Why Should You Have Online Videos Password Protected?

Learn why you should password protect your videos and how VIDIZMO allows you to do this, while providing additional security using the latest technology.

Security breaches are now common in the fast-paced technology era. Be it online or offline. According to Forbes, data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records in the first six months of 2019. Only 5% of the company’s folder are found to be protected. Imagine the otherwise video content, documents and other sensitive files at risk. What more interesting thing is that 58% of companies have found 1000 folders with inconsistent permissions.

Moreover, every 39 seconds a cyberattack take place. For protection against such data breaches the most common forms of security is using a password to protect your videos. Your video files may contain sensitive information when breached may end up damaging your organization

In this blog, we’ll learn the benefits of password protection, when and why have online video password protected and how an enterprise video management system, VIDIZMO, can help.

Benefits of Password Protection

  • Protect from unauthorized access
  • Keep your data confidential
  • Restrict sharing so only intended people can access
  • Harder to guess if the password is strong
  • Can be disabled if a wrong password is entered multiple times

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When to Password Protect Your Online Videos?

Having to store and stream videos securely is vital, however password protection is much more useful in various use cases. It is highly used when there is a privacy concern. Video content that is designed for internal uses or is only to be accessed by authorized users should be password protected.

In fact, you should always use password protection for video, which if breached could lead to financial loss, damage to reputation, breach of compliance or weaken you competitive advantage.

Here are some use cases for password-protected video:

  • Internal training videos
  • Sales pitches and presentations for marketing and sales
  • Lectures and e-learning courses for training and learning
  • Recorded meetings of a company
  • Paid virtual events or invite-only
  • Live recordings of paid concerts, webinars, and other online events
  • Personal video content

For many of these use cases, presenters require viewers to sign up with their email addresses and get authorized to access a video.

In some cases, password protection alone would be enough.

How about a secure YouTube-like platform that offers password protection, is optimized for playback and is secure?

VIDIZMO – To Keep Your Online Videos Secure

VIDIZMO, a corporate YouTube-like platform makes your videos private and enables you to securely share them online.


The US State Department Trusts VIDIZMO For Its Security – View More Customer Case Studies

VIDIZMO sticks to the industry’s highest standards for platform security and privacy to keep your video and rich media protected.

  • You can bulk upload your videos and share them via links that are password-protected. In this platform you can generate multiple links and send different one every time to different people.
  • Video sharing is done through tokenized URLs meaning you can expire the shared link as you wish.
  • VIDIZMO offers an internal online content library for authorized users to view videos. You can add viewers to this library and share videos with them.
  • VIDIZMO allows your users to be able to temporarily view videos and for that you need to specify email addresses to log in.
  • You can limit the number of views, and the time duration for which videos are available.
  • Another option is to restrict downloading or embedding for a video at the users’ end, Moreover, these videos are shared in end-to-end encrypted formats with optional DRM support.
  • Leverage from high-end security and compliances provided by Azure and AWS, which include robust on-rest data encryption.
  • SSL-based streaming, at-rest and in-transit encryption.
  • SSO-enabled users can easily login and access the videos. At the same time, admins can centrally manage user identities.

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But that’s not only it. There is more to it than just security

  • You can segregate your video content and categorize it in playlists and collections.
  • Rich embedding options for authenticated or SSO authenticated users.
  • AI-generated transcription and translations in multiple languages.
  • You can add timed annotations, comments and users can navigate frame-by-frame and much more.
  • Secure live streaming to a private audience.

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