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Wowza + VIDIZMO | Ready-made Application for On-demand Video Streaming

Learn how you can simplify video streaming and content management through VIDIZMO's YouTube-like portal while using Wowza infrastructure.

Wowza is helping more than 20,000 customers in 170+ countries in industries ranging from education to broadcasting to achieve their goals. But using Wowza's infrastructure for video streaming might get complex. A simple YouTube-like application would help, right?

Considered the gold standard of video streaming, Wowza is simplifying the complexities of high-quality video and audio streaming to any device. Its customers enjoy the robustness of the Wowza platform, but the lack of a YouTube-like video portal for their business users to manage their day-to-day enterprise video needs is lacking.

Such a portal can help any user record and upload and distribute live and on-demand content without help from their IT staff or a video streaming expert.

Involving IT every time someone needs to stream a video, is just not the best idea.

To fill this gap, VIDIZMO, a Gartner-recognized enterprise video content management system, integrates with Wowza Streaming Engine and Wowza Cloud at the backend. On the surface it provides a YouTube-like platform, which eliminates the day to day workload and complexity of managing on-demand video streaming with Wowza Technologies.

Wowza and VIDIZMO integration infographic

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Optimizing End User Enterprise Video Experiences

VIDIZMO brings enterprise video content management capabilities for on-demand streaming via user-friendly branded portals.

Employees and partners are scattered all over the globe, and enterprises rely on video streaming to better connect all the pieces.

Also, whether you're trying to reach prospects, customers, or internal stakeholders, videos provide a powerful, and interactive way to get your message out into the world.

A screenshot of VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube

Delivering End-User Expectations in the Enterprise Video Streaming

Enterprise Video Streaming plays a vital role in employee engagement, corporate communications, organizational alignment, customer engagement, and marketing. From all-hands meetings, employee training to webinars, and live video presentations, the video has become ubiquitous in today's professional environment.

Enterprise Videos Streaming creates bandwidth challenges within legacy IT infrastructure. Work-from-home flexibility and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend increase an enterprise's digital footprint to include remote workers and consumers on a range of devices as well.

Enterprise Video Platforms must deliver on these demands while also maintaining security, speedy deployment, and simplified IT management during operations. VIDIZMO address these challenges by creating an enterprise CDN using a number of Wowza Streaming Engines as origin and Edge servers, delivering video to viewer from the edge of the network.

A Screenshot of VIDIZMO Streaming in Player

Scalable, User-Friendly, and an Efficient Enterprise Video Platform

VIDIZMO enterprise video platform, built on AngularJS & Microsoft stack, is a single-page responsive, user-friendly web application. The customer has the choice to install on-premises, cloud, or hybrid in a single and multi-tenant, single instance or high availability models with active-active or active-passive disaster recovery architectural designs.

In cloud, VIDIZMO can make use of the PaaS services offered by cloud providers for encoding and artificial intelligence etc.

VIDIZMO is simplifying video streaming and video content management experience for Wowza Cloud customers with its familiar YouTube-like user interface. VIDIZMO's customers gain from security features designed for challenging enterprise environments and provide excellent viewing experiences via an easy to use video portal. VIDIZMO Solutions are available for Wowza Streaming Engine and Wowza Cloud in on-premises, cloud and hybrid models.

"Wowza has allowed us to provide a dependable and robust live and on-demand content streaming experience to our customers, Their technology helped us solve challenges like multi-device, low-latency delivery, platform support, smooth and reliable playback, live-stream recording, and high availability," explained VIDIZMO CEO Nadeem Khan.

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