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Integrating Enterprise Video Platform With Existing Enterprise Systems

Discover how organizations can use enterprise video integration with existing business applications & IT systems to improve adaptability and workflows.

As video becomes ubiquitous to corporate communication, learning and knowledge sharing, businesses are met with a compelling need for a secure, easily accessible and unified enterprise video streaming platform that fulfills needs for video content management, live and on-demand video streaming and webcasting – all while allowing seamless video integration and interoperability with existing business applications and IT systems.   


Contemporary businesses increasingly rely on a plethora of disparate technology systems and applications, fused into a cohesive enterprise architecture that drives day-to-day business operations. When foraging for a new application, such as enterprise video streaming platform, business and IT leader are faced with a critical need to ensure that the new application system will be interoperable with the existing IT systems for effective enterprise video integration.

With burgeoning application portfolios, there is a pressing need for modern-day technology providers to prepare and adapt for enterprise integration strategies crucial for the new era application integration environment. According to Gartner group vice president and team manager Jeff Schulman, "More than 50% of the cost of implementing new systems will be spent on integration in the next five years."   

Having established this, the implementation of an enterprise video streaming platform necessitates easy and seamless video integration with the company’s existing systems, to improve adaptability and usage with existing workflows.

To accomplish easy implementation and integration, VIDIZMO ensures high interoperability between our enterprise video streaming platform and a company’s existing business applications, systems, data formats, and languages -- all of which enables connection via a standard interface. VIDIZMO also ensures video integration across company system software to handle the flow of data between systems and application, enforcing consistency across the database. Additionally, our robust and scalable video integration solution holds together a modular system, which allows for quick and seamless implementation.

What are your video integration options with VIDIZMO?

VIDIZMO’s flexible and open architecture allows dynamic video integrations that leverage existing IT systems and business applications. Via incorporation of a video streaming platform with existing business and IT applications, VIDIZMO allows you to build upon its video streaming platform in the technology of your choice; host the application and content where you prefer; ingest content from various sources; and publish it where your audience exists.

Out-of-the-box video integrations are available for a wide array of existing business systems such as CMS, CRM, LMS, in all installation models. Additionally, VIDIZMO also provides seamless video integration with a variety of single sign-on services, online meeting or video conferencing tools, encoding software as well as different clouds and content delivery networks. These enterprise video integrations then provide a full layer extension of video streaming platform capabilities within existing enterprise applications and IT systems.

What are the most frequently used enterprise video integration methods?

  • Single Sign-On Integration

VIDIZMO provides secure video integration with enterprise single sign-on to ensure users can conveniently access all their web applications using one set of login credentials. In an authentication process, VIDIZMO uses a range of mechanisms like SAML-P, ADFS, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, WS-Federation, Okta, OneLogin and more, to achieve user synchronization via SSO. This facility not only ensures enterprise data security in the cloud but also serves to reduce cost and time while increasing productivity across the organization. The user can also be authorized and authenticated from third-party sources like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Office 365, etc.

  • HTML Embed Code Integration

VIDIZMO’s video streaming platform allows its users to embed digital media and streaming video files using two types of HTML embed codes, namely iframe and object code. With iframe, developers enjoy the flexibility to alter the embed code dynamically by adjusting to the viewer’s software configuration and settings, enabling Single Sign-On, full screen playback, player dimension management and auto playback of audio and video player. Object codes, on the other hand, are static and handle HTML5 playback using the browser’s default media player, also allowing the user the flexibility to select the rendition they wish to embed. Additionally, VIDIZMO provides users the options to embed entire collections of media conveniently onto target sites. 

  • VIDIZMO HTML Widgets

Widgets are self-contained pieces of VIDIZMO software that display content from an account. They are embedded easily in external websites or CMS, only requiring easy glue-logic code for authentication and personalized content. The user interface of these widgets is fully customizable, allowing quick and seamless blending with hosting website, without any hardcore programming knowledge.


