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Why Do You Need to Look For Vbrick Alternatives

There are many online video platforms available in the market. In this blog, we'll go through one of the notable names in the video streaming industry, Vbrick. We'll further look into some of the Vbrick alternatives & competitors to help you decide which one to go for.
by Saadiya Munir Updated on January 16, 2024

The rise of video content management platforms is not a surprise, given the popularity of videos in the marketing industry. Companies are now looking for ways to get their message out and engage with customers more personally; this is where a video content management system comes in.

There are many online video platforms available in the market. In this blog, we'll go through one of the notable names in the video streaming industry, Vbrick.

We'll further look into some of the Vbrick alternatives & competitors to help you decide which one to go for.

Before getting started, let's briefly review the what & whys of video content management platforms first.

What is Video Content Management & Why it is Essential?

Video content is the key to success for many businesses. It can be a powerful marketing tool, a valuable educational resource for customers or simply a way to provide new and exciting information to your audience. However, managing and distributing video content can take hours and resources that many companies don't have.

A video content management platform is a software solution that helps companies centrally manage their video assets efficiently in a streamlined manner. It also helps stream and distributes videos across different channels, such as social media or on-demand platforms.

Companies use these platforms for everything from corporate communication to knowledge management to video marketing initiatives. Many large enterprises use these platforms to store, manage & distribute their videos securely.

With an enterprise video content management system, you can instantly upload, manage, edit, & share your video content through a single interface for all your video needs.

Secure Video Distribution with VIDIZMO- Vbrick Alternatives

Who Needs an Enterprise Video Platform?

Video platforms like YouTube allow users to upload their content and share it with other viewers. These platforms are made mostly for content creators looking for an audience to earn from their videos – enter ads and product placement (and disruptive recommendations).

But, if your organization is looking for a more secure & brandable video portal that enables you to restrict your audience while streaming video & other advanced features, you need a support of an enterprise streaming solution. An enterprise video streaming & management platform provides you with a complete solution to host, manage & empower your videos, helping you deliver your message effectively. Vbrick is one such platform – no doubt with its own limitations.

What is Vbrick?

One of the leading names in the enterprise video platforms is Vbrick. It's a cloud-native, end-to-end enterprise video platform that allows organizations to leverage the power of video. Vbrick currently offers three different products:

  • Enterprise Video Platform

  • Vbrick Distribution eCDN Solutions

  • Video Platform as a Service (VPaaS)

The platform has both strengths and downsides that lets users search for Vbrick alternatives.

A few Vbrick competitors in the market offer a mix of features similar to or better than Vbrick.

Let's start with exploring Vbrick first & then looking at other alternatives to Vbrick.

Some of the significant use cases for Vbrick's enterprise video solution are for financial services, life sciences, healthcare, technology, & Government IT sectors.

There are also a few Vbrick alternatives that work with the same industries. It is best to figure out what works best for your organization.

Vbrick's Key Features 

  • Video distribution on private networks securely & with scalability

  • Brandable interface for webcasting

  • Video storage for on-demand viewing

  • Zoom, Webex, & Microsoft integrations 

  • Analytics for tracking network usage & performance

  • Search, translation, and transcription functionality 

  • Role-based access control

  • Single sign-on 

  • SOC II compliant

  • Section 508 compliant

  • GDPR & HIPAA compliant

Vbrick Pricing Plan Vbrick doesn't provide a pricing plan on its website. You need to connect to the sales to get the quote.

As per AWS marketplace, Rev Cloud Starter Pack includes 1000 Named Cloud Users, 1 Medium DME, and Implementation for $31,093.71/12 months.

Why Vbrick Competitors?

The rise of online video has been phenomenal over the past decade. In fact, according to Cisco's Visual Networking Index (VNI) report, global IP traffic from video sources grew at a rate of nearly 50% between 2011 and 2016. This trend was expected, with video content accounting for approximately 40% of total Internet traffic by 2021.

This rapid increase in demand for online video has led many companies to seek out ways to streamline their operations and reduce costs. Businesses are now embracing cloud-based video delivery platforms & video streaming technology to improve their business.

There are many use cases for live streaming & video distribution in different industries. For government organizations, the main concern is security.

Some need enterprise video solutions to increase productivity within their team, allowing better communication and collaboration. Others need it for live events – events that are broadcast-grade and buffering-free.

Many users find Vbrick's user interface & deployment process very complicated. 

If your needs go beyond what Vbrick is offering, you'll have to find a more advanced solution.

Learn More About VIDIZMO

Let's look at the one Vbrick alternative that serves the same industry while offering a lot more advanced video management features.

Best Vbrick Alternative for Large Enterprises

When it comes to large enterprises & government organizations, the video streaming solutions needs to be updated with top-notch technology & enterprise-grade security with broad compliance coverage.
Today, the top professional-grade Vbrick alternative is VIDIZMO.

