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Resolving Remote Training Challenges with an Agile Video Platform

Train employees internally or externally with VIDIZMO enterprise video platform.

Remote corporate training methods are on the rise. With organizations becoming increasingly global and agile, there is a high demand for video-based remote training for geographically dispersed employees operating in various time zones or those who are globally mobile – all while granting companies significant cost savings and time efficiencies.


However, delivering video training to remote employees can be challenging. For starters, effective video training requisites a high quality, seamless video experience in an engaging, YouTube-like video platform. The platform needs to be readily accessible to the users, where they can quickly locate and find videos for just in time learning on a daily basis as well as long-form training for orientation, induction, seminars, and more.

This is important because in the absence of an easy-to-use, engaging and interactive remote video platform experience, your employees simply won’t access your video content unless they are instructed to do so.

Moreover, for your employees to be able to search and find relevant content quickly, you need a video platform with powerful platform-wide search capabilities along with smart search inside videos for time-efficient and accurate content searchability. This is important because if your employees cannot find relevant content when they need it, it defeats the purpose and investment that goes into creating video training content.

Contemporary remote corporate video training also needs to facilitate social learning among peers, user-generated content and easy knowledge transfer from subject matter experts to employees across an organization.

Even more importantly, remote training requires optimized video delivery, regardless of locational network quality or bandwidth conditions, so your employees can access training videos from anywhere, at any time.

Apart from this, video management also necessitates flexible video capture of any video file format or video files size, necessary video editing capabilities, and seamless video compatibility with various players and user devices.

Additionally, live streaming capabilities are also integral to delivering highly engaging remote video training along with the ability to integrate with any video conferencing or web conferencing tools to capture, record, search, manage, and share any live meetings.

Video and user analytics also play a crucial role in helping training administrators determine the performance and effectiveness of various training media while also tracking user-level engagement, viewing patterns and reports.

Aside from remote training, most organizations also have a range of both live and recorded corporate communication videos of CEO broadcasts, town halls, corporate events, and various other internal and external communications that they wish to share with all their employees. Such videos also need to be easily viewable across the company, on a variety of user devices, including smartphone and tablets.

How VIDIZMO enterprise video training platform is a method that solves remote video training needs

To deliver effective video training or other video use cases across the organization, it is essential to use an enterprise video platform for end-to-end video capture, storage, streaming, management, search, distribution and more. Following is a breakdown of how you can use VIDIZMO video platform to provide remote video training across your organization:

Facilitate just in time learning with microlearning content

Microlearning, i.e. the process of breaking long training videos into short, digestible and well-planned units, is the best way to promote just-in-time learning, which lets your employees quickly access training videos for real-time problem-solving. Microlearning videos help communicate skill-based how-to training or bite-size video learning tutorials in short, 2-4 minute videos. To enable microlearning, we provide a video-friendly platform with a highly efficient search and an interactive YouTube-like interface for video playback, which helps users quickly find the right videos from a sea of microlearning video content.

Promote social learning through user-generated content

To make video learning more collaborative, engaging and interactive, VIDIZMO provides several avenues for social learning by facilitating user-generated content for employees across the organization. We do this by provisioning a ‘Contributor’ level role within the platform for certain users, thereby letting them record and upload videos via their VIDIZMO mobile app or any other camera. Your employees can record tips, best practice videos, or pitch ideas through videos that they can conveniently share with their peers for social learning. Moreover, your company’s subject matter experts, retiring baby boomers, or other outgoing employees with a wealth of industrial knowledge can also record video for efficient knowledge transfer, which helps preserve institutional knowledge and minimize knowledge loss or brain drain from your key resources.