VIDIZMO API is a robust programming interface that allows business IT to fully customize, extend and integrate VIDIZMO’s video streaming platform with their existing applications. The user also has the flexibility to build their own custom portal, media applications or workflows without worrying about the complexities of storage, encoding, distribution, streaming, scalability, etc.

  • Integration with other Content Management Systems (CMS)

VIDIZMO’s video streaming platform provides out-of-the-box integration with a range of other content management systems like SharePoint, Sitecore, Jive, WordPress, Drupal, etc., also supported by VIDIZMO Widgets. In case of Microsoft SharePoint, for example, seamless integration is available via SharePoint 2007/2010/2013, whereby viewers can securely access the channel content via single sign-on in familiar SharePoint interface.

  • Integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS)

VIDIZMO integrates with all major learning management systems, including Moodle, Blackboard, Desire2Learn,  SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle Taleo, Workday, Saba, Docebo, CANVAS, Adobe Captivate, and  more. Incorporation of live and on-demand streaming media into other digital media, polls, surveys and quizzes enables high-impact learning on any devices and bandwidth conditions, further boosting learning outcomes. VIDIZMO’s video streaming platform also allows users to export their interactive rich media presentations like SCORM objects, to be launched via their existing LMS, with the ability to track score and view progress in their LMS.   

  • Integration with Customer Relation Management (CRM) Systems

Out-of-the-box integration with CRMs such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, HubSpot, and others allows customers to manage users; create campaigns/courses; view tracking reports; create custom workflows for automatically assigning and sharing videos with contacts, customers, etc., all via your CRM. This allows you to leverage your CRM while incorporating a consolidated video streaming platform to further streamline processes, enhance connectivity and improve profitability.

  • Integration with Online Meeting Services and Video Conferencing Tools

VIDIZMO provides easy integration with any recordings from corporate online meeting tools like Zoom, Skype for Business, Citrix GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar, Cisco WebEx, etc. All recordings are automatically detected and published from user’s device to VIDIZMO’s publisher tool. Additionally, VIDIZMO also provides seamless integration with telepresence video conferencing solutions like Cisco TelePresence® or Polycom RealPresence®

  • Integration with Encoding Software & Tools

VIDIZMO’s video streaming platform leverages your existing video encoding solutions to deliver high-quality presentations with increased reliability of the capture and encode process. We integrate with best-of-breed video encoders, including software-based encoders like Telestream Wirecast or hardware-based encoders like Tricaster, Digital Rapids, Winnov Cbox, etc., empowering you with complete control and freedom over video processing and delivery.

  • Integration with CDN and Cloud Services

Users have the flexibility to install and host VIDIZMO’s video streaming platform in their private cloud or VIDIZMO’s shared cloud. Since VIDIZMO natively integrates with Microsoft Azure Cloud, users can leverage their existing Azure cloud subscription to obtain cost efficiencies, while continuing to avail industry’s best cloud security and integration with existing applications. Additionally, VIDIZMO supports Cisco WAAS, P2P, and other third-party CDNs for delivering content to geographically dispersed audience.

With all the above-mentioned enterprise video integration options, we make a focused effort towards comprehensive video integration that leverages customer’s existing business and IT systems. This not only enables faster deployments but also significantly reduces the overall cost of implementation, supporting continual business improvement and agility.

If you are you looking to explore what value a video streaming platform could create for your organization, and how effectively VIDIZMO would enable video integration with your existing business and IT systems, contact our team for a demonstration or sign up for a free 30-day trial today.


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Rabea Tahir is Technology Content Strategist at VIDIZMO which is a Gartner recognized enterprise video content management system, to stream live/on-demand media to both internal and external audiences, on-premise, Azure or AWS cloud. VIDIZMO solutions are used by enterprises, government, local, state government, healthcare, law enforcement agencies, justice, public safety, manufacturing, financial & banking industry.

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