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Live Stream Your Zoom Meetings & Webinars With a Secure Video Platform

By Zohaib Khan
Live Stream Your Zoom Meetings & Webinars With a Secure Video Platform

Zoom is one of the most popular platforms for live streaming and video conferencing. And with the pandemic, it’s even become integral to some organizations for their operations.

However, when it comes to creating business value, there are limitations to what it can offer to organizations on its own. While it’s great for providing quality two-way communications, it’s not a complete solution for organizational use cases. Incidents regarding security have also brought into question Zoom’s reliability as a stand-alone solution for corporate organizations and businesses. That’s why so many organizations are integrating their Zoom application with enterprise video platforms for a complete and secure solution for their corporate video needs.

But how does that work? Let’s break it down shall we!

Why should I live stream my Zoom webinars and meetings using a video platform?

You might be wondering, why in the world would I need to live stream my webinar with another live streaming service? 
Isn’t Zoom good enough on its own? Well, maybe not. 

One of the biggest concerns that a lot of organizations seem to have is security. Reports of leaked meetings and some careless but potentially serious incidents have highlighted Zoom’s limitations when it comes to security. And then there’s Zoombombing, where someone manages to hijack or intrude on a live Zoom meeting or webinarusually followed by introducing some sort of lewd, racist or otherwise obscene content into the session. Serious incidents like this one have alarmed Zoom’s customers.  

There are several other limitations as well. Zoom has very limited scalability and is not reliable for streaming to a large number of participants. Additionally, it doesn’t let you create any concurrent streams. This can pose an issue in case you’re in the middle of a session and need to switch to a backup due to technical reasons or issues. Even if you create two different streams at the same time, initiating the second one will prompt you to leave the first one.  

On the other hand, video platforms like VIDIZMO provide robust security with multiple controls for privacy and security, such as single sign-on authentication, role-based access control, configurable user groups to segregate viewers and content, audit logs for monitoring all activity and end-to-end encryption to ensure all your meetings and webinars are kept safe, secure and only accessible by the right people. VIDIZMO is also highly scalable, allowing you to stream to an unlimited number of viewers at the same time, and create multiple concurrent streams, which you can fall back to in case your main session begins to fail.

That’s why organizations prefer to stream their Zoom meetings and webinars through VIDIZMO by leveraging Zoom as an encoder to stream quality video through VIDIZMO. Additionally, the platform provides several other features and functions to add more value to your Zoom sessions:


End-to-End Management for On-demand Zoom Recordings

Nearly every organization records their Zoom meetings and webinars as on-demand videos for viewing later. There are many reasons why you should record your Zoom sessions, such as for sharing with someone who wasn’t present or missed the session, and keep a record of the information that was discussed.

Learn More: Recorded Online Work Meetings: Maintaining a Meeting Record is a Must! 

While Zoom is reliable for basic two-way communication and video streaming, it is less suitable for managing and distributing video. Unlike video conferencing platforms, video platforms come with a range of tools and features such playlists, categories, powerful search capabilities, multiple portals and more to manage your video content more effectively and efficiently.


Ample Features for Live Stream Interactivity 

VIDIZMO provides a broad range of interactivity tools to engage your audience in a live stream. You can insert quizzes, polls and surveys to receive direct feedback, and use live chat and Q&A to enable dialogue with your audience. You can also attach handouts like slides and infographics to share with your audience and integrate your social media accounts, such as Twitter, to display your feed in the Zoom live stream. 

Learn More: How to Remove Communication Barriers With Interactive Live Streaming? 


Automatic Transcription & Translation 

There are many benefits to transcribing your recorded meetings and webinars. In addition to making the recordings more accessible and Section 508 compliant, VIDIZMO enables you to use the transcript to search for all spoken and displayed words inside a video and instantly fast forward to the moment they occur video. Moreover, VIDIZMO can also translate your transcripts into 12+ different languages. This makes your content more easily accessible to an audience with different language backgrounds. 

