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Bringing Enterprise Video to Jive Social Collaboration

Find out how to combine the benefits of video and your social collaboration software by integrating an enterprise video platform with Jive.

The current organizational landscape is experiencing an explosive growth of enterprise video and social business applications to fuel organization-wide collaboration, learning, and productivity. Last year, McKinsey & Company ranked video sharing among the top three fastest-growing Enterprise 2.0 technologies, alongside blogs and enterprise social networks.

With enterprise video communications expected to triple by 2021 (Cisco), there is a growing need to incorporate video in all aspects of enterprise social collaboration software.

As video use cases continue to extend into corporate communication, CEO town halls, online training, marketing, employee-generated content and more, there is a pressing need to incorporate business social and collaboration software with enterprise video platforms such as VIDIZMO that are uniquely built to manage, store, stream and share multimedia content.

VIDIZMO & Jive Integration Overview

Many organizations today use social collaboration software like Jive as the hub for their collaboration and communication. To make knowledge sharing more engaging and interactive, organizations are increasingly turning to video to build media libraries of shareable institutional knowledge.

VIDIZMO integration with Jive allows you to leverage your Jive enterprise social and increase ROI on Jive investment. With complete video-enablement, you can produce highly interactive video experiences within Jive in a seamless user experience that helps you extend social collaboration capabilities in Jive.

For this, VIDIZMO offers comprehensive integration with Jive to incorporate full live and on-demand video capabilities in your familiar Jive interface with the capability to:

  • Securely embed and launch complete video libraries and video playback in Jive
  • Automatically synchronize Jive single sign-on with VIDIZMO login
  • Efficiently stream live and on-demand videos in Jive across the corporate WAN network
  • Federate metadata search and smart search within Jive search result
  • Automatically transcode videos for optimal video playback on any device
  • Feature videos based on most recent/ popular content or other classifications to organize videos in Jive
  • Boost video interactivity and user engagement with video comments, likes, and sharing options
  • Display metadata tag clouds for quick tag-based video search in Jive
  • Support all videos with searchable video transcripts and closed captions within Jive
  • Obtain video and user analytics of all activity within Jive
  • Record and upload videos of any size directly into Jive feed (customization required)
  • Moderate user-generated videos and comments with approval workflows (customization required)

Jive-VIDIZMO integration: Adding VIDIZMO capabilities to Jive

Unified access

Single sign-on – Synchronize VIDIZMO login with your existing Jive credentials in a simple single sign-on integration using your enterprise Active Directory, SAML ID providers or any other SSO protocols or ID management systems used in your organization for authentication and authorization. With this, anyone signing into Jive automatically also logs into VIDIZMO with a single set of login credentials.

Analytics – Once a user has logged in, monitor all media analytics to track user activity within Jive. View media analytics reports in VIDIZMO to analyze user viewing behavior and engagement levels, so you know who watched what, for how long, when they dropped off, etc. Additionally, monitor Quality of Experience (QoE) data to determine any video errors, buffering, long load times, etc. for live and on-demand videos.

Organize and search

Video library – Embed the entire VIDIZMO video library into Jive along with more engaging and interactive elements of featured videos, most recent videos, most popular videos or any other classification of video categories on the homepage to drive video consumption. Search and retrieve any media from VIDIZMO directly into your Jive application.

Federated metadata/ tags search – Use any metadata categories, including video title, description, custom metadata, tags, author name, video category, etc. to conduct a comprehensive video search within Jive to find the most relevant video or digital media content accurately within seconds.

Smart in-video search – Search inside videos directly from within Jive to deliver the search results precise to the spoken words or on-screen captions of a video. Once a search keyword is found, your employees can quickly skip to the relevant portion of a video where a particular word was spoken or shown in a recording, saving time and improving productivity.

View and interact

Responsive, mobile-friendly design and UI – Users can watch the videos directly in Jive using VIDIZMO’s embedded video player, which supports playback optimized for all user devices, including smartphones and tablets, thus enabling your employees to access videos in Jive conveniently from anywhere, anytime.

Like, comment, share, and embed – Within Jive, you can make your video experience more interactive and collaborative by giving users the option to like or favorite a video, post comments (which can also be moderated) and share the video to other social platforms via a link, email, or social media channels. You can also securely embed a video to any other corporate site or platform with public or authenticated access controls.

Transcription and captions – Give your users the option to view all videos within Jive with closed captions for improved understandability and retention while also providing efficiently readable video transcripts – all of which also plays a crucial role in indexing the contents of a video, thereby making it easily searchable within seconds.

Upload and record (customization required)

Video upload – Easily upload any type of media (videos, audios, images, slides, documents) in various file formats directly into Jive using a simple interface.

Webcam recording – Create webcam videos for quick messaging, introductions, assignment instructions, or any types of demonstrations that can be quickly communicated using video.

Screen recording – Record and capture your screen along with a webcam feed to create and publish screencasts of training videos, presentations, lectures, tutorials and more.

For more on VIDIZMO video platform integration with your Jive social collaboration software, read our blog Using VIDIZMO Jive App For Your Video Collaboration or contact us today for details.


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Rabea Tahir is Technology Content Strategist at VIDIZMO which is a Gartner recognized enterprise video content management system, to stream live/on-demand media to both internal and external audiences, on-premise, Azure or AWS cloud. VIDIZMO solutions are used by enterprises, government, local, state government, healthcare, law enforcement agencies, justice, public safety, manufacturing, financial & banking industry.

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