What is VIDIZMO?

VIDIZMO is a Gartner recognized enterprise video streaming & content management platform founded in 2009, headquartered in Tysons, United States.


It's currently offering products in two main categories: VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube (EVCM – Enterprise Video Content Management) and VIDIZMO DEMS (Digital Evidence Management System) VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube offers an advanced, reliable, comprehensive & scalable solution for video streaming, management & distribution.

This product is a direct alternative to Vbrick – caters to similar industries while offering advanced features that truly meet enterprise use cases.

It is a one-of-a-kind platform offering a secure & brandable YouTube-like video portal to store, stream & centrally manage your videos. Stream live, have live recordings published as on-demand videos or directly post on-demand videos playable at viewers' discretion.

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube stands out in many ways when compared with Vbrick Rev.

Vbrick vs VIDIZMO

VIDIZMO Key Features:

  • Flexible deployment options (on-premise, cloud & hybrid)

  • Brandable multilingual video portal

  • White-label video streaming that truly helps your brand shine

  • Videos are optimized to stream on any browser or device and under varying bandwidth conditions

  • Easy-to-use UI with a YouTube-like portal – organized 

  • Videos are easily discoverable through smart filters, categories and smart in-video search

  • Flexible & scalable options for video storage

  • AI-based search aided by the automatically generated closed captions with translations in 50+ languages, auto-tags, and facial & object detection

  • Create multiple autonomous portals with different branding, independent security policies and separate billing

  • Set video access as an anonymous or limited to the entire organization, certain portals, specific groups or users

  • GDPR & HIPAA compliant – supporting many other critical industry and region-specific compliances

  • CDN & eCDN support available – ensuring smooth global video content delivery

  • Single sign-on integration with 25+ SSO providers

  • Supports 225+ video & digital media formats

  • Real-time advanced video reports & analytics

  • FedRAMP Compliant through partner, Project Host

  • Video interactivity options available like quizzes, surveys, polls & handouts for live streaming & on-demand videos

  • AI-based video redaction – helps fulfil compliances and protect PII (personally identifiable information)

  • Set up backup for live streams with live DVR available

  • Technical support is available on all plans via emails, calls, and detailed documentation & help articles

Try All These Capabilities for Free Today!

VIDIZMO Integrations

VIDIZMO assists you in managing your videos, everything from live events to meeting recordings to training sessions, in a centralized way through out-of-the-box and custom integrations.

Businesses are kept well-connected with all your video sources & bringing video right where your audience is present.

With advanced video management capabilities like access controls, smart sharing, video captioning, & a lot more, here are some important built-in integrations offered by VIDIZMO:

VIDIZMO Partners

VIDIZMO is an IP Co-Sell and Certified Gold Partner with Microsoft, with availability on Azure Commercial and Government cloud, with availability on Azure Marketplace as well.
It also provides Zoom users with a consolidated library to securely store and share their recorded meetings with defined access.
To provide the customers with reliable, scalable, and inexpensive services such as media management solutions, VIDIZMO also leverages AWS cloud and global infrastructure.
It also allows organizations to use the existing Wowza streaming engine for scalable, low-latency live streaming.

VIDIZMO Technology Partners

  • Microsoft

  • Zoom

  • AWS

  • Wowza

  • Laserfiche’

VIDIZMO Distribution Partners

  • Carahsoft

  • NEC


  • West Telco

  • GovSmart, Inc.

  • WebSIA

  • Hexagon

VIDIZMO Customers

VIDIZMO serves mostly law enforcement & government organizations & Fortune 500 companies worldwide. A few of its customers include The U.S. Department of State, DMV California, LA County California, NESIC Japan, Yamaha, etc.

Learn more about VIDIZMO's Customers

Here's what NECSIC's Head of BD has to say about VIDIZMO:

Osamu Quote on VIDIZMO Customer Service

Final Thoughts

Video content can be a great way to engage an audience. It is also an excellent way to promote your product or service. But, it can be challenging to manage all of the video content you have created. Enterprise video content management platform helps you manage your videos and keep track of the still-in-progress videos.

You can use this platform to store, organize, and share your videos. You can also use it as a collaboration tool for your team members working on different videos.
It will also help you create more engaging and better quality video content by providing storyboard templates, scheduling, and production tools.
If you're looking for an enterprise video platform, Vbrick is not the only one available in the market.

Many Vbrick competitors & alternatives are offering a mix of features. The one discussed in this blog was VIDIZMO. If you're not sure where to start, we'd like to offer you a free trial of VIDIZMO to test all our features & see how the platform can help you manage your video hosting & streaming.

Sign up for a VIDIZMO account for free. No credit card is required.
Let's begin!

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