Learn More: Turn Streaming Videos into Text: AI for Automatic Video Transcription!


Sharing for Limited Time and Views 

On VIDIZMO, you can choose to specify the number of views or period of time with any internal or external viewers. Once you choose to share a live Zoom meeting or webinar, a link will be sent to the viewer, which they can use to access the stream. Once the specified views or time period are exceeded, they will lose access to the stream unless an authorized user shares the live stream again. Limited sharing can also be used for your recorded on-demand Zoom meetings and webinars. 

Learn More: How to Share Recorded Meetings? - Through Zoom and Other Alternatives 


Live streaming Zoom meetings and webinars is a great way to share sessions with certain employees or other participants without directly involving everyone. This way, the participants can maintain full control and direct the Zoom session while enabling others to watch without getting directly involved in the meeting.


How to Live Webcast a Zoom meeting or webinar with VIDIZMO 

You can only live stream your Zoom meeting or webinar if you have a Pro, Business, Education, or Enterprise accountYou’ll also need an account role with permissions to edit the account settings. 

You’ll first have to enable live streaming for your Zoom meetings. 

  1. Sign-in to your Zoom account  
  2. Click on Account Management and then select Account Settings 
  3. Click on In Meeting (Advanced) and, 
    • To enable live streaming for a Zoom meeting through VIDIZMO, use the toggle on the right to enable the option to Allow live streaming meetings
Allow Live Streaming of Meetings
    • To enable live streaming for a Zoom webinar through VIDIZMO, click on In Meeting (Advanced) and enable the option to Allow live streaming webinars 
  1. A couple of checkboxes will appear; check the option for Custom Live Streaming Service and click Save 

Enable Custom Live Streaming Service


Now, you can start live streaming your Zoom meeting or webinar on VIDIZMO. 

For VIDIZMO, make sure you have a Moderator, Manager or Administrator account role to schedule a live stream.


Pre-requisites for stating a live stream on VIDIZMO.


To create a new live stream on VIDIZMO: 

  1. Sign-in to VIDIZMO and click on Add New Media (+’ icon) to the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Click on Schedule Live Webcast. You can add information such as the title and description, and configure settings such as the accessibility and scheduling for the live stream here as well. 
  3. Navigate to the Live Source tab 
  4. Choose a publishing point.
  5. Start your Zoom meeting Zoom Live On Custom Live Streaming Service
  6. Click More on the Zoom meeting control panel and select Live on Custom Live Streaming Service
  7. Copy the Ingest URL and Stream Name from the Live Source tab, and copy your VIDIZMO URL (e.g., https://xyz.enterprisetube.com/home) to the Stream URLStream Key, and the Live Streaming Page URL respectively on Zoom.
  8. Click Go Live! on Zoom and Save the settings on VIDIZMO. If you’ve already configured everything else, click Save and Close.

    Streaming URL and Streaming Key from Zoom
  9. You can now start your live stream. 

To learn more, click here: How to Conduct a Live Webcast in VIDIZMO

To start a scheduled live stream on VIDIZMO: 

  1. Click on the navigation menu on top left corner of the homepage, and under the Admin tab, click on Media Manager 
  2. Select your scheduled live stream and click on Live Control Room under ‘Selected Media pane on the left side of the page. 
  3. Click on Start Session to begin live streaming your Zoom meeting or webinar.



It’s important for organizations to make sure their live Zoom meetings and webinars go without a hitch. That means making sure they are being hosted and shared securely, and accomplish their purpose without any limitations or hindrances. Using a video platform like VIDIZMO to live stream Zoom meetings and webinars ensures secure and scalable streaming for live Zoom sessions, as well as extends the value of your recorded Zoom meetings webinars.

VIDIZMO is not just a live streaming platform, but is also a complete enterprise video content management system (CMS) for securely hosting, managing and sharing video content such as live and recorded Zoom meetings and webinars.

Take a 30-day free trial and test out the platform for yourself. To learn more, visit our website or contact us today.


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