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The Top CJIS Compliant Cloud Storage Evidence Software For Your Agency

Importance of CJIS compliant cloud stoarge in today's world and how VIDIZMO meets CJIS compliance for cloud-based data storage.

The modern way of policing includes gathering unlimited data from CCTV cameras, body-worn cameras, dashcams and whatnot!

However, its storage and sharing have become easy...

Thanks to cloud storage service providers!

But wait...

Are all cloud storage platforms secured enough to meet CJIS Security Rules?

Every day, law enforcement agencies are involved in accessing criminal justice databases to retrieve information necessary for criminal investigation procedures.

This information must be protected from getting into the wrong hands.

Therefore, CJIS-compliant cloud storage software is the need of the hour!

VIDIZMO a CJIS compliant cloud storage software

This article goes over all the ins and outs of Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) alongside the importance of a CJIS-compliant cloud storage software and how VIDIZMO meets CJIS compliance for cloud-based data storage.

Let's have a quick overview of CJIS compliance first...

What is Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Compliance?

CJIS is defined as one of the largest divisions of the FBI responsible for protecting sensitive, confidential information collected by law enforcement agencies.
It was established in 1992, consisting of various departments, programs, and databases.

The 13 CJIS security policy areas apply to every organization that has access to critical criminal data records or CJIS data.

What Does CJIS Security Policy Say About Data Protection?

Let's discuss a few areas of CJIS security policy separately:

Information Exchange Agreements

While sharing information, organizations must sign a written agreement that they both will fulfil the compliance security standards.

Security Awareness Training

Every employee responsible for handling CJIS data must get security awareness training within 6 months of such access.

Incident Response

Organizations must have certain systems to detect if any data breach has occurred or not.

Auditing and Accountability

Have audit trails in place to monitor who has access to data and why. This information should be logged into a system.

Access Control

Organizations must empower themselves to control who can access, download, share and delete data.

Identification and Authentication

Users must follow the CJIS login credentials, advanced authentication methods, and password requirements to access the data.

Configuration Management

Only authorized users are responsible for configuration management.

Media Protection

CJIS data, either in physical or digital form, must be secured and protected both at rest and in transit.

So, as seen above, it is well-documented in CJIS policies that Governmental organizations and agencies involved in handling information in the form of digital evidence must ensure that it is stored and shared in the most secure way possible.

What is the most secure way of storing and managing this CJIS data?

Storing on local servers or the cloud?

The CJIS-compliant cloud storage platform is the simple answer!

Let's talk about the elements that make CJIS compliance so important.

Importance Of CJIS Compliant Cloud Storage Solution in Today's World

If your organization is concerned about ensuring compliance with CJIS, one of the best ways is to think about reliable cloud storage providers.

According to the 2021 Thales Global Cloud Security Study,

a research study about cloud data breach


Here, a big challenge for law enforcement agencies is choosing the right cloud storage platform!

In this digital era, where the risk of data breaches and hackers are all around, agencies should opt for cloud storage solutions for global accessibility, data backup, security, and unlimited storage space with flexible, cost-efficient options.

Moreover, cloud-based solutions empower law enforcement officers to transfer terabytes of information inside and outside the department within seconds.

This means you no longer need to locally store this huge amount of ever-increasing digital evidence and continuously worry about its security and tamper protection.

With cloud-based solutions, agencies don't need to pay for expensive local servers and hire the most trained team to run them.

That is why it is highly recommended that whichever cloud storage provider you choose must comply with CJIS security policy for smooth and seamless case procedures.

What To Look For in CJIS Compliant Cloud Storage Software?

As discussed earlier, CJIS-compliant cloud storage is a big requirement in today's world.

But only a cloud storage provider is not enough to fulfil all areas of CJIS compliance standards.

Agencies need to have robust, reliable, and complete software that enables them to securely store and manage criminal justice information – centrally securing and managing all your digital evidence with some additional benefits.

Are you wondering which software this is?

VIDIZMO's Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)

VIDIZMO: The Right CJIS Compliant Cloud Storage Software

VIDIZMO provides a robust platform Digital Evidence Management System, where agencies can collect, store, manage, analyze, and share confidential information (digital evidence) in a centralized repository with heightened security and sharing options.

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System Portal Display


In addition to this, agencies can opt for flexible deployment options according to their feasible requirements; on-premises, on the commercial/government cloud or in hybrid ways.

You must be wondering what VIDIZMO DEMS has for you!

Its top features are listed below:

  • Collection of huge stacks of digital evidence from multiple sources such as dashcams, body cams, CCTV cameras, drone cams, phone call recordings etc.

  • Flexible deployment options include on-premises local servers, on the Commercial Cloud or Government Cloud (Azure, AWS) or any other private cloud of your choice) and hybrid infrastructure.

  • To prove the integrity of digital evidence, VIDIZMO provides tamper detection through cryptographic SHA-3 hash value, which helps to determine any alteration or changes in an evidence file.

  • Provides additional layers of security with FIPS-Compliant AES 256 Encryption at rest, in transit and in use, password protection and Role-Based Access Control.

  • Integration with SSO identity providers ensures that only authorized users can access the system with a specific set of permissions.

  • Role-Based Access Control empowers agencies to assign certain roles to authenticated users with permission to access the system, such as Administrator, Manager, Moderator etc.

  • Automatic transcription of video evidence with translation in more than 50 languages for global accessibility.

  • Transcription is also possible for multilingual videos with up to 4 spoken languages.

  • Automatic Redaction is possible for personally identifiable data visible in audio, video, and image using artificial intelligence in seconds.

And the features continue to be added on...


Sounds interesting?

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