Stream highly engaging live video training sessions

Live streamed training conferences, seminars, workshops and town halls can go a long way in providing highly engaging real-time learning for all your employees, especially to facilitate those in global offices, remote locations or ones who are mobile. VIDIZMO offers built-in live streaming capabilities and can help you live stream any training session to an infinitely scalable audience in any part of the world. For instance, VIDIZMO’s video platform enables live coverage of any event using a few simple clicks so you can start broadcasting to any audience, anywhere, anytime. VIDIZMO also allows you to automatically record your live streams for on-demand viewing later on for those who missed the live broadcast.

Deliver training to employees everywhere

Provide scalable video training to thousands of employees worldwide for a fraction of the cost of classroom training. Deliver training to employees in various office locations or remote sites anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Enable easy media capture and automatic transcoding

Record and capture video using any camera or recording device, and ingest any video file format. Upload videos in any file format without concerns for video delivery challenges on multiple web browsers and devices. Similarly, VIDIZMO also supports ingestion of other media file types including audios, slides, graphics, documents, and more. For audio streams, VIDIZMO supports all for audio streams, even multilingual audio stream file types. For videos, once ingested, users can utilize any software or hardware encoder for automatic video transcoding into multiple resolutions or output formats optimized for video delivery on any user device. Alternatively, shoot and capture video directly from VIDIZMO mobile application or record screen capture videos for web-based training.

Index, profile and organize all videos in a searchable video library

Video searchability depends on the quality of content indexing and categorization. As part of VIDIZMO, all videos are assigned various metadata that includes unique identifiers such as video title, keywords, tags, description, categories, author name, date, media type etc. -- all of which helps users direct their video search. VIDIZMO also offers custom attributes so you can define your own metadata categories specific to your organizational content identifiers. Moreover, VIDIZMO has the capability to optimize content organization with categories or folders within channels or channel groupings used to further segment content. Other than that, VIDIZMO video library as a whole comes with a highly configurable and brandable interface with centralized video playback access for all authorized users.

Enhance video content search with AI

VIDIZMO offers the most robust search functionalities with faceted search for a highly categorized platform search using multiple filters based on various metadata and custom attributes assigned to a video. Moreover, VIDIZMO also offers AI-enabled search for in-video content to jump to a specific portion of a video based on the spoken words/ on-screen text as well as faces, voices, objects or characters tagged in a video.

Segment organizational departments/users within segregated portals

For medium to large companies, it is essential that a video CMS provides multiple portals within the platform for different departments to segregate their users and content. For this, VIDIZMO's solution is designed to be a multi-tenancy platform with independent portals that can be used to segregate various organizational units, department, or internal vs external users. Each portal also has it's own storage, security, access, management policies, CDN, etc. for easy administration. Within each portal, users can also be assigned to or further grouped and categorized in user groups and channels.

Speed up video processing using the power of automation

For smart video processing, VIDIZMO utilizes various artificial intelligence technologies such as speech-to-text services for machine transcription and closed captions; AI vision services for optical character recognition (OCR), facial recognition and object recognition; AI language services for multilingual translation of video transcription and audio to various languages; and AI search based on spoken words, captions, faces, objects, and characters. For instance, with AI technologies, VIDIZMO enables automatic video transcription and closed captioning while also providing the ability to ingest and capture pre-existing captioning files in various formats. With AI, the captions can also be translated to various languages for a multilingual user base. All such AI capabilities minimize the manual effort and resources required to process your videos to tailor them for wider viewing and accessibility.

Edit videos with built-in editing tools

Quickly edit and clip long training videos into short, bite-sized microlearning content and trim any extraneous video portions from the beginning, middle or end. For improved video presentation, add screen overlays or transition slides and add custom thumbnails. With AI, you can also automatically redact faces or objects from videos for faster video content moderation. VIDIZMO also enables the addition of chapters to turn longer videos into well-segmented chapters sectioned for easier content consumption and improved engagement. 

Go mobile!

Remote video training and learning necessities video delivery on any mobile device or tablet so users can learn at their own pace, using a device of their choice. For this, VIDIZMO video playback is optimized for all mobile devices, including iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets. Additionally, VIDIZMO mobile application provides the ultimate mobile experience, which allows users to shoot, upload, play, search, manage and share video directly from their iOS or Android mobile app.

