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Why Do I Need a SCORM Compliant Software?

By Ziad Amir
Why Do I Need a SCORM Compliant Software?

In an increasingly remote world, technology is bridging several gaps. Just one of those gaps is in corporate training. Considering that a growing number of enterprises are adopting virtual training and learning methods, there’s a renewed space in enterprises for SCORM content and SCORM compliant software. Those who are already familiar with virtual training and have virtual learning and development (L&D) practices in their organizations are probably acquainted with SCORM. But for those of you in the back scratching your heads and asking yourselves ‘what is SCORM?’ let’s quickly go through it before we move on.

What is SCORM?

SCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model. That may say enough for the tech savvy of you who are familiar with the concept of reference models. But let’s break it down anyway. Think of it as a container that you put your training and learning content into, allowing different learning management systems (LMS), and other SCORM compliant software, to recognize the container instead of the content within. This means that you don’t need to create learning content in a proprietary format that only your particular LMS understands, and you can easily change your LMS and have your SCORM content still be relevant and useable. SCORM courses is widely regarded in corporate L&D as the standard of eLearning, particularly because of their interactivity and completeness.

A single SCORM course provides knowledge, quizzes the learners on that content, offers gamification, and generates completion certificates. Plus, it generates reports on a learner’s progress, completion status, the time they took to complete the course, their score and whether they passed or failed. This completeness packaged into one SCORM file is what earns SCORM its popularity in the L&D space.

eLearning With VIDIZMO

So now you know what SCORM is and how it works, but how can you make SCORM content even more comprehensive and inclusive? Video training is making headway in the corporate L&D, catalyzed by the pandemic and remote working practices. If there’s anything missing in SCORM courses, it’s videos. But that’s not the entire problem. Most poplar LMSs are not designed to host videos either. They can’t accommodate giant video files that can be anywhere from 500 MB to several GB – way beyond the maximum file size allowed by an average SCORM compliant LMS software. This means that, while you can have a comprehensive training course in SCORM content, you can’t feasibly incorporate videos in that course.

Enter VIDIZMO, a SCORM compliant software that enables you to incorporate all your corporate L&D material in one consolidated training and learning solution, including videos. VIDIZMO is an enterprise video content management platform designed to solve video-related challenges for enterprises. The solution makes it easy to include videos in training programs and share them with the relevant users in a secure manner, which effectively gives it an edge over your LMS.

Although SCORM courses already have quizzes in them, you can still add quizzes and handouts to training videos. VIDIZMO generates detailed analytics on the videos and quizzes to give you a complete overview of learners’ progress and performance. 

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is one of the few solutions in the market that allows complete training courses to comprise of videos and SCORM content. The emphasis there is on ‘complete.’ EnterpriseTube also integrates with your existing LMS to give you a completely interoperable solution.

Learn more about VIDIZMO corporate training & learning offerings and capabilities.

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