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VIDIZMO vs Brightcove: A comparison of key video platform capabilities

VIDIZMO vs. Brightcove: A comparison of key video platform capabilities

VIDIZMO and Brightcove are competing players in the enterprise video content management (EVCM) market, offering online video platform and streaming solutions to solve business video challenges. While VIDIZMO and Brightcove are both recognized in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM), and serve the same markets, they offer vastly different capabilities.

VIDIZMO offers a comprehensive video platform with business-ready solutions designed to serve various business video use cases through built-in out-of-the-box platform capabilities. Brightcove, on the other hand, provides a fundamentally basic video platform with limited built-in capabilities – one where the customer is tasked with incorporating most platform features using third-party partner integrations, plug-ins or development toolkits.

As a result, the customer is required to deal with various third-party vendors to purchase, install, setup, integrate, and implement certain platform features that are otherwise available out-of-the-box and free of cost in a standard VIDIZMO video platform. The end result is that with VIDIZMO, a customer gets a cost-effective business-ready platform with no other external costs or points of contact whereas with Brightcove a customer has an incomplete yet costly solution with various platform capabilities disintegrated across different third-party vendors and service providers.

Figure 1: As shown, Brightcove offers a video platform with incomplete video business solutions, which takes external partners and customer IT involvement to enable fundamental platform capabilities that VIDIZMO offers out of the box in a consolidated, business-ready solution.


Apart from this, VIDIZMO also offers a much more sophisticated platform with specialized capabilities specifically designed for different enterprise video use case. As an example, for corporate video training and learning use case, VIDIZMO offers a training and learning platform with specialized features designed and built into the platform to serve training-specific needs. Brightcove, on the other hand, does not provide this capability since it only provides a standard video platform, regardless of customer’s specific video use case, requiring the customer to tailor and implement additional platform functionalities to suit their need.

For superior media management, VIDIZMO offers a multi-tenancy platform with various independent portals for segregating internal and external users, departmental units or for incorporating functionalities for different business video use cases. These portals can also have independent security, storage, management policies, CDN and even licensing – all within one consolidated video platform. This is again a highly critical functionality not offered by Brightcove for which customer would have to purchase and install different software instances to achieve similar business goals.

vidizmo vs. brightcove: A comparison of key video platform capabilities

Figure 2: As shown, Brightcove only offers a video platform with some partner-provided functionalities and third-party integrations but lacks complete platform functionalities, video portals, and business-ready solutions -- all of which VIDIZMO provides out of the box.


For superior video search, VIDIZMO provides built-in support for AI-powered in-video search and faceted search across the platform, a capability Brightcove does not offer. Similarly, for optimized video distribution, VIDIZMO offers broad support for native and third-party WAN optimization technologies and CDNs for bandwidth-optimized video delivery on any type of network – capabilities Brightcove only delivers through Ramp for a drastically higher cost. For storage and hosting, VIDIZMO offers flexible deployment options in the cloud and on-premises while Brightcove is mainly only cloud-based.

Following is a list of specific platform comparisons between VIDIZMO and Brightcove video platform:





Online video platform

Both products offer video platform capabilities that include storage, streaming and a video player. The platform provides a foundation on which differentiating business applications can be designed & developed by enterprise business and IT.

Platform completeness

Brightcove video platform uses a range of disintegrated services and features provided through various partners and third-party vendors to enable basic platform functionalities. This poses inter-dependencies between vendors or interoperability gaps, causing customers to have to deal with multiple vendors, without a single point of contact for support needs. VIDIZMO, on the other hand, offers a fully integrated, business-ready video platform with consolidated features and services built into the platform instead of being administered through a range of partners, which eliminates interdependencies or interoperability gaps with third-party vendors to provide basic platform functionalities. For support too, customers have a single point of contact.

Plug-in free platform

VIDIZMO does not have any plug-in dependencies to enable basic platform functionalities, which also eliminates hefty plug-in costs and related security vulnerabilities. Brightcove, however, has a heavy reliance on plug-ins to provides several core platform functionalities, i.e. Flash plug-in for video fields, Ramp plug-in for video delivery, social media plug-in for social sharing, thumbnail preview plugin, playlist enhancement plugin, etc. – all of which are features directly built-in and available in VIDIZMO without need for plug-ins.

Business-ready features and capabilities

Brightcove offers a wide range of basic platform capabilities and features in the form of software development kits or SDKs that customer IT then needs to develop and integrate into the platform. VIDIZMO, on the other hand, offers a business-ready solution with built-in features and capabilities ready for implementation and use for the customer.

Video portals



A video portal is a prebuilt business application like a YouTube that is built on top of video platform to allow business users to upload, manage content, add users under various roles, define their access rights and permissions, brand portal, track and analyze content & users, etc. Brightcove does not offer a standard portal out-of-the-box; it only provides templates that make it easy for software developers to build business applications (https://support.brightcove.com/quick-start-creating-and-publishing-portal-experience). VIDIZMO, however, provides out-of-the-box YouTube style portal(s) that allow business users to immediately start using the system, add users, upload content, and analyze viewer and content insights (http://video.lexorpinc.com )

Content libraries

VIDIZMO Portals serve as content libraries, with each library offering its own separate users, content, categories, metadata, storage, corporate sign-in etc.