Deliver smooth video playback onsite or remotely

With increasing video use, many organizations face remote video delivery challenges related to bandwidth and network connectivity, which can make for a poor video experience riddled with latency, buffering, long video load time or loading errors. VIDIZMO resolves all such challenges by utilizing specialized WAN optimization technologies, edge caching, CDN, multicast, P2P, and more – all of which contributes towards resolving bandwidth congestion and network challenges for a smooth video streaming and playback experience, both on-premises or in remote user locations. For a smooth and uninterrupted video playback experience in any network condition, VIDIZMO employs adaptive bitrate streaming technology which dynamically adjusts video quality depending on each user's network bandwidth availability.

Share video broadly among peers and trainees

For social learning and training accessibility, a video platform has to support easy content sharing among peers and between trainers and trainees. Within a secure platform, VIDIZMO makes it easy to share video content among authorized users using email links, social media sharing through Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook, as well as sharing via corporate social tools such as a Yammer. To embed a video on another webpage, VIDIZMO offers simple embed code integration as well as the ability to download a video for offline sharing. For further optimized video sharing, VIDIZMO also enables video comments with timestamps so viewers can be directed to a specific portion of a video when it is shared with them.

Track and analyze video performance using detailed analytics

For organizational training and learning, it is critical for a remote video platform to offer detailed analytical data of user activities and performance so trainers or administrators can track and analyze video viewing data, extract progress report, evaluate which types of videos are most preferred and even to hand out training certifications with complete knowledge of completion and compliance stats. This ensures that platform administrators can access analytics for live and on-demand videos down to individual viewers and video assets. VIDIZMO also offers custom reports as well as the option to automate reports so they can be sent to specific recipients at scheduled intervals.

Make video conferencing media storable, searchable and shareable

With a great deal of distance learning taking place over video conferencing or web conferencing tools, it is important that a video platform integrates seamlessly with your meeting tools. This way, your online meetings can be automatically transferred, stored, and managed for on-demand viewing, search, and sharing. For this, VIDIZMO offers seamless integration with web conferencing tools like Skype for Business, WebEx, Go-To-Meeting etc. as well as video conferencing tools such as Cisco TelePresence and Polycom RealPresence. All live or recorded video conferencing media is automatically broadcasted/ launched in VIDIZMO for all users to access directly through their video platform. Moreover, with automatic transcription of all recorded video conferences, the contents of the recording also becomes searchable which is extremely handy when you want to skip quickly to a particular portion of an otherwise long meeting.

Enable secure and centralized platform access with single sign-on

One of the pre-requisites for any business application today is to provide users quick, convenient and centralized access using a single set of login credentials. To facilitate this, VIDIZMO offers a flexible single sign-on authentication where we directly integrate with enterprise active directory groups and forests using ADFS, authentication protocols such as SAML, SAML-P, LDAP, WS-Federation, as well as Unified Identity & Access Management services such as Okta, OneLogin, Centrify, Ping etc. Additionally, VIDIZMO also enables SCIM for users that need complete control how they choose to segment and map user OUs and groups onto a channel.

Flexibly integrate with business and IT systems

VIDIZMO offers a wide range of integration options to ensure seamless interoperability with business application and IT systems. This includes custom application or platform integrations using VIDIZMO API, HTML Widgets and HTML embed codes as well as out-of-the-box integration with various third-party CMS such as SharePoint, Jive, WordPress; LMS such as SAP SuccessFactors, Moodle, Blackoard; CRM such Salesforce Microsoft Dynamics, and much more.

With all the above-mentioned remote video platform capabilities, VIDIZMO delivers a complete solution to resolve all corporate training challenges for internal and external use by remote and onsite users alike. For more on VIDIZMO's capabilities to cater to your company's video use cases, contact us today or request our free 30-day trial.


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