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Learn how VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube can help you effectively manage, stream and share if you're business is operating in Germany.

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Germany - The land of beautiful landscapes, forests, and the North Sea beaches. With a population of 83 million, imagine how many of them host and stream videos. Do you know in Germany, 75 percent of respondents stated that they used online video files at least occasionally? Businesses now realize the importance of video, and the use of video data is increasing by the data. To effectively stream video while remaining compliant with GDPR regulations, you need an enterprise video content management system.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube can help you effectively manage, stream and share videos if your business is operating in Germany.

What is VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube?

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a Gartner-recognized video content management system that lets you handle your videos in a centralized system. It is a YouTube-like platform that can be used for every end-to-end video use case for both external and internal audiences with flexible deployment options. For instance, you can have your data on your own data center (on-premise) or third-party data center via Aws or Azure located in your region. You can further define access of your videos, benefit from limited sharing and set a custom retention period. We pride ourselves on security and meeting industry-specific compliances. Let us explain ourselves through this short Übersichtsvideo.


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  • Multilingual Platform

Hallo! Guten Morgen! Our platform is multilingual, supporting various languages, to make your videos accessible globally. Moreover, EnterpriseTube leverages AI, and you can search inside videos in the language of your choice, enhancing your searchability and productivity.

  • Transcription And Closed Captions in German

Let AI do the work and enable automatic transcription and close captions for your videos in German! In fact, you can have them in more than 85 languages. Translation of these close captions and transcripts is supported in up to 90 languages. Fast, easy and accurate while fulfilling accessibility requirements for Section 508, ADA and other accessibility compliances.

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Video Hosting options for German Companies (Azure AWS Datacenters in the Region)

If you have long movie files, docuseries, surveillance footage, or other video data in TBs, with VIDIZMO, you can securely host your videos in datacenters of your choice. It can be either your on-premise data center or cloud storage such as Azure and AWS.

Willkommen im azurblauen Deutschland

If your organization is in Germany and wants to host its videos on cloud via Azure, the data can be hosted in the respective data center. Microsoft Azure Germany delivers a secure, private, and compliant cloud platform that is crucial to German data privacy regulations for every system and application built on its architecture. 

oder AWS Deutschland

AWS customers can now use the new EU (Frankfurt) data center along with the existing EU (Ireland) data center for fast, low-latency access to the suite of AWS infrastructure services for video hosting. You can now build multi-region applications with the assurance that your content will stay within the EU. You also have an option to host your videos on the AWS German data center.

How VIDIZMO Helps in fulfilling GDPR Compliance?

Without the right security actions, personal data in your video (such as names, numbers, or people appearing) can be at the risk of being breached. VIDIZMO helps in fulfilling all the GDPR compliance laws. You can host your video in Azure or AWS compliant data centers that offer a range of features fully equipped with the required resources and tools to fulfill GDPR compliance.

Not letting unauthorized people get access is another factor to be considered in GDPR compliance. To facilitate this, VIDIZMO allows you to define role-based access and set permissions to your videos, whether hosted on the cloud or on-premise. It also offers a redaction tool to blur faces and objects for GDPR compliance.

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Breaching GDPR compliance can cost you a penalty of €20 million, VIDIZMO can help you reduce this risk.

Breaking it down

A screenshot of Enterprise Video Platform

To sum up, Germany, a populous country, has a large market for businesses that use videos. For fulfilling all the requirements, it is highly essential to opt for an enterprise video platform in Germany. Since VIDIZMO has a multilingual nature, fulfills GDPR requirements, leverages AI and prides itself in security for multiple end-to-end use cases, it is the one to opt for.

Learn more about our offerings, and feel free to contact us.

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