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10 Ways to Enhance Corporate Branding Compliance in an Enterprise Video Platform

August 27,2018 RT video portal branding, video platform branding, application branding

An enterprise video platform empowers your employees with the ability to create, view, manage and share videos across the organization. However, to deliver video in an enterprise environment, a video platform has to adhere to specific corporate branding guidelines for compliance. To enable this, it is integral that a video platform provides branding flexibility for customization to accommodate wide-ranging organizational branding compliance needs.

Additionally, without effective video platform branding, you are likely to witness a failure of platform adoption by employees – something organizations increasingly cannot afford as video becomes crucial to corporate communications, training and learning, as well as other forms of knowledge sharing in the modern enterprise.

10 ways to enhance corporate branding compliance in an enterprise video platform

Following are ten ways VIDIZMO’s fully brandable video platform can help you meet your company’s branding guidelines while also maximizing video use across the organization.
  1. White labeling 
    White label VIDIZMO video platform to provide a customized user interface in line with your company’s branding guidelines. You can brand the video platform interface with your organization’s logo, theme colors, as well as other branding requirements to deliver a uniform application look and feel consistent with overall organizational branding themes. Go as granular as customizing the domain, header, footer, navigation menu, buttons, icons, and tabs – all of which helps you completely align the platform UI with your organization’s branding guides.
  2. Customized UI elements and controls
    Keep your video platform up-to-date with modern UI layouts by choosing between sliders, carousels, tiles or other UI elements and controls used in modern-day video applications like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. Dramatically increase companywide platform adoption and user engagement with a corporate video platform that mirrors the video experience of popular video applications your employees are already accustomed to using in their everyday life.

  3. Pre-designed WordPress-like UI template
    Choose from VIDIZMO’s pre-designed WordPress-like UI themes or templates to automatically incorporate enterprise-grade branding into your video platform. With UI templates specifically designed for large corporate clients, we are able to meet all standard business interface requirements in a platform specifically built for the enterprise.

  4. Create your custom template
    With VIDIZMO professional services, we can help you create a UI template that meets all your user interface specifications and requirements. We do this by simply rearranging VIDIZMO HTML widgets within the platform (discussed later) based on a mockup you provide to give you a custom template designed as per your organizational needs.

  5. Portal-level branding
    Empower all organizational departments to implement their portal-level branding guidelines in VIDIZMO’s multi-tenancy video platform. With portal branding flexibility, each organizational unit or department can follow its specific branding guidelines or inherit general branding themes from other portals. This is especially useful for large companies with highly segregated departments for various product lines or global markets, where every department has its specific branding themes, specifications or even mandatory compliance guidelines.

  6. Cross-platform widget embedding
    Flexibly incorporate any UI or branding features and components such as categories, players, icons, etc. anywhere in the platform using a set of easily embeddable self-contained pieces of VIDIZMO software known as HTML widgets. With a simple implementation of elements anywhere in the platform (requires VIDIZMO professional services), you can create a tailored platform interface suited for your user preferences. HTML Widgets can also be embedded into any of your existing hosted enterprise applications. Additionally, with VIDIZMO professional services, widget appearance can be customized to suit any business-specific requirements.

  7. Branded video player appearance
    Completely customize and brand your video player as per your company’s branding requirements. With minor configurations, you can customize everything from the player theme to icon positioning and sizes, to adding new icons/ logos – all in line with your company’s branding requirements.

  8. In-video interactivity
    With VIDIZMO professional services, you can incorporate in-video interactivity using graphics such as bumpers, logo overlays, watermarks, and custom thumbnails. Such interactive graphics are typically required in the case of most corporate videos for standardization, proprietary use, or formal presentation to organizational stakeholders.

  9. Customized user journey
    For some companies, it is important to customize and control platform workflows to optimize user journey or alter the flow of user experience. For instance, instead of displaying the login page and then directing users to the video library after authentication, the flow could be customized to display a Disclaimer or Consent form first for compliance reasons, the login page second, and the video library third. To do this, VIDIZMO offers professional services to customize the user journey as per your organizational requirements.

  10. Multilingual application interface
    With companies going global, there is often a need for all business applications to be adjusted and adapted for a multilingual platform interface. In a multilingual video platform, VIDIZMO supports a wide range of languages and accordingly provides a multilingual interface. This includes an easily navigable drop-down menu for language selection on the homepage; page layout, navigation, and responsiveness in various languages; and text/ menu placement to accommodate left-to-right vs. right-to-left reading across languages. This way, we ensure that your global workforce or user base has a seamless user experience with effortless navigation and functionality in any language. 

Why brand your enterprise video platform

In the modern enterprise, branding needs have far surpassed the mere addition of a company’s logo and theme colors to an application interface. With increasingly complex requirements, branding now extends to every aspect of an application’s core functionality and user experience.

A video platform’s branding is vital for compliance with specific organizational guidelines, speedier application adoption, and improved user experience.

To enable this, VIDIZMO video platform extends branding customization to everything from homepage, portals, video library, and player down to embeddable elements, deeper controls, tabs, and buttons. While some customizations require VIDIZMO professional services, most branding options are provided out of the box. Overall, VIDIZMO video platform branding helps you offer a customized user interface completely in line with your corporate branding guidelines aligned with all other business applications while also providing modern UI elements to amplify user engagement with the platform.

With this, we ensure that your organization complies with broad and granular corporate branding requirements and guidelines, which in turn has a fundamental impact on employee responsiveness, adoption, and frequency of platform use.

For more on VIDIZMO video platform branding capabilities, contact us today to see how we can meet your organization’s branding requirements or request our free 30-day trial to experience the platform.



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