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The 5 Best Video Transcription Software

Learn why transcription is important and the best video transcription software you can choose from; standalone transcriptions services or a video cms.
by Bareerah Shoukat Updated on March 18, 2022

Video is a part of our daily life now. Whether you are a millennial, a kid or a baby boomer, chances are you watch videos every day. Whether for entertainment purposes or for business purposes, the importance of video can’t be denied. So is the importance of video transcription. Video transcription is a process known for converting a video’s audio into text. On average, a person can speak 140 words per minute! Imagine the information we may miss if we divert our minds for a minute. 

Transcribing your videos, such as training or onboarding videos, makes it easier for companies to archive and organize the information within the videos enabling you easy access to data whenever.

However, transcribing every single word can be time-consuming and hefty. Thank God for video transcription software. There are three ways of transcription that we will learn in this blog. Moreover, we will go through the reasons to transcribe and repurpose your video's content and what is the best video transcription software. Let’s get to it.

Table of Contents

Reason to Transcribe Your Videos.

  1. Make it Google-friendly by Improving SEO
  2. For A Better User Experience
  3. Accessible by All

Repurpose the Transcript Content

Techniques of Video Transcription

  1. Human Transcription
  2. Manual Computer Transcription
  3. Automated Transcription

Challenges in Machine Generate Transcription

Top Best Video Transcription Software 

  1. Rev
  2. VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube
  3. Reduct’s Human Transcription
  4. Trint
  5. Otter

Reason to Transcribe Your Videos

Think about it? What motivates a video publisher to transcribe their videos? Is there any benefit of doing so? Yes! There are plenty of reasons, but here are the top 3 ones:

1. Make it Google friendly by Improving SEO

Video transcripts add value to your site by improving its ranking. It gives the context as to what the video is about. Whether you want to upload it to your own site’s blog or provide more perspective using transcription, the more content you provide, the more search engine crawlers can elaborate your videos better.

2. For A Better User Experience

Adding a transcript to a video makes it more user-friendly. Adding a transcript makes content for your users much more digestible while making it searchable and interactive will contribute to a good user experience.

3. Accessible by All

Hard-of-hearing viewers, viewers in sound-prohibited environments or non-English speakers rely on video transcripts more to fully consume your content. To create an equivalent video experience, video transcripts are important, along with close captions that can be translated into multiple languages.

Read More | Accessibility Standards for Video

Repurpose the Transcript Content

As a business, you can use transcription as a part of your marketing strategy. Let us assume you’ve created a video for marketing purposes. You can repurpose the transcripts as a blog post that can be used on social media or for email marketing. Into this: You can repurpose the transcripts as a blog post that can be used on social media or for startup email marketing.

This can prove to be good for content marketing, mainly when the script and video contain targeted keywords. You can even set up a whole page purely on transcripts, and google will index it. This will increase user traffic and user engagement.

Techniques of Video Transcription

There are mainly three techniques of video transcription, each with its own pros and cons. Let us look at them, shall we

1. Human Transcription Services

Human transcription is known to be 99% accurate because it is done manually. People who tend to transcript can decipher words even with background noise, heavy accents, or multiple people speaking. Human transcription beats computer or automated transcription in many ways except cost and time. It can take several hours or days to transcript a 2 min video.

Organizations choose human transcription if they

  • Need accurate results
  • Scalable budget
  • No time limits
  • Have an audio file that includes multiple speakers with heavy accents.

2. Manual Transcription - Do it Yourself

This transcription refers to manually generating transcripts files in multiple formats like HTML, MS Word and others. The person itself does the transcription by typing word by word in text format. The transcript file can then be converted into a plain text file, or you can use native programs such as Notepad on your computer. This can be hefty since you need to download every video and generate transcripts one by one, thus taking time, energy and storage.

3. Automated Transcription

Automated transcription is a process where a video file is converted into text using voice & speech recognition technology. Automated transcription refers to AI-generated transcription that is delivered fast and easily. Mostly automated transcription is paid offered by many video transcription software. Large enterprises such as Google use AI to enable transcription for their audience because of fast accessibility and translation for nonnative English speakers.

