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Fashion Retail Sales Training Through Means of Video

Learn more on how you can create your organization's own YouTube-like platform to deliver fashion retail sales training to staff members.
by Shahan Zafar Updated on March 1, 2022

Fashion retailers are generally spread across multiple geographies, with multiple stores and thousands of employees serving customers every day. To offer high quality and consistent service across stores, it’s important to train your retail staff in the fashion sector.

Did You Know: About 1.8 Million People Are Employed in the Fashion Industry in USA Alone, Out of Which 79% Work at Retail.

As staff number increases in size, regular in-person training sessions no longer remain feasible. Think about it, it’s just not efficient to train every new person the same thing again and again.

At the same time, dropping training altogether is not an option. Training is important and better-informed staff members mean greater sales and more satisfied customers.

In today’s day and age, the answer lies in recording training sessions from a tool like Clipchamp or Wistia, and delivering them through means of video. This way you can scale and deliver training to 100s and even 1000s of fashion retail staff members.

The next question – how do you deliver such training at scale? The answer lies in creating your fashion store’s own personal YouTube. A corporate YouTube where trainers can record and upload videos, and share their expertise with new employees.

VIDIZMO – Create a YouTube-like Platform for Fashion Retail Sales Training


VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a video training platform that your organization can use to create a YouTube-like portal for fashion retail sales training.

The process is as simple as YouTube. Trainers can upload videos and categorize them under courses, playlists etc. Staff members can then log in to the platform and watch videos assigned to them, readily playable through the browser on any device or bandwidth.

You can benefit from the following features:

  • Private secure video hosting, where users outside your organization can’t access your videos.
  • Add quizzes, handouts, surveys, annotations and other files inside a video.
  • Users can comment under videos, mark videos as favorite.
  • All videos can be transcribed using AI into around 50 supported languages.
  • The platform can be used in over 40 supported languages.
  • You can define for every video as to who can view them and who can’t.
  • You can share videos online through multiple links, limited views sharing and more.
  • Meetings recorded from Zoom or MS Teams can be automatically ingested into your YouTube-like library.
  • VIDIZMO is highly scalable. If you have a large organization, you can even create multiple YouTube-like portals under one account, each portal for every separate department. This helps in segregating content between departments.
  • You can use the platform for both live streaming or for uploading videos and streaming them on-demand.
  • You can embed videos on any external site or in your LMS.
  • You can brand the entire portal to match your corporate identity.
  • You can get detailed video usage reports, which helps in measuring the ROI of your training.
  • For your IT team, VIDIZMO offers options for both cloud video streaming (on Azure or AWS) on on-premise video streaming.

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You can create your own YouTube-like platform today by signing up for VIDIZMO’s free trial.


See a Live Demo of  What You Can Create Using VIDIZMO

Clothes Hanging at Fashion Retail

The beauty of this platform is that it does just not restrict you to stream videos for retail staff training. You can use it for all video use cases in fashion. Whether it's for sharing footage of photoshoots or securely sending videos of premium collections to select clients. Sharing large video files or archiving old footage, you can do it all. You can choose to keep certain videos anonymous if need be, so the platform doesn’t just restrict you to internal private sharing.

Louis Vuitton Uses VIDIZMO to Share Its Fashion Collection With Select Premium Buyers – Read More On This Story

Learn More About VIDIZMO for Fashion


Benefits of Conducting Fashion Retail Sales Training Through Means of Video

Benefits of Video Training of Fashion Retail Staff

Why should you consider creating a YouTube-like platform for retail staff training in fashion? Here are a few reasons why.

Better Informed Staff Members

Your retail staff members can be better informed with regards to the various fashion apparel that are on display. This way they’ll be able to better respond to customer queries.

91% of Baby Boomers and 79% of Gen Z Agree That Knowledgeable Store Employees Make a Trip to The Store More Desirable

Save Time

You don’t have to conduct the same training again and again for new staff members. Just pre-record trainings, upload them on your YouTube-like platform and all new recruits can easily view them.

Bonus tip: Why not reuse your Zoom or MS Teams' meetings as training to save time required in creating them.

Distance is No Longer a Problem

One store in Beijing, the other in New York? No worries as you can deliver training remotely to any store. VIDIZMO even has an option to host videos in China as well. Moreover, transcribing videos in multiple languages helps eliminate communication barriers.

It’s Better Than Text-Based Training

Video is more engaging and staff members are more likely to watch them as compared to reading lengthy documents.

According to Research - Video Training Leads to Greater Retention and Motivation As Compared to Text

Staff Members Can Watch Videos at Their Own Pace

The benefit of an on-demand library is that staff members can watch videos at their own pace. If they need to revisit information, they can do that easily as well.

Measure The Effectiveness of Your Training

Video platforms like VIDIZMO also offer video analytics, where you get data regarding number of hours of training videos watched. You can export this data and compare it with sales, store by store. The whole process helps you measure training effectiveness to assess whether your programs are effective or if you need to improve them.



Delivering video training online is something your organization can try out to improve the efficiency of your learning and development programs. it's a technology that your retail organization should further explore into. 

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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

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Posted by Shahan Zafar

Shahan is the Product Marketing Manager at VIDIZMO - An expert in video streaming, sharing and management platforms. Shahan is actively involved in researching and consolidating information regarding innovative features, customer challenges and emerging trends in this domain. You can email at websales@vidizmo.com for any queries.

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