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VIDIZMO Video Platform as a Service (PaaS)

VIDIZMO provides a flexible architecture that offers video portals as well as API and HTML widgets for using VIDIZMO video platform as a service.

VIDIZMO is an Enterprise Video Content Management platform that solves various challenges for its users involving hosting, managing, streaming and sharing of video and other media assets. We don't provide a cookie-cutter system to our customers that is same for everyone. Rather, we provide you the flexibility of configuring and customizing VIDIZMO according to your organizational needs, and based on your requirements, you can use VIDIZMO as a platform or a full-fledged product. 

VIDIZMO implements a highly flexible architecture as it offers: 

  1. Out-of-the-box video portals that serve multiple use cases for different industries and 
  2. An easy-to-use VIDIZMO API that exposes all features so that users can create customized applications and use VIDIZMO as a platform according to their needs. 


VIDIZMO as Out-of-the-box Video Portal

The first option provides the solution in the form of a video portal, which offers a complete, ready-to-use system to its users. VIDIZMO portals are designed and precompiled to serve different use cases of different industries such as enterprise, learning and training, commerce, legal, finance, sports and entertainment amongst others. These use cases are handled by our different product lines namely EnterpriseTube, Digital Evidence Management and VIDIZMO Cloud. Although the portal is an out-of-the-box solution for VIDIZMO customers, it still offers detailed configuration settings from the portal’s Control Panel and Settings, where the users are offered multiple options for choosing settings that fulfill their business needs.  

For example, natively VIDIZMO portals can be configured to use Azure or local storage for storing content and use an on-premise, cloud or Azure Media Services (AMS) encoder for simple or advanced content processing. But customers can also opt to use any local or cloud storage solution and encoding provider with their VIDIZMO portal, with a few configurations and customizations.  


VIDIZMO as a Platform 

The second option offers you VIDIZMO as a platform-based solution, where you can implement VIDIZMO’s HTML5 player, content management workflows, intelligent video search, delivery and much more by using rich VIDIZMO APIs and HTML widgets and build a customized solution according to your business needs. 

VIDIZMO also allows you the flexibility of deploying your solution in any model as you may require. This could mean that your complete architecture could be behind your company’s firewall or could be deployed 100% on cloud. Moreover, it could be a hybrid deployment where your storage is hosted on your company’s premises while the content is processed on the cloud or vice versa. 

VIDIZMO’s flexible architecture allows you to integrate the video portal and its features with other IT systems and applications, providing you the benefits of your existing systems but with enhanced video capabilities. VIDIZMO’s latest version makes this integration as easy as enabling/disabling a toggle button while providing minimum configuration details. These applications could include identity providers to achieve federated authentication, analytics services for gaining detailed insights, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Learning Management System (LMS) etc. 

Read more about VIDIZMO platform integrations at Here's How to Enable Video Integration With Your Existing Enterprise Systems.

With such a simple and flexible life cycle of content capture, hosting, processing and deployment, VIDIZMO is disrupting the Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM) market with latest features and technologies, such as extracting hidden insights from audiovisual content by using artificial intelligence algorithms, allowing in-video annotations, providing human transcriptions capabilities, enhancing data descriptions by defining custom attributes and much more. These latest feature releases are allowing VIDIZMO to provide a better video experience to its customers, all the while improving content accessibility, search and discovery, moderation workflows, and user engagement and interactivity 


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