Effective Hospitality Training Through Video

Continuous training is required by the hospitality industry due to the high turnover rate. Reusable video training assets are a cost-effective solution.

The hospitality industry employs a diverse workforce spanning from baristas, restaurant servers and cashiers to check-in clerks and managers – all working together to serve the hotel customers. These employees constantly require training for onboarding, reskilling, and upskilling. Face-to-face hospitality training used to be the only option in the past. However, with the rise of video, it is no longer cost-effective or productive to conduct such redundant, inconsistent trainings that can’t be tracked appropriately.

The hospitality industry was, unfortunately, hit hard at the start of the pandemic. In March 2020, there was an 11.6% decline in the revenue per room for hotels in the USA. The industry relies heavily on tourists and business travelers. With the travel restrictions in place, most staff were sent on indefinite leave with no end in sight.

Hospitality Industry - COVID-19 Crisis

Now that things are slowly normalizing with people getting vaccinated and borders reopening, the hospitality industry is also slowly recovering. Under these circumstances, remote hospitality trainings are indeed the need of the hour to safely train new staff and retrain old staff with updated SOPs.

But why even train employees? Let’s explore that and then learn about an intelligent video training platform, VIDIZMO – a perfect fit for all your hospitality training needs.


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Why is Training Important in Hospitality?

Everyone in a hotel, from the managers to the servers to the valet, is in contact with the customers. Their service quality and behavior are a direct reflection of the hotel’s culture.

Hospitality Training

Here is how training helps ensure service quality:

Improved Performance = Happy Customers

Customers are savvy enough to sense when an employee is well-trained. Trained staff is able to handle uncertain situations better and is empathetic to customer concerns. This is why training hospitality staff is so important. These employees see a drastic improvement in their performance which automatically results in higher customer satisfaction and ultimately develops greater customer loyalty. This even impacts revenue – a study showed that trained staff increased revenues by about 5% for a large hotel chain.

Higher Employee Satisfaction = Lower Turnover Rate

The turnover rate in the hospitality industry is unbelievably high, currently standing at 73.8% in the USA. It is critical to keep your employees engaged and happy. Like employees of any other industry, hospitality staff prefer employers that provide appropriate training for growth and improved skillset. It makes them feel valued, and that is precisely what you want.

Safety for All

Various health and safety trainings are required, like food safety and hygiene training, fire awareness training, essential health and safety training. Many of these are compulsory by law and are absolutely necessary to create a safe working environment and ensure safe service delivery to the customers.


VIDIZMO | Intelligent Video Training Platform

Why Use Video For Hospitality Training Infographic

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a Gartner-Recognized video training platform that allows you to create a secure YouTube-like video portal (or have multiple autonomous portals for different regions or departments).

Highlighted Capabilities

Mobile-Friendly Live Training

Conduct recorded live hospitality training sessions for a private audience or available to the entire public. Enable interactive learning through live chat, QnA, polls and quizzes. Track viewership and quiz results to ensure understanding and viewer interest.

The interactive live streams will be available for playback as on-demand videos – trim them to remove any awkward pauses and edit the automatic thumbnail to your liking.

Flexible Self-Paced Hospitality Trainings

Have a branded video library to centrally manage all your training video content. Upload on-demand training videos and arrange them in course playlists for structured self-paced learning.

Organize these videos in different categories, automatically tag them, and add custom identifiers for better searchability. Feature the key videos and courses on the portal home page.

The smart search even allows you to search inside video for particular spoken words, on-screen text, faces, objects, and much more.

In-Video Interactivity

Bland videos will bore your staff – even the most digital ones. These video assets are reusable. Try to create a video that engages a vast audience. Plus, add in-video interactive learning elements like quizzes to test comprehension, handouts for additional information, and surveys to garner feedback. Analyze their results to update your videos or improve future courses.

Global Content Delivery

Your videos will be easily viewable worldwide in remote areas and metropolitan cities alike. How? VIDIZMO provides CDN support and uses modern video streaming protocols like HLS and MPEG-DASH to ensure global content delivery anywhere, anytime. Moreover, automatic video transcoding and adaptive bitrate streaming optimize your videos for playback on all devices and browsers in varying bandwidth conditions.

Accessible to A Diverse Audience

Your videos can be automatically transcribed in 12+ languages and translated into 40+ languages. VIDIZMO as a whole is also a multi-lingual platform. Be sure to benefit from this functionality to make your videos accessible to your global hospitality staff.

Analytics for Quantified Learning

Improve your courses by making data-driven decisions backs by the detailed video analytics that VIDIZMO provides for all videos. You can even calculate the ROI of the trainings being conducted online. Overall, your courses will be consistently tracked in real-time.

Integrate with Your Learning Systems

VIDIZMO Video Integrations - Hospitality Training Infographic

Businesses don’t operate in silos. You might be using a variety of IT systems to manage your digital learning assets. VIDIZMO provides out-of-the-box and custom integrations with most such IT systems, including:

  • LMS: Bring video right into your LMS – make it optimized for video-based learning. Embed hospitality training content from VIDIZMO on your LMS with all your interactive elements and other capabilities mentioned above.
  • Content Management Systems: You can even optimize your content management systems like SharePoint with optimized viewing, in-video search, organized library, closed captions, analytics, interactivity and what not.
  • Video Conferencing: Integrate with tools like Zoom and MS Teams to manage all your recorded training securely. They will be managed like any other on-demand training video.

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Securely Limit Access or Externally Share

Restrict access based on who the training is created for – the whole organization? Specific groups? Particular users? The general public? Or simply benefit from temporary video sharing with limited views by sending out an authorized email invite to external viewers.

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