Implementing Employee Training with Video Training Platforms in 2022

The top 9 tools for employees training to elevate corporate training & productivity for your organization. Let's see why video training tools are the best.

“An organization’s ability to learn and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.” - Jack Welch

Employee training tools are becoming more common in the post-covid-remote-based business world. There are many practical use cases for employee training, for example, onboarding new hires, learning specific knowledge, video training, keeping up with industry standards, and much more.

Many strategies are used to deliver training content successfully. The most effective one so far is creating video training.

Videos help employees to digest the information in an easy-to-understand format. Video streaming technology has made creating & publishing engaging video training easier.

Benefits of Video Training

With the number of options in video training tools available in the market today, from beginner’s to advanced levels, for creating, recording & managing employee training videos, the training process has become much easier.

In addition, you can also use proper process documentation for a more organized strategy.

In this blog, we’ll discuss training tools for employees that can help organizations conduct & record employee training in a better way. For your convenience, we've split it into 4 broad categories. We have got a list of the best tools for recording training videos, tools to create training material & to improve the team's productivity & collaboration.
Let’s have a look at video training & management tools first.

Video Content Management Systems

  1. VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube

    If you’re a large organization looking to store, manage & record your employee training videos in a secure portal, then VIDIZMO is the right option.

    Have you ever thought of having your own YouTube-like portal for video training?

    VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube offers a YouTube-like video learning platform where you can easily upload and stream videos for training and learning. Whether you are giving training live or recording it to be viewed as an on-demand video later, VIDIZMO lets your organization do it all. You can also stream to both external and internal audiences.

    You can create a self-paced and real-time learning and training experience for your greatest asset, Employees!
    Make your videos interactive and engaging using quizzes and surveys. Integrate with web conferencing tools, or embed videos in your LMS or CMS.

    Segregate content within separate groups or entirely independent video portals in terms of courses or for different departments. Be sure to categorize, auto-tag, and features important videos and playlists in your online video content library.

    VIDIZMO video training portal - Employee Training ToolLearn More
    This corporate tool also lets you define the access of your training videos, where for every video you can select which users or groups can view them. Furthermore, you can also restrict access and set it up for the users within the organization only, therefore, saving it from unauthorized access.

    Or save your effort, connect VIDIZMO with your IAM (identity and access management) service to authenticate users through SSO integration with SCIM support.

    To put it into perspective, if you connect your Azure AD with VIDIZMO, all your users and groups automatically into VIDIZMO with pre-defined roles. User and group provisioning allow their data to be automatically updated as you make changes in your Azure AD.

    The US Department of State Uses VIDIZMO to Stream Live Video Internally – Read More on This Story

    Interested in Creating a Video Portal?

  2. Zoom

    Next on our list of employee training tools is Zoom. More like a video conferencing tool that has skyrocketed during the pandemic.


    zoom loginpage

    You can run real-time one-on-one or small group training sessions, perform live demos, screen share, and raise your hand if you have queries.

    However, platforms like Zoom are great for live training sessions, but reusing these recorded training sessions is next to impossible on Zoom alone, especially if you want to keep them private and secure. In that case, you can integrate your Zoom or other online meeting solutions with VIDIZMO to have your recordings auto-ingested, secured and used as reusable training assets.

    The corporate training for the employees using Zoom can be a simple option but not as effective as an enterprise video platform supporting asynchronous training 

    Learn More About  Managing Recorded Meetings in VIDIZMO

    Learning Management Systems

    LMS is intended to assist a person in creating, overseeing, and giving online courses and projects to learn. It gives the employees and employer a stage to acquire and feature their abilities anywhere and at whatever point they need according to their comfort. LMS is mostly used in educational sectors, but you can also use them as corporate training tools.

    As LMS itself is not designed to stream and manage videos, you can also integrate your LMS with your video content management platform like VIDIZMO. Here are a few LMS that you can use as an employee training tool

  3. Moodle

    Moodle is a free and open-source e-learning platform with various educators, courses and curricula.

    moodle homepage-1

    While Moodle has standard features like any other e-learning platform, it also has certain plug-in options. Common features include chats, blogs, database activities, glossaries, and more for the corporate environment.

  4. Blackboard

    Blackboard is a customizable online learning platform. It was mainly for higher education but in 2005 expanded throughout the corporate sectors.

    blackboard homepage

    It is one of the increasingly common platforms where flexible training, learning and professional development are the main focus.

