeping in mind the mission statement and ethics of a corporate environment, have a clear idea of what your company stands for.

  • Balance Fun and Seriousness

Having ethics training for employees can be boring if it is just a lecture. Gamification and role-playing can vibe up the session, making it lighthearted and fun with just the touch of seriousness. Companies need to make sure the ethics training program checks off all the necessary options to reach compliance.

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How VIDIZMO Can Help with Online Ethical Training?

VIDIZMO, an enterprise video content management system, helps you manage your video files. It is a YouTube-like portal for all your video training needs and any end-to-end video use case.

Alternatively, if you are conducting your ethics training course through a video conferencing system like Zoom, you can record meetings for future reference. VIDIZMO helps here by seamlessly ingesting these recordings and lets you stream, manage and organize them in the video library. You can create playlists, categories and collections to sort them out while using AI for smart search. You can also make ethics training much more interactive by adding quizzes and surveys to improve engagement. Define access to those videos and limited share with an individual or the entire organization.

However, VIDIZMO is not only for ethics training, but also you can use it for other trainings or even other video use cases, such as sharing marketing videos, live streaming a town hall meeting, creating a video archive and more.

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