Challenges That May Occur During Machine-Generated Transcription

Artificial intelligence has progressed quite a bit but there is no denying that there are a variety of complexities faced while generating automatic speech to text transcription. Some challenges our technologies are able to handle, and some are still a challenge yet to be conquered.

This is why there is still no video transcription software that may guarantee 100% accuracy of the auto-generated transcripts. It is always recommended to review the transcripts and edit them to refine them further.

Here are some critical challenges faced while generating automatic transcription:

  • People talking in multiple languages (Multi-lingual) and swapping between languages mid-sentence
  • Background Noise
  • Speed and Pitch of each speaker’s voice
  • Crosstalk - it becomes hard to transcribe when one person is talking over the other
  • Different accents can also become a significant challenge
  • Different vocabularies, such as industry terms, slangs, or proper nouns
  • Audio quality is lost if the audio file is compressed and decompressed for transcription
  • Codecs that are propriety can become a challenge while transcribing.
  • Speaker Identification – understanding when one speaker has stopped speaking and the next has started to represent conversation accurately

Let us now look at the top video transcription software:

Top Best Video Transcription Software

1. Rev

Rev is one of the top-rated services for transcribing audio from videos. Rev offers human as well as automated transcription. The service is secure and typically uses encryption. You are going to be charged $1.25 per minute, and the transcript will be delivered within 12 hours. The transcript can be edited and shared, while faster workflow can be integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox.

However, according to customer reviews, it struggles with technical terms and has slow customer service.

rev logo

2. VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube

Turn your live or on-demand streaming videos into text with VIDIZMO’s AI for automatic video transcription. It recognizes the words as well as the person does. It not only transcribe your streaming videos but makes your transcript searchable so that the keywords can be searched to jump right to the required part, saving you the time and hassle of going through long videos.

The transcripts are editable, once you update the transcript, close captions are also updated, making it convenient and 100% accurate for you. You can also bulk upload and transcribe all of them at once.

VIDIZMO leverages Azure Video Analyzer and Azure Cognitive Services Indexer allowing it to tackle some of the transcription challenges mentioned above. 

Here is all that you can benefit from:

  • Azure automatic transcription into around 39 language
  • AWS automatic transcription into around 37 languages
  • Transcription of multi-lingual content with up to 4 spoken languages out of the 22 languages through Azure Cognitive Services
  • Translation of transcripts in around 52 languages
  • Closed captions
  • Editable transcripts
  • Manual upload of transcription file possible

Well, VIDIZMO is not only a transcription software, but it is also a complete enterprise video content management system.

What does it mean for you? Apart from transcribing your videos, you can also stream, upload, manage, and organize your videos, define their access, add interactivity and do much more.

Learn More About VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube

VIDIZMO also offers on-premise transcription if you have videos stored in your private data center. Learn more about VIDIZMO speech-to-text on-premise.

VIDIZMO-logo (6)

3. Reduct’s Human Transcription

Reduct is commonly known for providing services of human transcription. Even though it’s not a software, their human transcription is affordable and the turnaround time is less than 24 hours. Their human transcript can be edited when changes are required. The downside, sadly, of Reduct’s human transcription is the cost. Professionals can charge a lot, but the more affordable ones have a lengthy turnaround time.

reduct logo

4. Trint

Trint allows you to transcribe your videos from a web browser directly. It supports many languages and is quick and easy. Trint also provides a searchable transcript, however, most of their features depend on the pricing plan. You need to import the file which needs to be transcribed. Here is the drawback, you can’t perform bulk actions and have to import every single video. Moreover, it struggles with long video files.    

trint logo

5. Otter

Otter is a great platform for personal use which transcribes video content in real-time. It has many options for text editing and file sharing. It allows you to sync Zoom recorded meetings but you need to opt for the premium package to do so. They also have a feature of time codes that is only available within the team subscription model.

otter logo


Why spend hours transcribing your videos when automatic video transcription does it for you. You can choose any of the software keeping in mind your requirements. Either a human transcription service works for you offered by Reduct, or you can use a video content management system, VIDIZMO, that offers AI-enabled transcription services.

Learn More

Posted by Bareerah Shoukat

Bareerah is a product strategist at VIDIZMO - An expert in video streaming technologies. She helps businesses create marketing content that connects with their audience.

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