Zoom Boom: How Zoom Took Over the Business World in 2020

Would you like to understand the phenomena of the Zoom Boom? Read this blog to see how individuals and businesses are taking advantage of Zoom.

Economically speaking, 2020 was just another year until March rolled around. The rise of Covid-19 plunged the world into a whirlwind. On 11th March 2020, it was declared a global pandemic and words like social distancing, lockdown, and work from home were the new normal. This is where video conferencing solutions, especially Zoom, stepped in to save struggling businesses. Hence, the Zoom boom was initiated, which helped Zoom take over the business world.

From business conferences to international travel to generic activities like shopping and dining, everything halted. Businesses were desperately trying to alter their usual activities to adjust to the new normal and restart their operations. This is where remote work presented itself as the perfect solution to combat the restrictions laid out by the lockdown.

Meteoric Rise in Remote Working:

When we talk about Zoom, immediately the word remote working comes to our mind. There is definitely a correlation between the boom in remote working last year and the Zoom boom. A survey conducted by Gartner on 17TH March 2020 revealed that around 88% of the organization encouraged their employees to work remotely.

rising graph

Even more surprising is that the trend is only growing in 2021 and seems to have become a part of the new normal. A survey by Enterprise Technology Research (ETR) anticipates that people permanently working from home are expected to double up in 2021.

There is good reason why remote working is on the rise. It has numerous advantages, some of which are listed below:

  • Flexible timing
  • Cost-saving for both employees and the employers
  • Resource pool grew for business as employees didn’t need to reside in the same location as the company office
  • Less office space required

However, Remote working wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine.


Challenges faced by Remote Workers:

challenges face in remote working

A research showed that 22% of remote employees struggle with unplugging after work, and 19% end up feeling isolated. Unlike working at home, employees tend to share their thought processes at an office job freely.

Challenges like distractions at home and lack of a proper working environment can reduce employee work efficiency. Remote workers also struggle to collaborate and communicate with their teams. Hence, they may feel out of the loop, which can create confusion and reduce their morale.


What is Zoom Boom? 

Not all heroes wear capes, as they say. Zoom has been on an epic rise in 2020, which led to it being termed as “Zoom Boom”. Towards the end of 2020, Statista reported 1.7 million active users of Zoom in the UK alone. The leading cause was that video conferencing solutions bridged the gap between employers and remote workers. Zoom profited the most out of this increased demand.


Why Did Businesses Start Utilizing Zoom?

You might have a question as to why Zoom? There are loads of Video conferencing platforms out there like MS Teams and Skype. Then what exactly did Zoom offer that the rest failed to? The simple answer is that Zoom served various markets from individual users to educational institutes to large-scale business customers. This was because it offered a freemium platform with a range of capabilities that even a non-technical person can easily use.

The question that now arises is: Is Zoom Boom even sustainable? The answer is “Yes!”. In 2020, Zoom business customers rose by 470.33% and it is expected that there will be more than a 40% rise in its sales in 2021. Hence, Zoom supported the collaboration of employees working in different locations and improved overall business communication through virtual meetings.


Zoom Boom Encouraged Businesses to Take Advantage of All Aspects of the Application: 

Businesses from all over the world incorporated Zoom in their daily activities and this is how they use Zoom to its full potential:

Online Work Meetings:          

This feature is the core product that all video conferencing solutions offered and what rose Zoom to the top. With the rise of remote work, online meetings were the primary medium of communication for different teams to collaborate swiftly. These virtual meetings allow real-time two-way communication between small groups of people.

An online work meeting could be:

  • debriefing
  • planning sessions
  • orientation
  • company town hall
  • professional development session

Zoom allows up to 100 meeting attendees as the intention is to have a small group meeting.

Live Streaming Zoom Webinars:

Since the Zoom Boom, businesses have also started using Zoom Webinars. Webinars are like conferences or seminars held online. They are similar to live streams. They are beneficial for public broadcast and large events and allow up to 10,000 participants depending on the Zoom license.

When it comes to business value, a significant concern of Zoom’s business customers is its solution’s security? Various security-linked incidents occurred that have made business customers highly vigilant in terms of Zoom’s security offering.

This is why efficient businesses are using enterprise video platforms integrated with Zoom to resolve Zoom's security challenges. An enterprise video platform like VIDIZMO allows you to live stream your Zoom webinars and meetings on VIDIZMO’s robustly secure and reliable platform.

Through VIDIZMO, you will be able to live stream to more than 10,000 viewers. VIDIZMO will also allow you to create concurrent streams if there are some technical difficulties and you have to move to a backup stream. Plus, VIDIZMO has the following strong security, privacy and other capabilities to secure your live stream:

  • Single sign-on authentication
  • Role-based access control
  • Custom user groups can be created to segregate viewers and content
  • Audit logs can be created to track all activity linked to live streams and recorded meetings
  • End-to-end encryption to completely secure your webinars and meetings
  • Securely share a link of your live stream to your viewers in which you can specify the number of views and time frame of availability
  • Add interactive elements like live chat, Q&A, insert quizzes and surveys, attach handouts, integrate your social media accounts onto your Zoom live stream
  • Automatically transcribe and translate the transcription into more than 12 languages

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Recording Zoom Meetings to Securely Publish & Share as Video On-Demand

Recording your work meetings helps in creating a repository of knowledge for organizational knowledge management. Vital information is recorded for future review. Zoom can integrate with VIDIZMO to share and manage access for these recorded meetings. The recorded meetings could be automatically ingested onto an enterprise video platform like VIDIZMO to create this repository. From there, these recordings can then be shared with the desired individuals, roles or groups through restricted access and be published on-demand for playback.

VIDIZMO can help you create a private portal for your organization. This practice will encourage effective storing, sharing, and publishing of Videos on-demand with end-to-end encryption. With further pros like:

  • AI capabilities with automatic transcription of recorded webinars
  • Rich categorization options
  • Creating a playlist or collection
  • Adding interactive elements like in-video quizzes, handouts or surveys to turn these recorded meetings into training courses for organizational learning

It will help in promoting fruitful discussions, avoid redundant meetings as previously recorded versions are available for future viewing, and keeps employees accountable to only have relevant discussions in the meetings. Companies adopting the practice of recording and utilizing their recorded meetings effectively are much more productive and will surely be ahead in their respective industry.

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End-to-End Enterprise Video Content Management System 


On top of its integration with Zoom for securely managing and sharing Zoom cloud recordings and live stream Zoom webinars and meetings, VIDIZMO can also provide you a comprehensive enterprise video content management system in which you can create a centralized repository of all your internal and external video content. This could include:

  • Training videos
  • Marketing videos
  • Product knowledge videos
  • Company announcements
  • HR policy videos

VIDIZMO will allow you to stream live and on-demand video content with either external or internal audiences based on your unique needs. It will allow you to manage access and secure all your video content similar to all the capabilities available for recorded Zoom meetings and Zoom live streams. You can also brand your video portal and player according to your custom needs through Custom CSS. Moreover, VIDIZMO has extensive searchability options through metadata, tags, custom attributes, filtered search, and in-video words, faces, and objects.

Experience all this and more today by obtaining a free trial or contact us for more information!

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