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Motorola Solutions vs VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System

VIDIZMO is one of the top Motorola Solutions Competitors being vendor agnostic and leading in digital evidence management for Mission Critical Environement

When we talk about leaders in digital evidence management, one of the names that pop up is Motorola Solutions with others like IBM, NICE and VIDIZMO. But are they really the best in every aspect? For answers, you will have to read the rest of the blog, discussing everything that makes VIDIZMO and Motorola Solutions good competitors.

VIDIZMO offers a Digital Evidence Management System which provides a secure platform that is made specifically for management with competitive features like Redaction and A.I. This helps make it a better vendor-agnostic option in terms of tailoring a better solution for your agency's needs.

Motorola Solutions offers diverse options under its complete software suite called Command Central. Only Command Central Evidence and Command Central Vault are in digital evidence management. Other features, when added up, make up a complete solution for law enforcement agencies, especially the police, from arriving at the place of incident to completing the investigation or taking it to the jury till the final verdict.

But we are comparing and discussing the digital evidence management aspect of both, so let's dig into what they have to offer.

The integrity of Uploaded Evidence:

A vector representing evidence security

  • While the chain of custody is important, tamper detection is a completely different feature that provides security for the integrity of the evidence.
  • VIDIZMO provides an in-depth feature, an SHA cryptographic hash function for detecting any type of abnormality with the evidence uploaded on VIDIZMO DEMS.

Chain of Custody:


  • VIDIZMO offers a chain of custody with a detailed audit trail of any activity on the digital evidence.
    • It involves information like re-assigning evidence to an officer or transferring access to someone with limited viewing rights.
    • An audit log report is prepared for everyone accessing the system and can easily be downloaded. We want to brag that we even log the I.P. from where the evidence has been accessed. This chain of custody will help track the activities related to all case evidence and take suitable action if needed.
    • Users can also flag evidence, and the system will send all updates of related activities on that specific piece of evidence to all selected authorized individuals. 
  • Motorola Solutions features its chain of custody as the main selling point.
    • Chain of custody can be verified at any time with a click of a button and can be reviewed by downloading it.
    • Allows you to make several copies for any purpose, e.g., redact and make public and keeps the integrity of the original intact.

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Tamper Detection:

  • Digital Evidence Management is incomplete without a tamper detection system. VIDIZMO provides highly effective security for evidence with its standard SHA cryptographic hash function that detects any kind of interference with the uploaded evidence in DEMS.
  • Motorola Solutions doesn't promote a tamper detection function but calls its chain of custody an effective way to manage the integrity of evidence.

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Usually, before making the evidence available for the public or using it in any mass media domain, redaction is a necessary tool for censorship or keeping identifications private.

VIDIZMO and Motorola both offer redaction features. We reviewed Motorola Solutions' website for any material on redaction. We found that both management systems provide the same thing and cannot be compared upon as both offer a powerful tool for redaction using Artificial Intelligence.

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Annotations and Video Playback:


  • VIDIZMO allows you to highlight important segments in video evidence through its powerful annotation tool, which can even highlight in between videos with timestamped notations in the description to help jump to the necessary parts and save time.
  • Motorola Solutions also provides options to annotate but only in timestamps to make the file easily searchable.

A particularly important feature that is not focused in the user interface domain is video playback. To be honest, everybody wants a YouTube-like experience while watching a video and it's important whatever software we use should have a great UI in terms of video playback. Motorola Solutions only provides a simple player which doesn’t even have mandatory keyboard shortcuts.

VIDIZMO, being a leading EVCM (Enterprise Video Content Management) provider, knows how to cater to this type of need. Our player has all the tools you need to have a closer look at the evidence with special keyboard shortcuts, especially the frame-by-frame analysis and other features as well.

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Geo-spatial Mapping:

VIDIZMO - Geospatial Mapping of Drone Live Stream Movements

  • VIDIZMO offers evidence ingestion not only from feet on the ground but also up in the skies using UAVs, aka drones, to monitor the area of incident or a police chase.
    • VIDIZMO ingests KLV data and extracts information for temperature humidity, differential pressure etc., for forensic analysis.
    • The map shows the camera's line of sight from its flight location. The same feature can be used with body-worn camera video, which can be useful in cases such as to see the line of fire of the officer etc.
  • Motorola Solutions provide a mapping feature that is not entirely geospatial mapping but a GPS stamp for videos to jump on the segments of video based on the coordinates.

Mission Critical Environments and Vendor-agnosticism:


Performance of Digital Evidence Management is a mandatory need in mission-critical environments like 911, wherefrom the initial call to the first responder's body cam video, everything is evidence.

  • VIDIZMO is purely vendor-agnostic and offers digital evidence management that integrates with any RMS, CMS, or CAD. It is designed to support third-party software on the client's end. Therefore, it has a better solution.
  • On the other hand, Motorola Solutions provides "360 incident" (Command Central with all the supporting features such as call handling, CAD, Aware, Responder, Records Investigate, Jail Evidence, etc.) This proves that it will only provide 100% when used altogether and will be less efficient with third-party involvements.
We want to establish that before buying a DEMS you should keep third-party integration a priority for any mission-critical environment.

Ease of Access:

VIDIZMO supports integration with different SSOs and identity providers like identity access management systems, active directory, etc. VIDIZMO also offers web-based authentication with username and password. For Motorola Solutions, well, we couldn't find any info on SSO logins through the available website or brochure info.

Decided yet? Make a better decision:

Well, let us give you the expertise to select the best one. You need to investigate the following before making a well-informed decision about the solution offered. Is it Vendor agnostic? If yes, what are the limits? Does it offer important needed features such as Redaction and Chain of Custody etc.? Ease of access? Needless to say, it's the most important thing for the staff to work effectively.

Still confused? Try out a free trial, and after 7 days, you'll be able to make a great decision. Click below to start today.

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