Training & learning platform/ solutions

VIDIZMO offers a training & learning solution on top of its YouTube-style video portal that integrates with LMS, provides the ability to upload SCORM, live stream classrooms, capture lecture, and make it available for on-demand viewing – all using a mobile phone on a stand. Brightcove does not offer business-ready training & learning solutions; instead, it directs customers to their IT partners to build upon the video platform using their templates (https://support.brightcove.com/gallery).

VIDIZMO T&L solution details: https://go.vidizmo.com/a-detailed-guide-to-video-for-organizational-learning-and-development-in-2018

Courses & learning plans

VIDIZMO Virtual Academy, a training and learning solution built on VIDIZMO video platform, provides out-of-the-box functionality to create courses and learning plans that include videos, images, documents, PowerPoints, images, quizzes etc. with the pass, fail certificates. Pass, fail data from these courses can be sent back to any LMS. Brightcove, being only a video platform, does not offer any such learning features.


VIDIZMO Virtual Academy also includes the ability to create classes in which any number of users can be invited to register and watch a group of courses. This includes class or course management capabilities such as course assignment, enrollment, response tracking, course certifications, reporting, and more. Brightcove, being only a video platform, does not offer any such learning features.


VIDIZMO Virtual Academy offers the ability to import SCORM, a type of training content that is created using tools such as Adobe Captivate and Articulate. SCORM can include any number of digital assets, interactivity, quizzes and branching-based results. Brightcove does not offer any such feature.


VIDIZMO offers the ability to add quizzes to presentations and courses, and upon successful passing, issue completion certificates. Brightcove does not provide any such functionality.


VIDIZIMO Virtual Academy offers gamification features that are very important for personalized, collaborative and competitive learning that allows users to earn scores, badges, certificates, and climb leaderboards in a challenging, reward-based learning engagement. Brightcove, being only a video platform, does not offer any such learning features. 


VIDIZMO Virtual Academy offers the ability to issue viewing completion certifications upon watching a specified (configurable) percentage of content or passing certain quizzes. This information can also be passed to any LMS. Brightcove, being only a video platform, does not offer any such learning features.

User-generated content

VIDIZMO supports user-generated content through contributor roles that can be assigned to give the user the ability to upload media from smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. Those with moderator roles can then approve or reject the content before it publishes to the portal. Brightcove lacks in-built portal support for UGC in the absence of different user roles with varying permissions and access controls; any UGC is collected via an external intermediate repository before being ingested into Brightcove media library. There are no moderation capabilities built into the system either.

User interface

IT Users

Business Users

Since Brightcove is a video platform, its features and user interface have been designed for IT users, requiring IT expertise to use Brightcove video platform. Partner services are required to build any business-friendly solution such as a YouTube-style portal or a classroom lecture capture, training and learning solution. VIDIZMO provides an out-of-the-box business-friendly portal with a branded user interface that presents all VIDIZMO functionalities in easy to use YouTube-like interface. A person with skills to upload video to YouTube can use VIDIZMO administration to manage content and users and viewer interface to watch content.

Live streaming

Brightcove platform live feature targets media companies for them to integrate in a business-ready solution; see Brightcove positioning: (https://www.brightcove.com/en/live). VIDIZMO live streaming feature, on the other hand, is similar to a lecture capture that automatically streams, records and publishes training for on-demand consumption, taking the burden of managing all these tasks away from the instructor, allowing instructors to focus on training contents rather than video management.

Low-latency live streaming

VIDIZMO offers an option for low latency live streaming that reduces latency to a single digit. Brightcove only provides HLS live streaming that has 30-45 second latency. Chat during live streaming adversely suffers from these delays because questions or comments are not synchronized with the presenter.

Mobile application

VIDIZMO provides a ready-to-use mobile app to capture, live stream, upload, browse, and view content. Brightcove, on the other hand, only offers a toolkit for IT companies or IT departments to build the mobile apps, which comes at a significant cost. https://www.brightcove.com/en/blog/2012/01/lifecycle-cost-developing-and-managing-mobile-apps

Content categories

VIDIZMO portals (content libraries) provide the ability to further classify content into categories for easier navigation by the end user. A business user such as an instructor can easily create and manage these categories in their respective portal. It is important for trainers to categorize information for trainees to find quickly and easily.

Content metadata



VIDIZMO offers the ability to add metadata, keywords and custom attributes to provide better relevancy to search results, making it easier for the user to find content. This is a fundamental feature that will help trainers classify content and for trainees to find it within seconds. With basic metadata categories, Brightcove does not enable such an efficient content search.

Faceted search


VIDIZMO employs a highly specialized faceted search or faceted navigation, which uses several categories of metadata and custom attributes to help users drill down and filter their search to the most relevant results using multiple filters – increasing a user's ability to find relevant information quickly. Brightcove, on the other hand, does not offer faceted search.

