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How to Share Recorded Meetings? - Through Zoom and Other Alternatives

By Huma Rajput
A person looking at a recorded Zoom meeting

How to share a recorded Zoom meeting? – How can I make it available to select people inside or outside my organization? Ever heard of video content management systems? What these are and how they can help? Let us walk you through the different solutions that are out there to help solve your problem.

In this new normal, we are seeing a dramatic increase in video conferencing. More and more conversations are taking place over Zoom, be it an online meeting, online lectures, or even family gatherings. People prefer to record these zoom meetings because you never know when you would need that recording.

In 2020, no doubt, Zoom has seen remarkable growth. According to Statista, daily active users of Zoom were over 1.5 million in the later half of 2020. If you are reading this blog, I assume you know how to record Zoom meetings but are stuck with basic sharing features that Zoom offers.

This blog explains how you can use zoom to share recorded meetings and what are the other alternatives. We explain in detail as to how a video content management system can help you establish a video library for effective sharing of zoom meetings.

How do I Share a Recorded Zoom Meeting?

Here, the answer depends on either you are using local recordings or cloud recordings. In your free Zoom account, recordings are saved on your pc or local drive. While paid zoom users with a cloud subscription have the option of storing recordings on the cloud; through links directly.

We will take you through both the ways and then will walk you through the easiest time-saving solution for sharing Zoom recorded meetings to reduce several steps.

How to Share a Local Zoom Recording?

For a free zoom account user, the recordings will be saved in their local drive. You will have to locate it and upload it for sharing. The recording will usually be large in size. Therefore, you can only share recorded zoom meetings by uploading it on an online drive, YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, Vimeo, Dropbox etc.

How to Share a Cloud Zoom Recording?

If you have a paid Zoom account, then, Zoom will give you two options to either store the recording on your computer or on the cloud. You can directly share a zoom recorded meeting if it is saved on your Zoom cloud. While sharing it, you will have to choose from two options, i.e., internally, or publicly. Zoom allows you to password protect your meetings or expire the link, and this ensures that only authorized people are able to access these meetings. 

What are the Limitations with Sharing Recordings in Zoom?

  • It is difficult to define who can view the video and who can not. 
  • It's difficult to find a recorded meeting in a large library as you can't search for spoken words in meetings. Moreover, Zoom does not offer you with the functionality to create folders, categories, or playlists to organize your meetings, or a bookmark feature. 
  • There are no audit logs to trace who has seen the meetings, which may be required for compliance purposes.
  • No analytics to track meeting viewership.
  • Uploading and sharing process of videos is time taking. If the video is long, it might take hours to upload, which reduces productivity.
  • It does not create an on-demand library where individuals can easily access these meetings.


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What are the Alternate Solutions for Sharing Zoom Recordings?

Here’s where video content management systems come into play. These are solutions available on the internet that automatically ingest zoom recordings and make them available as video on-demand in a central library. These solutions offer a public portal to allow such videos to be shared publicly and an internal portal where authorized users can login and watch recorded meetings. Moreover, certain video content management systems allow you to password protect confidential meetings. The benefit of such platforms is that you don’t have to share meeting recordings with every person through a link and can allow them to view such videos through a self-service library with assigned permissions and roles. Here are the different video content management systems that you can choose to share your Zoom meetings:


VIDIZMO, is a Video Content Management System that allows you to automatically ingest Zoom meetings, securely store, share and manage them in a secure and compliant platform.


In VIDIZMO, every Zoom recording will automatically be uploaded to your organization’s private video library, which is more secure. You will get role-based access feature to segregate content based on departments or hierarchy; customizing user rights & permissions and assigning roles to control access.

Keeping privacy and security in mind, we provide multiple ways to share recordings with internal and external audiences. With VIDIZMO’s security policy, Zoom recorded meetings will be accessible to only your intended audience.

For instance:

You uploaded a marketing meeting held on Zoom, and you only want to share this recorded zoom meeting with your marketing department to view it. Here, you can restrict other departments from viewing it and allowing only relevant people to see the recording. Alternatively, you can create a group and label it as “marketing” to allow only these people to view that recording.

How to share recorded Zoom meeting with a specific group

However, at times organizations want an external audience to watch recordings that are not part of the organization. In this case, VIDIZMO allows users to share a recording with a public audience. You can share a link of the recording that will allow them to only view the selected Zoom recording without accessing any other content. You also have the option to allow anonymous viewing and make a recording available through your public portal. See for yourself below:

A public portal to show recorded Zoom meetings to public audience


Learn More About VIDIZMO

Additionally, there are other features that VIDIZMO offers to help you in managing Zoom recordings:

Readily Playable on Any Device

Videos can be played on any bandwidth as VIDIZMO offers multiple renditions, and these can be played on any device. 

Transcribe, Translate and Search Inside Zoom Recordings

VIDIZMO provides AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities that enable users to transcribe and translate videos accordingly. Every word shown in a video can be transcribed and translated for easier understanding and accessibility. Because of this, a user can share a zoom recorded meeting with anyone no matter whatsoever the language is on other side.

Easily Find Recorded Zoom Meetings

We also empower our users to search within videos. You can search inside the video library via objects, faces, ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) and OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and this saves you time.


You can directly ingest your Zoom recorded meetings into the VIDIZMO library. You don’t have to ingest these one by one, which is a time-consuming process.

Detailed Analytics

Through our detailed analytics you can track engagement trends, know which part of the video is most viewed, how many times it was watched, replayed, etc.


VIDIZMO provides detailed audit logs where you can get to know who viewed each meeting recording and what actions were performed on them. 


Our interactivity feature enables users to insert quizzes, surveys and handouts in videos which will be highly beneficial for training and lectures.


We ensure all major compliances such as CJIS (Criminal Justice Information Services), FedRAMP, DISA and many more. You have the option to choose where to host your recorded meetings; in Azure, AWS, Zoom Cloud, on-premise or purchase our Zoom solution as SaaS. 

Limitations of sharing meetings through Zoom


The Answer! - How do You Share Recorded Zoom Meetings?

The answer is simple; there are two ways to share zoom recordings. The first is through Zoom where you can generate a link and email it to the relevant person. The better way is through a video content management system, which will not only ease the sharing process but will also give multiple features such as managing content in a library, search within videos, interactivity and what not! Zoom’s integration with video content management systems like VIDZMO will enhance Zoom’s value enabling organizations to work efficiently and effectively, making it easier for employees to utilize information.

VIDIZMO can not only be used to share recorded Zoom meetings, but you can also use the same system for every other video use case; be it transcribing videos, creating a video training library, and streaming videos externally for marketing.

To learn more about VIDIZMO’s offerings, visit out website or contact us!

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