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How to Elevate Church Sermons Using Enterprise Video Platforms

Elevate church sermons with enterprise video platforms. Transform worship experiences by improving the engagement levels of your congregation.

It is alarming that 40 million Americans have stopped attending church services in the past 25 years. This is why, to spread the word, churches are turning to on-demand videos and live streams with the help of Enterprise Video Platforms.

Moreover, this digitization makes sense, as 44% of people prefer to attend church services from home, and 33% find their preferred church online.

This is why, to reach a wider audience – not confined to a specific region – and market church services, many pastors and church ministries run live sessions and upload on-demand videos.

Plus, with 77% of people preferring virtual events over traditional gatherings, live streaming has become the new mode of connection.

Overall, video streaming services have elevated the experience of an average churchgoer as they can live stream the services from anywhere in the world.

So, let’s look at how you can effectively reach millions of churchgoers using Enterprise Video Platforms.

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How can Enterprise Video Platforms help out churches?

Enterprise Video Platforms allow churches to create, store, manage, and distribute video content effectively and efficiently.

These feature-rich portals provide secure storage and distribution while adhering to major security compliances.

Furthermore, Enterprise video streaming platforms have built-in CDNs that ensure smooth content delivery.

Plus, to ensure a latency-free streaming experience, good EVCMS are backed by adaptive bitrate technology, which adjusts video quality based on the viewer’s internet connection and device.

Following are seven compelling reasons for turning to Enterprise Video Platforms to preach to a broader audience:

1. Enterprise Video Platforms Offer Exclusive Events

With an Enterprise Video Platform, you can make your event invite-only. The exclusive nature of your virtual events means only interested parties will attend them.

Sure, there is no fee involved to become a member, but there is one stipulation: your beliefs should align with the churches and other members.

So, some churches host members-only, exclusive events; this is where an Enterprise Video Content Management System comes in handy.

2. Enterprise Video Platforms Boosts Engagement Levels

Video streaming software offers interactive features like polls, captions, and comments, encouraging people to interact with preachers.

As a church, you want your audience to question and discuss what is being taught to grasp the message better. Enabling comments lets them have talks and makes it easy to participate in the service without being there physically.

Furthermore, adding polls and other interactive tools helps in singling out people willing to donate.

You will be happy to know that 60% of people donate to their churches online, and tithe amounts to anywhere from 10% to 25% of the donation. By accepting digital payments, overall donation levels can increase by 32%.

Similarly, you can have donation forms that let people donate anonymously at any point of the service with just a click.

3. Enterprise Video Platforms Offer Translations and Transcriptions

Video streaming platforms enable a wider audience reach. This means that regular and new churchgoers worldwide will be in attendance, and having a multilingual stream increases accessibility.

Having real-time transcriptions and translations in multiple languages makes following the sermon straightforward.

4. Enterprise Video Platforms Use Multiple CDNs

Enterprise Video Streaming Platforms utilize multiple content delivery networks (CDNs) to have a solid video distribution system.

CDNs make the user experience better by reducing load times. Basically, people gain access to the content from a nearby location instead of the origin server.

For instance, a person from India attending a sermon from an American church will face next to no delays as a CDN will route traffic to and fro from a location nearest to the viewer.

5. Enterprise Video Platforms Offers On-demand and Live Streaming Services

Enterprise Video Platforms offers two options: on-demand videos and live streams.

This means that you can either livestream a sermon or ask guest speakers to pre-record their lectures and upload them.

This gives people the freedom to view religious teachings as often as they want. Sometimes, people cannot attend a sermon but do not want to miss it; this is where an Enterprise Video Platform comes to the rescue.

Furthermore, at times, a few teachings stand out, and the church wants to highlight them. A streaming platform is perfect for this because you can repurpose lengthy sermons into snippets and reupload them.

This improves the impact of the message and helps people retain it better.

6. Enterprise Video Platforms Offer Multiple Integrations

Another benefit of using Enterprise Video Platforms is that they let you integrate with different software.

Churches can optimize social media to bring more people closer to God. You can also embed on-demand videos and live stream on your websites to make them accessible without any time restrictions.

7. Enterprise Video Platforms Helps You Educate People

You can create an entire library containing all the sermons, videos, congregational prayers, etc. This is crucial when you want people to follow the teachings and stay connected to their faith.

Enterprise Video Platforms allow you to customize the library as per your requirements. You can categorize the videos as per your liking by creating their metadata, descriptions, or titles.

This makes it easy for people to navigate the platform and quickly review lectures whenever they want. It makes it straightforward to educate children, new converts, or the elderly who have trouble following lengthy talks.

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube – A Perfect Enterprise Video Platform for Churches

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube offers a multifunctional platform to meet your creative and distributive needs.

Thanks to it, your reach will quadruple, your marketing efforts won’t go in vain and, a good number of donations will flow in.

It allows pastors and other church ministry members to record and upload on-demand videos or live-stream events.

The platform not only gives a completely customizable library but also gives complete control over who can access it.

Moreover, role-based access control allows you to supervise everyone who can access the content. Similarly, you can choose to make it public or private by restricting access.

Plus, the software improves accessibility of content by providing translations and transcriptions in 50+ languages. So, your reach is no longer limited to only English speakers.

It also gives you an in-depth analytical report on how the audience receives your content.

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For more information on VIDIZMO’s video streaming platform, contact us today or visit our blog site for details.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I need to stream church services?

To stream church services, you require:

  • Computer
  • Camera
  • Tripod stand
  • Video encoder
  • Microphone
  • Live streaming platforms like VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube

What are the benefits of live-streaming church services?

The following are the benefits of live-streaming church services:

  • Reach a wider audience regardless of their location
  • Improve the reach of messages and teachings of pastors
  • Increase donations

What is a video streaming platform?

These platforms enable users to view live streams without having to download them. The audience can easily stream videos from any location and engage with other attendees.

What is video streaming protocol?

These are established guidelines that dictate the manner in which data is to be communicated between systems across the internet. They outline the standardized method for segmenting streams into smaller, manageable chunks to facilitate efficient transmission.

What is online church service?

This refers to various ways Christians can use the Internet to facilitate their religious activities, such as congregational prayers, discussions, preachings, etc.

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