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How 4 Major Industries Can Use ZOOM Recordings as Video On-Demand


In the 21st century, the use of video streaming and web conferencing for collaboration and communication has become the norm among most organizations. As of 2019, multiple studies have supported and encouraged video streaming for enterprise use cases; one study found that around 58% of businesses said they were using video conferencing to carry out their everyday operations, while another study revealed that 89% of webinar hosts thought it was the best way to present and develop their business. In line with this trend, ZOOM is consistently developing new and innovative features in the video streaming industry, like ‘simultaneous interpretation’ for overcoming language barriers between participants in a video conference. This rising trend means enterprises are progressively generating a large number of videos and need a secure and robust platform to share and manage their video content.   

ZOOM allows organizations to carry out online meetings, webinars, and video conferencing. Through native integration with ZOOM, VIDIZMO provides a secure, robust enterprise video content management system (EVCMS) to automatically ingest your ZOOM recordings to share, store, sort, and manage them as VOD (video on-demand), with additional features such as enhanced search and accessibility using artificial intelligence for your video content. 


How do VIDIZMO and ZOOM work together?

Through VIDIZMO, you can choose to fetch recordings from specific users or the entirety of your Zoom Cloud and publish them immediately or keep them in your storage and publish them when desired. You can also delete your recordings from Zoom Cloud after ingesting and saving them on your VIDIZMO portal to cut costs and increase storage space. You can also download them thereafter from your portal. 

You can now log into VIDIZMO and directly sync with ZOOM through your settings. Instead of having to go back and forth between your accounts, you will now be automatically redirected to ZOOM for authorization, after which you will be routed back to your VIDIZMO portal.


Telehealth and telemedicine have become a billion-dollar booming market. It is estimated that the telehealth market will reach a whopping USD 148.32 billion by the year 2025ZOOM helps healthcare professionals to connect and provide assistance and services to people in need of medical care, management, or information over long distances. VIDIZMO provides a enterprise video management system that allows you to ingest your ZOOM meetings and webinars and share, store, and manage them as VOD. Through ZOOM’s video conferencing, medical professionals and healthcare providers can address the needs for telehealth services, such as clinical and non-clinical healthcare, medical education, administrative and peer meetings, remote patient monitoring (RPM), and other healthcare-related facilities in real-time.   

Through VIDIZMO, doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals can use VOD to review calls with patients for evaluating symptoms and reference for future cases, share their findings for medical research and educating others, and review administrative meetings for management and decision making. Furthermore, the platform allows media files such as documents and images to be uploaded, providing healthcare professionals the ability to provide additional services, such as sharing X-rays and medical test results. Additionally, VIDIZMO adheres to a number of compliances with respect to the provisions for privacy set by HITECH, PHI, and HIPAA.


Through ZOOM meetings, bankers and finance officers are able to provide a more personalized experience and enhance customer engagement. With highly robust security controls, VIDIZMO offers the highest standards of platform security and data protection in the industry, providing a secure enterprise video platform system where you can ingest your recorded ZOOM meetings to share, store, and manage as VOD. When it comes to financial servicesdata privacy and security are of the utmost priority.

Bankers, insurance agents, and others who work in field of finance can share, store and manage their ZOOM video conferences as VOD for screening essential details (such as customer information), control sharing, access, and permissions to each call through a role-based access control (RBAC) and resolve the need for physical interaction to share information and avoid time constraints. VIDIZMO is also capable of ingesting non-video digital media assets, such as audio, images, and documents, providing a content management system for bankers and financial officers to share, store, and manage other types of digital files, such as customer documentation and audio recordings.

Designed to safeguard the system against any cyberattacks or breaches in security, VIDIZMO also adheres to several global and regional compliances through hosting on Microsoft Azure and Azure Government cloud that offer FISC, PCI DSS, SOC 1,2 & 3 and other compliances necessary for risk management.


ZOOM meetings allow government agencies to connect and communicate from different locations with improved engagement and interactivity while avoiding time constraints and conflicts in schedules. ZOOM webinars assist government officials in broadcasting speeches and addressing the public through live streaming without intrusion to a large number of audiences. Through VIDIZMO, government agencies can store, share, and manage their recorded ZOOM meetings and webinars as VOD for playback, so authorized personnel can review and share important meetings, provide information in regards to important topics and government responsibilities, and allow audiences to view any webinars they might have missed.  Similarly, VIDIZMO also acts as a content management system for non-video digital media assets, such as images, audio, and documents, allowing government agencies to share other kinds of media files, such as textual information regarding government agenda for greater transparency. Furthermore, VIDIZMO also offers redaction through artificial intelligence for VOD, with compliance to GDPR, HIPPA, California State Bill 748 (SB-748), and several other regulations. 

Government agencies require a highly secure platform where they can share different kinds of information internally and externally, with specific levels of access and interaction depending on the information and content. It is also expected that a system used for handling government information will be highly efficient, with low latency and high bandwidth for providing their internal and external audience with a high-quality experience. With a robust security system, VIDIZMO provides the highest level of platform security and efficiency with low latency and excellent quality. VIDIZMO also offers a large range of compliances from state, federal, and local agencies such as FedRAMP and CJIS through Azure Government.


ZOOM offers classrooms a high quality and interactive live video streaming experience, with session recording, content sharing, and other handy features, such as ‘Attendee Attention Tracking’ that allows hosts (e.g. teachers) to detect when an attendee (e.g. student) isn’t paying attention to the feed. VIDIZMO ingests the recorded session for users to share, store, and manage as VOD. Through VIDIZMO, these sessions can be used for multiple purposes, such as allowing students to revisit lectures they had trouble understanding or missed, training and educating teachers on classroom practices, and providing a platform where they can interact and share their knowledge through features such comments and replies. Users can be assigned into groups, segregated through channels, and through a customizable role-based access control that allows them to carry out an action, such as uploading or moderating content, or only viewing.

VIDIZMO’s Virtual Academy allows you to create courses, which are a compilation of videos similar to a playlist that a student can go through one after another. VIDIZMO also lets you create customizable quizzes, polls, and surveys for evaluating student progress, opinion, and understanding. They can be presented on their own or put anywhere in the middle of a video or a course. Other digital media files such as audio, images, and documents can also be shared, stored, and managed on VIDIZMO. Teachers and students can share and view information from a greater range of digital media, such as class schedules.

VIDIZMO & ZOOM: An Iconic Duo

Through native integration, VIDIZMO and ZOOM provide a flexible, multipurpose solution that’s adaptable to any industry. With enterprises increasingly making use of video content to grow and develop more proficient methods for achieving their goals and objectives, the use and methods of using video conferencing, webinars, and video streaming content will continue to expand and grow. Thanks to the flexible and robust combination of VIDIZMO and ZOOM, businesses can have the perfect enterprise video platform to ensure their goals are met with success.

To learn more about how you can benefit from VIDIZMO and ZOOM’s native integration, contact us today or visit our website for details.

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