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How to Redact a Video Efficiently?

This article will discuss how to redact a video, the drawbacks of manual redaction and current approaches of automatic redaction.
by Sidra Jabeen Updated on February 7, 2022

Video recording is a frequent practice nowadays but when it comes to law enforcement agencies, especially Police, recording videos through body-worn cameras, dashcams, CCTV, mobile phones has raised privacy protection concerns.  

To address these concerns, video redaction can be done to obscure any personally identifiable information of victims, criminals, innocent bystanders, undercover police officers, etc. visible in videos.  

A few years back, redaction was simply obscuring a portion of printed text documents. Hiding personal information manually from documents or images with a black box was the traditionally used method.  

Unlike document or image redaction, a massive amount of video data has been collected. Redaction is done to conceal sensitive information within multiple video frames, which is a challenging task. 

In this article, we will discuss how you can redact a video in different ways. 

Traditional Methods of Redaction: 

Manual redaction of an image: 

In the past, as there was less digital data available, documents and images were redacted manually. 

This means concealing sensitive personal data manually with a black redaction box. It involves choosing an image to redact, searching for the objects you want to redact in an image, setting redaction configurations e.g., size, shape color, and opacity of redaction box. Drag to draw a redaction box on the objects u have selected then redact it. 

Too much effort, honestly! 

How is Manual Redaction Done on Videos?  

To redact a video, you would need to: 

  • Firstly, record a video.
  • Then upload it to a database. 
  • Identify objects to be redacted entirely or a portion of it. 
  • Redact through blanking out or blurring options or drawing boxes or shapes over people and objects by hand. 
  • Scan the videos frame by frame and draw boxes over the targeted objects. 

Manual redaction of videos in this way is not efficient or accurate in certain circumstances as it has some drawbacks. 

  • Mostly, each copy of the video utilizes extra storage resources.  
  • At times when u need to remove a major part of the video like revealing only one person, u cannot do it manually on time. 
  • Chances of human error and inaccuracy. 
  • Time-consuming and expensive. 
  • If a person is running, it is difficult to redact his different face angles within all video frames manually.  

As video redaction must be accurate, complete, and legalized, there must be well-defined tools for video redaction rather than redacting them manually.  

For legal purposes, Law enforcement agencies need an efficient redaction tool that can redact confidential information in evidence videos quickly and with accuracy. So that they can focus more on investigation rather than wasting time on laborious things. 

So, what is the solution? 

Automatic Redaction: Current Approaches to Video Redaction 

The automatic redaction has two paramount features. 

  • Object Detection feature 
  • Object Tracking feature 

These features have upgraded the entire process of manual redaction. The redaction system automatically follows objects frame by frame using artificial intelligence, reducing human effort, saving time and money. 

To give an idea, we will take our tool as an example and explain how we do it. 

How to Redact a Video Using VIDIZMO Redaction Tool? Step by Step Approach: 

With VIDIZMO, you can redact videos in no time quickly and efficiently by following convenient steps.  

  • Go to your portal and select a video that you want to redact, then select the redaction option on the studio space. 
  • Then start scanning the desired video segment by choosing scanning types.  
  • The system will detect your scan automatically and a detection box will appear. 
  • Select the checkbox options and yes redaction of the detected object is done. 



Redact videos with VIDIZMO's Redaction tool in the Right Way: 


VIDIZMO presents an easy-to-use video redaction software that has remarkable discriminating redaction features. Key features include: 

  • Automatically detecting and tracking objects, face, body identifying personal sensitive information with artificial intelligence. 
  • It rapidly redacts personal sensitive data visible in videos e.g., names, ID card numbers, vehicle plates, etc. 
  • It enables organizations to simultaneously redact multiple video files conveniently. 
  • Automatic redaction with manual redaction capability for more accurate results. 
  • Along with video redaction features, the VIDIZMO Standalone Redaction tool can mute specific audio segments containing information that identifies an individual. 

Are you interested in learning more about all redaction features offered by VIDIZMO?  

Learn more about VIDIZMO's video redaction software 

Do you want to purchase our product? 

Here are 3 different ways... 

Standalone Redaction Tool: 

You can opt for our standalone redaction tool that allows you to upload videos, store and redact them rapidly. 

Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS): 

You can opt for our IDC recognized Digital Evidence Management System for storing vast amounts of digital evidence, managing, and sharing them securely with the chain of custody, transcription, and translation options. Learn More About Our Digital Evidence Management System 

Digital Content Management System: 

Or you can opt for our Enterprise Tube. VIDIZMO Digital Content Management system is a YouTube-like video platform for many organizations. Uploading videos, live streaming with accessibility options. Learn More About Enterprise Tube 


This blog article only covers one part of the topic. For more information, do check our complete guide on redaction

Posted by Sidra Jabeen

Sidra is a Technology Content Strategist at VIDIZMO. Sidra is actively involved in Research. An expert in Digital Evidence Management System Technologies. For Queries, you can email at sidra.jabeen@vidizmo.com

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