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Enterprise Video Platform for Effective Sales Training

Boost your sales training efficiency and consistency with an AI-enabled enterprise video platform.

What happens once your sales reps have wrapped up their prospect calls for the day? Where are those audio and video recordings stored? Is the media accessible for scalable training of new and existing teams? How are the calls monitored or reviewed for quality and compliance? Is it practically feasible for someone to review the numerous audios and videos to highlight best practices or flag any mistakes made as part of the sales process and provide instant feedback?

These are only some of the questions cropping up with the increasing use of video and other digital media for sales training.

Every organization today generates varying volumes of rich media, including videos, audios, presentation slides and images. As video takes center stage in delivering personalized and highly engaging sales and sales training, your sales teams are also required to become more agile than ever to constantly enhance and update sales skills in a dynamic sales training process.

With global sales teams spanning over various cities, countries or even continents, every company’s sales department now needs a consolidated enterprise video platform where global teams can store, manage, search, assign and share videos for training, collaborative learning and timely feedback.

Achieving sales training efficiency and consistency

Your sales reps are the face of your company, products and services. They are expected to deliver the most up-to-date, comprehensive details of your product, pricing, and support. The stakes are high, and with frequently evolving product features and policies, your sales teams are expected to learn faster and smarter to keep their knowledge current at all times.

For this, video is a handy tool that helps you quickly disseminate new updates and onboard sales reps to scale and standardize your sales process for greater quality and consistency. Moreover, sales call recordings are an effective way to provide training and feedback in a more targeted and optimal manner to local and remote teams located anywhere around the globe.

The key challenges facing sales training departments

Your sales teams are constantly engaged in audio and video calls. As a result, they generate numerous video and audio recordings on a daily basis. Depending on the size of your overall sales force, you could be producing massive volumes of videos and audios in a matter of weeks.

Second, sales calls can be lengthy, going anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. This coupled with the number of media produced, can cause immense challenges to store, manage, find, view, review and distribute the media.

The biggest challenge, however, lies in locating specific words, patterns, or other content within the media. For instance, it is impossible for anyone reviewing sales video calls to manually listen to entire 20-30 minute calls to identify any mistakes – and then repeat that for 10s or even 100s of calls daily.

Additionally, with sales teams normally dispersed across different locations and with reps increasingly being mobile or even remote, it is important that all sales calls media is recorded, stored and accessible for sharing from anywhere, anytime.

To resolve these challenges, you need an enterprise video platform to collectively capture, store, manage, search and share rich media files in the most time and cost-efficient manner, with smart technologies used for automated media processing.

Resolving sales training challenges with a smart enterprise video platform

To resolve all video storage, management, search and distribution challenges, VIDIZMO offers a smart enterprise video platform and content management system that serves to reduce the cost and time required for companies to manage and process sales and training media.

Media capture and storage

For media capture, VIDIZMO ingests and uploads all media types, including video, audio, slides, images, and docs., in all different file formats. Users can upload content to VIDIZMO portal from any device or office location. Once ingested, all media is automatically transcoded into multiple formats for delivery on all user devices and players.

In a highly scalable platform, VIDIZMO also allows video and other media capture of any file size, without any restrictions on the volume or media size for ingestion. For storage, VIDIZMO offers flexible video hosting and storage options in public, private and hybrid cloud as well as on-premises. Although our solution natively deploys in Microsoft Azure Cloud or Azure Government Cloud, we also offer our customers the flexibility to launch VIDIZMO in their dedicated public cloud or even private cloud.

Intelligent search

In an AI-enabled enterprise video platform, VIDIZMO offers a high level of automation and autonomous video processing and search. For instance, VIDIZMO’s AI speech services enable automatic video transcription and closed captioning, which indexes all video content for smart, in-video search. With this, a single keyword search delivers precise results for all videos containing that particular keyword.

For a deeper and narrower search within the keyword search results, VIDIZMO also employs faceted search or a highly categorical faceted navigation that uses multiple filters or content categories to refine search results to very specific media.

Other than that, VIDIZMO also employs AI-powered facial search of automatically identified faces in a video using AI vision services for facial recognition.

Similarly, VIDIZMO has the capability for in-video object search using AI vision services for object recognition. The same also applies to search based on characters that appear in videos, implemented using AI technology for Optical Character Recognition or OCR.

VIDIZMO also has the capability for search based on speech, voice, or audio in the video using AI speech technologies for speaker recognition or voice/ audio recognition.

Lastly, for a linguistically diverse or global workforce, VIDIZMO offers AI-enabled language services for multilingual video transcription and closed captioning, translation and search.  

With this, we offer one of the most refined enterprise video platform search as well as search inside video or audio content.

Video and media content management

VIDIZMO offers an easy-to-use, YouTube-like enterprise video platform, which provides the ultimate ease of use with specialized video content management technologies. For instance, VIDIZMO’s portal offers a highly engaging, user-friendly interface in a fully brandable platform that can be customized as per organizational branding preferences.

In a multi-channel platform, VIDIZMO also offers complete user and content segregation capabilities in multi-tenancy channels or portals that can be used across various organizational units, departments or for internal and external users.

VIDIZMO also offers centralized platform administration capabilities that allow administrators to collectively manage user access controls for permissions and restrictions within the platform. VIDIZMO also enables role-based access control or RBAC to grant varying levels of permissions to different user groups within the portal. VIDIZMO user roles include administrator, manager, moderator, contributor, and viewers – all of which have varying levels of platform access and capabilities. These roles can also be customized as per organizational needs.

Those with manager or moderator roles can then review and moderate the videos being uploaded to the portal for compliance and quality assurance purposes before it is approved and posted for wider viewing. Users can also like or favorite videos or leave comments with feedback and specific timestamps directing users to a specific portion of a video.

Similarly, platform administrators can also define other policies for functionalities such as security, single-sign-on, encoding, storage, content caching/ ECDN, integration, workflow, live streaming, and more.

This way, VIDIZMO enables easy video management with centralized controls as well as distributed or decentralized access discussed below.

Content sharing and distribution

VIDIZMO offers flexible platform access and content sharing options. For platform access, VIDIZMO can allow both internal access for organizational employees as well as external platform access for customers, partners, investors, and other external stakeholder groups.

For video distribution, VIDIZMO allows easy content sharing via email, social media platforms, and corporate social tools such as Yammer, Teams or SharePoint; VIDIZMO also enables embed code integration on other sites and content downloading – features that can be enabled or disabled, depending on company's content sharing policies.

With our specialized video streaming and distribution technologies, you can also share training videos to teams based locally, globally, remotely, or even those on the go, irrespective of their network connectivity or bandwidth availability.

How VIDIZMO can optimize and boost your sales training process

We understand your sales training challenges, and we have devised an enterprise video platform for broad video and media capture, secure and scalable storage, centralized administration and management, automated AI-based video processing, deep faceted and smart video search; as well as wide content distribution to all users, devices and bandwidth conditions.

With our solution, you can onboard and train sales teams faster, quickly identify errors or discrepancies across sales calls, provide timely feedback, manage your sales media more effectively in a comprehensive sales media repository, and provide easy training video access to global or even remote teams.

To enhance your sales force training with VIDIZMO, contact us today or request our free 30-day trial to experience our enterprise video platform capabilities.


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