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Making the most of Video Analytics on an Enterprise Video Platform

Unleash the potential of video content analytics. Elevate your strategy with cutting-edge technology for insights and performance optimization.

More than half of the internet data traffic is because of videos, so standing out takes much effort. This is why people turn to video content analytics to gauge their performance and gain insights into where improvements are needed.

These metrics help you better understand your audience, their interests, and the type of content they primarily engage with.

No wonder 35% of SMBs and Enterprises use basic or advanced analytical tools to track video performance. Moreover, 51% of marketers vouch for video usage because it has the most promising ROI.

And it makes complete sense as research indicates a 95% message retention rate amongst viewers when presented with information through videos, compared to a 10% retention rate from written content.

Read on to learn more about video analytics and how these metrics can help your content reach its true potential.

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What are the Benefits of Video Content Analytics?

The following section highlights two of the many benefits of referring to video content analytics:

1. Video Content Analytics Help with making Informed Decision

On paper, it might seem that you have a foolproof video marketing strategy, but all efforts will go in vain if you get next to no views or don't get the response or engagement you seek.

Thanks to detailed media analytics, marketing teams gain clarity on what works and can brush out tactics that did not pan well.

You can track engagement as well as see what is being circulated by competition. Real-time data enables you to tweak your plans and focus on trending topics, ensuring you stay atop your competition.

Also, you can use analytics to track your team's performance. Their overall performance is apparent, and you get an idea if any new initiatives did you justice.

For instance, if a team member saw flaws in previously uploaded content and repurposed it to pair well with audience expectations — you can tell if the changes had a positive effect.

2. Video Content Analytics Help with Measuring ROI

Uploading content is only half the work; cashing out the effort is the other half. The main telltale of a successful video campaign is a positive Return on Investment (ROI).

Video content analytics lets you measure key performance indicators (KPIs) to determine the ROI over time. These indicators highlight the problem areas that can later be worked on.

By tracking how a video performs, you can alter strategies to make it more successful and ensure that they align with your objective.

How do you Analyze Video Content?

Video content analytics on Enterprise Video Content Management Platforms and other video-hosting platforms supply you with the following information:

Note: New-age Enterprise Video Content Management Systems take Video Content Analytics up a notch with details on watch time, bounce rates, playback errors, user history, etc.

Number of Views

The total number of views you get tells you about the reach of your video content.

However, different platforms have different standards for what constitutes a view. Some account for bounce rates, whereas others simply detect and report clicks.

For platforms like YouTube, a video played for at least 30 seconds counts as a view, while for TikTok videos, a video played for 3 seconds means one view.

View Length

Now that a viewer has clicked on your video content, the length of the watched video matters the most.

If the said person leaves within a few seconds, your video content is not attractive. Moreover, if most viewers go after a certain period, you can pinpoint the problem area and tweak it to perfection.

To put it simply, changes in viewing habits tell precisely where a piece of video stops resonating with the audience.

With this information, you can improve the content from the point where people bounce away.

Play Rate

Want to know whether your thumbnails are enticing enough to attract viewers? Look at the play rate.

You want your thumbnails to capture your audience's attention so they click on your video. Similarly, play rate tells you whether your title is catchy or not.

Moreover, if your title is not SEO-optimized, your content will likely not be found in search results.

Engagement Rate

Just because people click on your video does not necessarily mean they will stay till the end.

To judge just how engaging your video truly is, you need to see how many views you are getting and what percentage is still watching past the 1-minute mark, if not till the end of it.

Engagement rates let you know exactly what is working and what needs some tweaking, allowing you to strategize for the future.

Location of Viewers

Certain businesses serve specific areas, and if their viewership is from outside that confined location, their strategy will fail.

Organizations want their audience to be the ones they cater to in hopes of increasing their conversion rates. If the video content fails to reach the intended audience, then it's useless.

Video content analytics help businesses keep track of this so they can target the right platforms to reach their intended audience.

For instance, a local Orlando-based Pizzeria won't gain the needed traction if its content is being watched and shared in Austin.

Conversion Rates

The entire goal behind video content marketing is to improve conversion rates. A business that fails to do that will fall short in the long run.

Video content marketing is a great way to reach your audience far and wide and hook them to your brand.

You can increase this by experimenting with various styles of CTAs so they capture the interest of your target audience, ultimately boosting conversion rates.

Now that we've discussed how video content analytics are beneficial, let's direct your attention to a premium Enterprise Video Content Management System.

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube provides Next Level Video Content Analytics

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube provides you with in-depth insights about published and shared content. This information helps you to make impactful decisions that will pave the way for positive results.

And now more than ever, information obtained from video content analytics will be needed because 86% of marketers are relying on video content marketing, and 78% of them have seen an increase in sales — so it's a safe assumption that more marketers will follow.

With our Enterprise Video Platform, you get the following analytics:

  • Video Analytics: Number of views, Number of unique viewers, Number of impressions, Completions, Total time played, Likes and comments, Top devices, Number of Embeds, and Demographics
  • Media Analytics: Total views (Internal & External), Top media, Media summary, User summary, Total favorites and shares, Recent user activity, Interactivity trends, Feedback summary
  • Media Quality of Experience Monitoring: Time played, Player load time, Cache hit ratio, Buffering, Error, and Video quality playing
  • Live Stream Analytics: Current live views, Total unique viewers, and Total views
  • Interactivity Reports: Quizzes and Surveys
  • Federated Analytics: Analytical data gathered from integrated third-party applications such as CMS and customer analytics platforms like Google Analytics

You get detailed information for on-demand as well as live videos

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What are media analytics, and why is it important for video content?

Media analytics tells you how long a viewer watches your video, the loading time, and the drop-off points. Analytics are significant in tracking the performance of your videos; with this information, you get an idea of how well a piece of content is performing and if any changes are to be made.

What are some key metrics to track in video content analytics?

For best results, you should consider the following metrics in Video Content Analytics:

  • View Count
  • Play Rate
  • Engagement
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Conversions
  • Click-through rate

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