How To Use Online Video Platforms To Increase Customer Conversion?

Videos are a strong medium to reach customers and online video platforms can help businesses increase their customer conversion rates.

Videos have changed the way people consume content. Instead of reading content online, visual content is becoming increasingly popular. As Siteefy notes, one-third of online activities involve watching videos.

The simple reason for this is that video content is easier to retain and recall. Visuals are processed by the brain at incredible speeds, often faster than the blink of an eye. Literally.

This shift towards visual content consumption creates a powerful opportunity for businesses. Videos hosted on online video platforms can be used by businesses as a valuable tool for communication, attracting new customers, and promoting themselves.

Organizations frequently use videos for employee onboarding and training, brand building, remote communication, promoting company culture, and more.

But the potential of video doesn't stop there. You can also tap into the power of video for marketing purposes.

How? In this blog, we will explore exactly that as we discuss video content strategies specifically designed to increase customer conversion rates and delve into how enterprise video platforms can be used to deliver this functionality. Learn More About VIDIZMO Video Portal

What are Online Video Platforms?

In the simplest sense, online video platforms allow users to securely host, organize, and manage a collection of videos online that can be later streamed a large audience. These platforms offer a range of features, including video hosting, streaming, content management, analytics, and integration with various applications and systems, such as video conferencing apps, content management systems, SSO apps and many more.

Types Of Videos That Can Be Used to Increase Customer Conversion

Video content is a powerful tool these days for reaching customers. About 66% of users choose to watch a video about a product or service to learn about it. However, not all types of videos increase customer conversion.

Some types of videos are better suited to contribute more to increasing customer conversions than others. Let’s discuss the kinds of videos that can be used to increase customer conversion.

How-To Videos

How-to videos, also called tutorials or troubleshooting videos, typically walk viewers through a specific product or service and its related functionalities.

Imagine a software company demonstrating how to use a specific feature or a fitness brand guiding viewers through a workout routine using their equipment.

This form of video content is extremely easy to follow along and digest. It empowers potential customers by giving them a taste of the value your product provides and building confidence in its ease of use.

Don't underestimate the power of showcasing specific features. A well-crafted how-to video highlighting a unique capability might be exactly what someone searching for that functionality needs to see. It may as well be just the push they needed to be converted into a customer.


Webinars are an effective way to convert passive audiences into customers. GoToWebinar reveals that an average webinar attendee spends 61 minutes watching a video. You can use these high retention rates to expose potential customers to a lot about your company and its offerings.

Webinars create a space for open communication. By addressing attendee concerns directly, you can alleviate any hesitations and pave the way for a confident purchase decision.

Let us assume that your attendees are mildly interested in your offerings and convinced to buy your product before attending the webinar.

After getting a deeper view of your solution’s benefits, interacting with your company’s representatives, and satisfying their concerns during the Q&A, they will be a bit more convinced.

Through webinars, you have the potential to convert leads into hot leads—people who have the budget, authority, and need for your product and are ready to offer their contact information in exchange for it.

Later, you can offer these hot leads a free trial or consultation session to give them a taste of your solution. This increases the chances of prospects buying your solution.

A picture showing an example of live webinars on online video platforms.

Video Testimonials

Testimonials are a powerful form of social proof. They prove that you’re trustworthy, as they include genuine comments from customers with names and faces.

Video testimonials hold even greater power, as viewers can see and hear the genuine enthusiasm of satisfied customers. They can document the before-and-after transformation, the full customer journey, or a single moment in time.

Social proof is a surefire way to build rapport with your leads. It’s especially useful when you’re trying to establish that you’re the best for a certain skill set, like claiming to have the best campaign copies businesses can use.

According to Statista, 42% of consumers trust online reviews and view them as personal recommendations. 44% of those shared that they do research online before planning a major purchase.

When potential customers see others benefiting from your product, they’re far more likely to be convinced that it can deliver the same value for them. This ultimately translates to increased conversions and a thriving customer base.

