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VIDIZMO and Wowza | A Ready-made Application for Live Video Streaming

VIDIZMO provides live video streaming to enterprises that have existing Wowza account or want to get started using one through a ready-made application.

Wowza is a live and on-demand video streaming infrastructure provider, which is used by some of the largest organizations around the world. If your organization has existing Wowza infrastructure and is looking for an application or ready-made platform for live and on-demand streaming, then VIDIZMO can help you here.

Or if your organization doesn't have any existing Wowza infrastructure is looking to get started on streaming, then VIDIZMO can help you here as well.

VIDIZMO seamlessly integrates with the Wowza Streaming Cloud and the Wowza Streaming Engine to meet the needs of its new and existing customers.

Wowza Live Streaming

VIDIZMO and Wowza: Better Together


VIDIZMO, a Gartner recognized enterprise video content management solution, provides a flexible platform for low latency live streaming by integrating with a customer’s existing Wowza services to minimize IT overheads, while providing a flexible solution that’s easily deployable on the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid infrastructure.

VIDIZMO provides a secure platform with a broader range of encoding, transcoding for seamless live video streaming experience through webcams, mobile phones, IP and other security cameras, drones and other video capture sources. Organizations can also build a private CDN network using Wowza’s servers.

A Screenshot of VIDIZMO Portal

VIDIZMO enables Wowza’s customers to create a private YouTube-like video portals for streaming and managing their live and on-demand videos through a flexible platform deployable on a public or private cloud, on-premise data center or a hybrid infrastructure with enterprise-level security and a broad range of compliances.

With VIDIZMO, users can stream live and on-demand video content with public and private audiences. As such, VIDIZMO reduces the day-to-day workload and operations for IT officers to manage their Wowza Streaming Cloud and Wowza Streaming Engine, with streamlined workflows to minimize computing time and device-agnostic technology to enable streaming on all devices.

Live Streaming Capabilities Through Wowza + VIDIZMO Integration

A Screenshot of VIDIZMO Live Streaming

Here is a list of the highlighted features that you'll get as part of the VIDIZMO + Wowza integration:

  • Scalable live streaming to a large number of viewers.
  • Security permissions to define who can view the live stream. Within VIDIZMO, you can restrict access to your organization, or specific users or groups, or even stream publicly.
  • Utilize technologies such as transcoding to have an optimized viewing experience regardless of bandwidth or device type. Read more on how VIDIZMO helps solve live streaming challenges.
  • Leverage global CDNs for delivery or configure an eCDN for delivery on your intranet.
  • Live stream using any encoder of choice such as OBS Studio, Wirecast, etc., or use Zoom for live streaming.
  • You can ingest live feeds from drones or CCTV cameras.
  • Use interactivity features such as Live QnA, Live Chat or add handouts to the stream.
  • You can record live streams and publish them as an on-demand in VIDIZMO's video library.
  • Schedule pre-recorded webinars as a live stream at a particular time. 

Get Started on Live Streaming Through Wowza

Wowza’s customers can also leverage VIDIZMO’s array of features such as adding number of interactivity features to their live video stream and video management tools to organize content such as categories and playlists.

Case Study: VIDIZMO: The Enterprise Streaming Platform That’s Simplifying Content Management

VIDIZMO and Wowza case study

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