Machine transcription

Machine transcription uses cloud to convert spoken words into text. All uploaded video in VIDIZMO are transcribed immediately. Brightcove similar functionality through partners has a couple of days of turnaround time and 20 times the cost of VIDIMZO. Transcribed content can also be edited by business users.


Details: https://blog.vidizmo.com/turn-videos-into-text-lets-talk-transcription

Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN)

As video usage grows, network bandwidth challenges are expected to increase. VIDIZMO provides built-in enterprise content delivery network that uses caching and P2P technologies that can cache video behind a firewall. Brightcove requires a partner to be contracted at a much higher cost.

Details: https://blog.vidizmo.com/resolving-all-your-enterprise-video-streaming-challenges-wan-optimization-caching-protocols


Web-based only

Web, phone, dedicated

Vidizmo provides various options for support that includes dedicated support personnel to work at the client location and help users of the system.

Corporate SSO



SSO, the ability to integrate with Corporate Identity Management Services, allows corporate users to log in using corporate credentials. Brightcove uses partners to provide similar functionality, while VIDIZMO offers built-in support. Furthermore, VIDIZMO enables synchronization of AD users, AD groups and additional attributes to sync up with VIDIZMO and map users to various portals based on the information.

Security & compliance



Install on-premises, cloud or hybrid - use VIDIZMO's or customer's Microsoft Azure account to host VIDIZMO.

User & content analytics



VIDIZMO offers detailed, micro and macro level content and user analytics that allows instructors and administrators to analyze each user and media’s performance. Brightcove, on the other hand, offers basic media performance and engagement analytics and no analytics data specific to training administrators.

Digital assets

VIDIZMO provides the ability to upload any digital asset and assemble different assets into a course or a presentation. There is no counterpart functionality in Brightcove.

Documents and PowerPoints

VIDIZMO allows the ability to upload documents, convert those into images to display in a browser with ability to download originals. There is no such functionality in Brightcove. This allows presenters to display slides, word, xl files in the player and enable viewers to download originals.

Portals for each business use case with its own admins and users

VIDIZMO provides the ability to create portals for each use case and customize its feature for education, training, learning and corporate communication etc. Each portal has its own domain name/ access path, administrators, users and can be used by different departments or different business use cases, all under IT administration, making it easier for organizations to manage video content for different use cases.

Interactive live chat during live stream

Vidizmo includes live chat during live streaming, no such functionality available in Brightcove.

Ability to upload by users

VIDIZMO roles allow customers to permit users to perform specific functions or control access to certain features, thereby customizing the solution to fit their specific needs such as allowing select users to upload content, that may go through a moderation process.

User roles

Limiting user access permissions by role, admin, managers, moderator, contributor, viewer /learner. This provides easier management of the system by delegating responsibilities to various roles.

Video conferencing support/ integration

VIDIZMO offers integration with Polycom RealPresence video conferencing for both live and on-demand video streaming scenarios. With this, the customer can live broadcast Polycom meetings, record for on-demand viewing, edit using clipping tool, transcribe, incorporate AI capabilities for search, metadata, tagging of content, and moderation. Brightcove, on the other hand, does not offer integration with Polycom or other video conferencing tools such as Cisco TelePresence.

Details: https://blog.vidizmo.com/heres-how-vidizmo-provides-interoperability-with-polycom-realpresence-video-conferencing


LMS integration



VIDIZMO offers flexible,  out-of-the-box integration with most industry-acclaimed LMS solutions and custom integrations with others.

Within the integration, VIDIZMO offers advanced integration capabilities such as automated content consolidation, update and exchange between VIDIZMO and LMS for SCORM import; course management/ assignment, notifications from LMS; course completion analytics and reporting in LMS; video recommendations based on user profile in LMS – all of which can result in optimal learning outcomes and content personalization for learners and efficient management for L&D teams.

Details: https://blog.vidizmo.com/why-your-organization-needs-a-video-platform-to-complement-an-lms-for-video-based-learning

Artificial Intelligence Cognitive Services    

With AI poised to transform business potential, there is an immense opportunity for organizations to harness the massive innovations of a diverse set of AI technologies like smart vision, speech, language, character, image and facial recognition within video and other rich media. VIDIZMO offers some AI features out of box while others are available as platform

Monetization and eCommerce

While both offer monetization and ecommerce features, VIDIZMO provides a dedicated MediaCommerce solution with end-to-end built in capabilities to monetize video content for selling and subscription, with a comprehensive range a features from paywall and content licensing to event registration, bulk licensing, shopping cart integration and advertising support – all built into the solution.

Brightcove, on the hand, provides a disintegrated set of monetization and ecommerce framework or features, some of which are partner provided while others require configuration as they’re not built into the platform. Additionally, while both offer integration with a customer’s PayPal account, VIDIZMO offers a seamless in-app one-click integration whereas Brightcove requires an oAuth API integration with PayPal adaptive accounts.  

For more on VIDIZMO or how VIDIZMO compares to Brightcove for your business case, contact us today or request our 30-day free trial to experience VIDIZMO platform capabilities.


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