Video Redaction for GDPR: What Is Required?

Read more on the GDPR redaction requirements for your videos and recorded meetings in the EU. Also, learn how VIDIZMO AI redaction helps ease your burden.

Curious why GDPR requires redaction of certain faces, objects or words within your videos? Don’t know what to redact and what not to? Confused about how to get this done accurately in a cost-efficient manner while saving time? Worry not! This blog clarifies all this and proposes the ultimate solution for this arduous task.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is viewed as a daunting uphill battle that most organizations find hard to conquer. At its core, GDPR enforces policies to ensure that EU citizens’ privacy is protected and their personally identifiable information is not exposed unnecessarily or misused.

GDPR Penalty Infographic - Redaction Importance

Source: DLA Piper GDPR Data Breach Survey 2020

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Looking Into Some GDPR Requirements

Here are the GDPR articles that require the usage of redaction in order to comply with them:

GDPR Article 9

GDPR’s Article 9 prohibits the processing of personal data without explicit consent of the data subject, unless there are special circumstances. A type of personal data is biometric data. As defined by GDPR, biometric data is the processing of any data related to the “physical, physiological or behavioral characteristics of a natural person”. This could lead to the identification of that person. Facial images are just one of the examples given there.

GDPR Article 15

Data subjects are given the right to obtain from your organization (the data controller) the personal data pertaining to them and the related information linked to its usage, as detailed in GDPR Article 15. This may also include any video footage they may be a part of or an audio recording.

GDPR Article 17

GDPR Article 17 provides data subjects the “right to erasure” or “right to be forgotten”. Hence, data subjects can request your organization (the data controller) to erase their personal data. You must have it erased or redacted from your videos, audios, and other documents as soon as you do not have any legal reasons to retain it any longer.

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Here’s How Video Redaction Assists in Fulfillment of These GDPR Requirements

Videos are a rich media asset that contains a tonne of audio-visual data. Increasingly, videos are preferred for communication, be it internal or external. Moreover, internal meetings can also be recorded for knowledge sharing and future review purposes. All such videos can contain various types of sensitive data or personally identifiable information (PII). Hence, when processing and sharing such videos and audios, data subjects’ consent is obtained in most cases as required by Article 9.

As stated in Article 15, data subjects may request to view the video or audio they appear in. However, most videos and audios contain more than one data subject. All other data subjects must be redacted in order to protect their PII and comply with GDPR. This can be a very tedious and time-taking task if done manually without an automatic facial recognition solution.

Even more troublesome is if the data subject exercises their “right to be forgotten”. If you do not redact them out of the file, you would have to erase the whole video or audio file that might contain some critical information linked to your organization. Hence, the best-case scenario would be to redact the data subject from the video or audio to meet the GDPR requirements rather than purging it completely.

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Question of the Hour: How To Efficiently Redact All Your Videos & Audios?


VIDIZMO | Accurate and Cost-Effective Audio & Video Redaction

VIDIZMO provides you an end-to-end enterprise video content management system for secure streaming and management of live and on-demand videos. Benefit from AI-powered facial recognition feature alongside video and audio redaction capabilities. The software can automatically recognize different faces in your videos, and you can then choose to redact a person. This accelerated redaction is much faster than manually redacting a person from each frame.

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VIDIZMO Redaction for GDPR

You can also mute or beep certain words as well as redact them out of the automatically-generated transcription and its translation. Even more impressive is the ability to custom select an object to redact. You can also blur out or redact on-screen text like a license plate through the AI-powered OCR (optical character recognition) capability.

The best part is that VIDIZMO isn’t just an expensive standalone redaction solution. VIDIZMO allows you to centrally stream and manage all your video and audio files alongside other digital content. You can create separate video portals for internal and external audiences and secure these video portals using capabilities like SSO integration, end-to-end encryption, DRM support and much more. Above all, the solution allows you to meet the GDPR compliance entirely with redaction, custom security policy, audit logs, custom terms and conditions, anonymous user policy, and custom retention period.

Flexibly deploy the solution on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two. You could also have it as a ready-to-deploy SaaS application. These are just a few of the capabilities amongst many in VIDIZMO.


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Here is a list of all the capabilities of VIDIZMO that help you comply with GDPR:

Redaction Compliance GDPR Infographic

Read more on requirements for other compliances and more in our detailed guide on redaction.

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. We recommend you perform further due diligence by doing your own research and going over the official GDPR articles.

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