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Using OBS in Enterprise Video Content Management System

VIDIZMO's video streaming platform records live and on-demand screen capture video along with talking head video presentations using OBS Studio.

A lot of organizational training, learning, and knowledge sharing activities now involve interactive live or on-demand video sessions, often conducted by trainers or subject matter experts, and broadcasted to a large group of employees throughout departments or even entire companies.

In modern companies, such video-based training is delivered through a video streaming platform or video content management system (video CMS) like VIDIZMO that provides end-to-end live or on-demand video streaming and digital asset management to employees or partners across the globe.


The modern trainer’s challenge

Training needs have evolved tremendously, especially across global organizations.

Contemporary organizations need video-based training for a vast variety of functions, including new employee onboarding, industrial knowledge preservation from retiring employees or subject matter experts, training for employees or partners handling outsourced business functions, among others. Not only does this eliminate on-site training and travelling expenses but it also ensures efficient knowledge transfer and training continuity in the face of employee turnover.

However, remote training does not come without its challenges.

Every so often, there is a disconnect between trainers or subject matters experts and the video streaming technology required to capture their knowledge. Trainers are frequently on-the-go, busy, and often not tech savvy enough to handle the technical aspect of setting up a live training session in a video CMS or to even record on-demand videos through the platform. As a result, trainers often feel restricted in their capacity to capture and impart their knowledge fast enough, when it best suits them, through the digital mediums at their disposal.

This handicap often becomes a great barrier to knowledge transfer in organizations with a geographically dispersed workforce, especially in the case of new hires or outsourcing teams, where there are few trainers operating under a time crunch, and many trainees who require frequent, remote, Just In Time Training (JITT) sessions to be productive and adept at solving business needs.

Such training sessions also require trainers to simultaneously present screencasts along with a talking head video presentations i.e. audio and video of the trainer/ speaker’s talking head, along with a screen capture video of the training material or content displayed during the respective session, be it a slideshow, document, graphics, a process, or even a video.

How VIDIZMO addresses training challenges using OBS

In an easy-to-use video platform, VIDIZMO resolves all remote training challenges by facilitating trainers with simple tools that enable quick and easy screen capture videos with talking head video presentation for live or on-demand video training sessions.

 A screen capture video along with the presenter's talking head video being recorded in OBS Studio for simultanous viewing in VIDIZMO.Figure 1. A screen capture video along with the presenter's talking head video being recorded in OBS Studio for simultanous viewing in VIDIZMO.

For screen capture video, VIDIZMO utilizes Open Broadcast Software or OBS Studio -- a free and open source video streaming software that does not require users to pay for heavy licensing fees that tend to skyrocket with growing training needs across organzations. OBS records live or on-demand screen capture videos from one or multi-display monitors such that it can simultaneously capture screen of the content shared, along with a live video of the speaker delivering the session.

During this process, OBS displays the presenter’s screen capture video (of documents, processes, slideshows, graphics or videos) along with the presenter’s talking head video captured directly from the webcam or any other external camera. The presenter can alternate between screens to display different content. For instance, in the same session, the presenter can show a PowerPoint slideshow and then switch to a video (on-demand or live) or any other rich media, all while also having his/her video or talking head in the frame. Additionally, presenters can switch to an entirely different scene if they would like to switch to another set of documents or topics altogether.

From there, VIDIZMO ingests the video stream from OBS encoder and displays the live or on-demand video to any number of authorized viewers who have access to VIDIZMO’s video streaming platform. VIDIZMO users, authenticated using any single sign-on authorization protocols, can access the videos from any device, browser, or location, regardless of their bandwidth or network availability.

OBS screen capture video & the presenter's talking head video in VIDIZMO's video streaming platform. To the top right is VIDIZMO's live chat window that allows viewers to communicate with the presenter in a live sessionFigure 2. OBS screen capture video & the presenter's talking head video in VIDIZMO's video streaming platform. To the top right is VIDIZMO's live chat window that allows viewers to communicate with the presenter in a live session.

This way, all VIDIZMO users can access the live or on-demand video directly from VIDIZMO’s video streaming platform . Additionally, in a live session, viewers can use VIDIZMO’s live chat to directly communicate with the presenter to post question or comments which further adds to the interactivity and engagement of the live session.

For on-demand video recordings, VIDIZMO provides automatic trancription and closed captioning which enables thorough indexing and search for spoken words in all videos. Such effective search and closed captioning especially comes handy with just in time training scenarios where quick and easily comprehensible knowledge delivery is of prime importance.

For a step-by-step walkthrough of how VIDIZMO enables video capture and live streaming using OBS Studio, read our detailed how-to guide on Capturing Live Streams Using OBS Studio. To connect with our team for more information on VIDIZMO’s video streaming platform , contact us today or visit our website for details.

VIDIZMO Recognized in 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management


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