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VIDIZMO vs Brightcove: Limitations, Comparison and Alternative

VIDIZMO vs Brightcove: Limitations, Comparison and Alternative

VIDIZMO and Brightcove are leading contenders in the enterprise video content management (EVCM) market, offering live and on-demand video streaming solutions to solve enterprise video challenges.

VIDIZMO and Brightcove are both recognized in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM), offering different capabilities.

VIDIZMO offers a comprehensive video platform with business-ready features designed to serve various use cases through built-in and out-of-the-box platform capabilities. Brightcove, on the other hand, offers limited built-in capabilities. As a result, Brightcove features allows customer with third-party plugins to implement various platform features that are otherwise available as standard in VIDIZMO.

Comparison at A Glance:



Brightcove, a VIDIZMO alternative is mostly designed for external streaming. If you need to stream videos internally, say for training and on-boarding, then you would find only limited capabilities. Moreover, you can’t integrate with video conferencing solutions such as Zoom and MS Teams, which is an important functionality as managing recorded meetings has become a norm during this pandemic.
According to customer reviews of Brightcove features, they have hard to navigate UI and not as user friendly as the competitors.

VIDIZMO – A Complete Package:

For comprehensive media management, VIDIZMO offers a multi-tenant platform with various independent portals for segregating internal and external users, departmental units or for incorporating functionalities for different use cases. These portals can also have independent storage, management policies, security, and even licensing – all within one consolidated platform. Brightcove’s customer would have to purchase and install different software instances to achieve similar business goals.

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VIDIZMO provides built-in AI-powered faceted in-video and platform search, a capability VIDIZMO’s alternative Brightcove does not offer that. Similarly, for optimized video distribution, we offer native and third-party WAN optimization technologies and CDNs for bandwidth-optimized video delivery, capabilities Brightcove only delivers through Ramp for a drastically higher price. For storage and hosting, VIDIZMO offers flexible deployment options in any public or private cloud, on-premises and in a hybrid model, while Brightcove is only available as SaaS.


Following is a list of specific platform comparisons between VIDIZMO and Brightcove video platform:

VIDIZMO vs BRIGHTCOVE – A Feature Wise Analysis:




Offers a fully integrated, business-ready video platform with consolidated features and services Platform completeness Offers a range of disintegrated services and features through partners and third-party vendors for basic platform functionalities
Provides an easy to use interface with all functionalities immediately accessible User interface Interface is designed for IT users, therefore is complicated to get a hang of for a layman
Offers role-based access control with customizable permissions for 5 user roles: Viewer, Contributor, Moderator, Manager, Administrator User Roles Assigns permissions and access based on 2 user roles: Administrator and Standard
Provides out-of-the-box portals that allow users to immediately start using the system, add users, upload content, and analyze insights Video portals Does not offer a standard portal out-of-the-box, only provides templates that make it easy for software developers to build business applications
Supports over 255 formats of videos, audios, images and documents Digital Media Support Supports certain formats of video and audio files but no documents and images
Allows multiple tenancies of the platform in a single instance for a single customer to divide the portal by department or function Multitenancy Only offers a single tenancy for a single customer
Automatically generates metadata for media files Using Artificial Intelligence and can also be added manually Metadata Only allows manual addition of metadata in Videos
Offers categorization of media to enhance searchability Categories Does not allow users to categorize media
Allows search for videos through Custom Attributes, Tags, Spoken words, Faces and other AI generated Insights. Multi-Faceted search Allows search for videos through Video ID, Name and Description, Tags, Reference ID, Custom Fields and Topics
Offers detailed, micro and macro level media analytics such as player load times, demographics, browser and device Media analytics Offers detailed media performance and engagement analytics including source of traffic, display domain and play rate
Provides insights through Artificial Intelligence capabilities such as Facial, Speech and Object Recognition, Sentiment Analysis, Keywords, Topics and metadata generation for In-video search and analysis. Artificial Intelligence Does not offer Artificial Intelligence capabilities apart from automated transcription
Offers low latency live stream that supports all encoders and formats and can be augmented with interactivity tools as well as live chat and Q&A sessions, scheduled and published as VOD after the session ends Live streaming Offers low latency live streaming with ad support and instant live clipping and VOD publishing, and live chat through Plug-ins, also delivering streams directly to social media channels
Offers interactivity within live and on-demand videos by adding quizzes to conduct knowledge check, surveys to collect feedback and handouts to provide supporting material. Interactivity Offers interactivity within videos by adding quizzes to conduct knowledge checks, polls to collect feedback, branching for easier access to information and call to action for e-commerce purchases
Uses OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol to enable customers to use one set of credentials in the platform through Directory Services, Identity Access Management or Third-Party Login Single Sign-On (SSO) Built-in support for SAML 2.0-based SSO integrations, Brightcove allows you to leverage your existing investment in enterprise security and identity management to add secure access to your valuable video content
Integrates with various CMS, LMS, CRM, Video Conferencing and Analytics Solutions for interoperability and video integration Integrations Integrates with CMS, CRM, MAP, Analytics and advertising solutions but not with Video Conferencing solutions.
Complies with several National, Regional and International regulations including GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, Section 508 and FIPS 140. Compliance Complies with various regulations including CCPA, GDPR, Section 508 and ADA.
SCORM compliant software. SCORM Compliance Training Not a SCORM compliant software.
Offers flexible deployment options on any public or private cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid model. Deployment Only offers cloud deployment
Does not offer monetization Monetization Offers plug-ins for advertisements and monetization in live and on-demand videos and on the platform.




Sums up:

Brightcove primarily places itself in the media and entertainment industry and provides Brightcove features are focused for external marketing use cases. Therefore, the feature set they offer, falls short for their target market (EVCM). VIDIZMO, on the other hand, serves several industry verticals and therefore offers a more complete video management solution for internal and external enterprise use cases.

Learn more about VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube offerings and capabilities.

Brightcove is just one video platform. Read our comparison of 12 video platforms here.

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We at VIDIZMO are experts in secure and compliant video streaming and digital evidence management. Our aim is to help educate such that you can better utilize your video data.

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