Demo Videos

Demo videos (short for demonstrations) are a great way to show the capabilities of your product or service in action, whether in a real-life scenario or a conceptual one.

These videos provide knowledge about a product, service process, or something that generally helps answer a question.

Demo videos are important as they increase customer engagement, promote brand awareness, prove brand reliability, and educate customers on their needs.

A good product demo helps the customers understand the nitty-gritty of their problems. This depends on your justification of how effectively your solution is solving the customer’s problem.

It shows that you understood the customer's pain points effectively and were able to solve the problem in the most effective way possible. This gives you an edge over your competitors and reinforces your authority in your field.

How Online Video Platforms Help Organizations in Boosting Customer Conversion Rates

Online video platforms play a crucial role in effectively managing and distributing video content. These platforms often come packed with features that help utilize the full potential of videos. Let’s explore how a video platform can help boost customer conversions.

Embed Videos to Website and Landing Pages

Landing pages act as initial touchpoints for your customers. Getting them to this point is half the battle. The rest is giving them something compelling to go off of and convert.

However, the last thing that will engage or convert an audience on your landing page is if it is greeted with a wall of text. In this regard, including a video on the landing page makes it a much more captivating option.

Landing pages with videos tend to have significantly lower bounce rates. This is because engaging video content keeps visitors hooked, giving them a compelling reason to stay and explore further.

The greater benefit of embedding videos is that they will have a wide reach and attract traffic from external sources. Enterprise video platforms also allow users to embed videos on external websites. This brings more website traffic to the user’s main website to explore more information, eventually increasing the chances of customer conversion.

If needed, video streaming platforms can also ensure regional restrictions on the video content to target specific prospects.

Insert Forms in Videos to Capture Lead

Organizations often create evergreen content for their audience that provides value to customers and, in return, brings traction over to them. In return, they may ask for information that they can use.

It’s the same for video content. Engaging, evergreen video content is a powerful tool for attracting customers. But how do you turn those captivated viewers into valuable leads? This is where enterprise video platforms and in-video forms come into play.

With the help of an enterprise video platform, forms can be embedded in that video content to capture interested leads, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Inserting forms into existing high-engagement content can also effectively utilize it to capture relevant audiences trying to make their purchase decision.

For example, a travel agency creates a video describing the best travel tips for beginners. Somewhere in the video, they insert a form to capture the contact details of viewers who are interested in learning more about their services.

If you’re offering any service or product, inserting a lead capture on your videos will generate more leads to nurture.

Live Video Streaming for Product Showcases and Launch Events

Product showcases and launch events have always been a popular way for businesses to get eyes on their products and offerings. Unlike static presentations, live streams contain an interactive element that cannot be replicated in any other medium.

This enables you to create a limited-time live event to launch and showcase your product. An online video platform provides Q&A sessions, live demonstrations, and social media feeds keep viewers engaged and allow for immediate interaction. This fosters a more dynamic and memorable experience.

Exclusive live streams related to the product create FOMO (fear of missing out) among the audience, who don’t want to miss out. This creates more attraction and chances of customer conversion.

What’s more, live video streaming is very accessible for audiences located in diverse geographical locations and time zones. Enterprise video platforms increase the reach by helping to distribute information to a global audience through live videos. This increases the number of prospects, thus increasing the chances of higher customer conversion.

On-Demand Videos for Specific Products and Features

Live streams are fantastic for generating buzz, but on-demand videos offer a powerful counterpart. They provide immediate access to information, empowering customers to learn about specific product features and functionalities at their convenience.

On-demand video hosting and streaming platforms allow organizations to stream their entire library’s worth of videos to large audiences. This helps clearly communicate the desired information at the customer's pace, helping them retain product benefits, features, and usability, which translates into higher customer conversion.

For example, say you launch a new feature, functionality, or service and market it using on-demand video. That might just be the push for a customer who was previously on the fence about your solution to start considering it.