    It facilitates corporate processes such as onboarding, sales training, leadership development and customer training.

    Learn why LMS is not enough for video learning needs

  5. ProProfs Training Maker

    ProProfs Training Maker is an incredibly user-friendly cloud LMS. You can use the platform to create, design, share, and track custom online training courses and tests.

    ProProfs LMS


    Users get access to a course library, virtual classroom, quizzes, collaboration tool, and reporting as a part of the package. The solution is used by 15+ million users in over 150 countries.

    Micro-Learning Platforms

    Microlearning platforms, in a nutshell, provide bite-sized chunks of information that are fun to consume. The fun part behind microlearning platforms is the content that is easy to create and quick to edit.

    The interactive tools within these platforms are helpful in terms of training new employees and improving collaboration, increasing technical knowledge or helping train remote teams.

    Learning quickly and efficiently in a flexible environment can make all the difference in this fast-paced era. You have various microlearning training tools for remote teams, newly hired and any other individual that needs to learn at their own pace.

    With the rise of just-in-time (JIT) learning, mobiles are best for bite-sized training. These platforms include TalentCards, Qstream, Axonify and others.

    Apart from employee training tools, here are a few softwares that can help in creating training videos & materials. These tools can also help in increasing employees’ productivity.

    Content Creation Tools

    You must have seen different types of content made through different content creation tools. This helps creates learning materials such as employee training videos, infographics, images, slides, and plans. Here are some of the most easy-to-use content creation tools.

  6. Canva

    Canva is a design platform that is super easy to use with tools that even a non-tech-savvy person can use.

    canva homepage

    It is used to make different visuals, posts, graphics and capture static screenshots and screen interaction sequences to develop systems, training guides, manuals, etc.
    Despite being used for many other reasons, it’s not a bad option for creating training content. Choose from their template or start from scratch.

  7. Wistia

    Wistia is often used for marketing use cases and hosting videos such as on-demand video learning content. However, it is simple and lacks extensive features compared to others.



    wistia homepage

    With the tools provided by Wistia, you can screen record your screen for a more interactive training session and shoot and edit your videos simultaneously.

    Team Collaboration Tools

    Another one of the corporate training tool categories includes team collaboration tools. As Mike Krzyzewski said, “Effective teamwork begins with communication,” and rightfully so because the instructors and learners need to communicate and share their knowledge. It is a common example of soft skills in the organization.

    For instance, design teams, managers and developers need communication to produce high-quality content. Communication is key in every step of the training process.

  8. Slack

    Slack is one popular communication tool like a chat room to replace emails as the primary means of communication and sharing for the whole organization.


    Quick, easy, simple and targeted communication tool has over 8 million daily active users. If you are participating remotely slack makes it easy by creating channels and communicating privately.

  9. HubSpot

    If you want to be advanced and efficient in team communication or reduce admin work, you can opt for HubSpot to organize surveys and emails.



    It is an all-in-one tool for team collaboration & marketing as well. You can schedule or send an automated reply to a group of workers to remind them to enroll in a course or a workshop.

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    On-boarding Tools

    These are tools that help you develop interactive "How-to" guides to help employees understand how to use different software. These are recommended if your organization uses a lof of software and tools. These can be best explained by the example of Scribe below:

  10. Scribe

    As your ever-increasing remote workforce expands, streamline your processes with instant how-to documentation. Scribe is both a browser extension and desktop application that turns any process into a step-by-step guide.


    All you need to do is click “Record” and conduct business as usual. Scribe will instantly capture each action you take, then produce a list with instructions and screenshots for each step.

    Once complete, share or embed your Scribe into any CMS or knowledge base for seamless cross-training and collaboration. Marketing teams can both save time and strengthen the skill set of every single team member. Some clear advantages of using Scribe are:

Summing Up

There are many employee training tools out there for us to list them possibly. We did list down the categories with tools to complement them.

If you want to boost productivity and make the efficient processes LMS, you can opt for Moodle or Blackboard. Or, let’s say you want to improve the communication side of your organization, HubSpot or Slack can be the ones to choose from.

But how about boosting in terms of all categories VIDIZMO can be your best bet mainly as a platform for video training, and you can start today by signing up for a free trial.

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Posted by Bareerah Shoukat & Saadiya Munir

This article is written jointly by Bareerah Shaukat (Technology Content Strategist) and Saadiya Munir (Senior Product Strategist)

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