Showcase Branding through Video Storytelling

People love stories. Video storytelling gives viewers a personal perspective that helps build a connection with the audience.

Showcasing your company culture allows viewers to see the faces behind the brand, understand your values in action, and build an emotional connection with your mission.

This emotional connection fuels brand loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations, which are powerful conversion drivers.

Companies can also leverage short videos or snippets from video podcasts featuring subject matter specialists and company leadership that reflect the company's expertise, values, and vision.

Not only do enterprise video platforms allow you to stream these videos, but they also provide extensive branding functionality. This enables brands to create branded portals through custom fonts, colors, themes, logos, and more.

Placing Gated Content Behind Videos

Your video marketing efforts don’t have to stop as soon as the video ends. There are several paths you can take to lead your customers to the next course of action.

Using an online video platform, businesses can place gated content, such as a whitepaper, ebook, or research report, behind videos to obtain the viewer’s contact details in exchange for the video content.

By requiring contact information to access gated content, you create a perception of exclusivity and added value. This encourages viewers to take action and engage further.

Gated content attracts genuinely interested viewers, allowing you to generate high-quality leads. The information you collect provides valuable data about audience demographics, enabling you to tailor future marketing efforts and communications for even better results.

Use Video Analytics to Track Conversion

Enterprise video platforms don’t just serve videos to viewers, they can also track the performance of video content based on users' content consumption behavior. These analytics help in building audience demographics and personas.

These demographics and personas help decode customer preferences for targeted customer conversion. Video platforms offer metrics like total views, time played, total impressions, total completions, and more.

Through the above insights, organizations can improve and redevelop their content strategy. The updated content will likely convert more audiences into customers.

Power Up Your Conversion Strategy with EnterpriseTube

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a Gartner-recognized online video platform that offers a comprehensive solution for the video streaming needs of organizations to serve various purposes, such as video marketing.

Businesses can create a custom branded, self-serve portal and on-demand video library with live video streaming capabilities accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device or browser. Here’s just a quick summary of what you can do with EnterpriseTube:

  • Custom branding: Create a white-label portal specifically designed to represent your brand image with branding options for logos, fonts, colors, and more through custom CSS styling.
  • Interactivity: Insert in-video quizzes, surveys, annotations, forms, and handouts.
  • Extensive Analytics: Keep an eye on things with the help of engagement trends, user-level analytics, audience analytics, interactivity trends, and media performance analytics.
  • Live Video Streaming: Go live to a global, limitless audience with support for adaptive bitrate (ABR), enterprise content delivery network (eCDN), and a vast array of supported protocols.
  • Built-In Video Editing: Clip and trim your videos right within the enterprise video platform.
  • Secure Embedding: Embed your videos securely with embed codes on external sources.
  • Secure Video Share: Share videos securely through temporary tokenized URLs that expire based on time and view limits.
  • Content Accessibility: Generate automatic transcriptions, translations, and closed captions to make your content widely accessible.
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Start Converting Customers Today through Means of Video 

Videos are a powerful medium for engagement and interactivity. Captivating video content continues to reign supreme. It has the power to grab attention, ignite emotions, and ultimately drive conversions.

But all this can only occur with the effective distribution of the right kind of video content and evolving strategies through informed decision-making based on statistics for increased customer conversion.

Online video platforms like EnterpriseTube help get your outreach efforts from your businesses directly to your customer base and enrich the message with a host of functionalities.

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People Also Ask

What are online video platforms?

Online video platforms allow secure video share, video hosting, on-demand and live video streaming, and content management functionalities.

What are "how to" videos?

How-to videos are video tutorials that teach viewers about the workings of a specific skill, subject, concept, or process.

What is video on demand?

Video on demand is a pre-recorded video that anyone, anywhere, can access anytime, subject to the publisher's permission.

What does video embed?
Video embedding means displaying a video on a website or any other platform when it is hosted on a different platform.

What is gated content?

It is a form of online content that can be accessed only by filling out a form.


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