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Most Recommended GDPR Compliant Evidence Software For Police Forces

Police and GDPR are inseparable in the contemporary world. Learn how police can focus on solving crimes instead of wasting time in legal matters.

Are you concerned about your personal data security?

GDPR compliance is the answer to the growing privacy-related concerns of the public.

Police and other law enforcement agencies handle and process citizens' personal data on a regular basis. So, privacy concerns need to be addressed.

Today, police need to show that their system is fully GDPR compliant. For this reason, police and GDPR are inseparable in the current world.  

Sharing citizens' personal information can violate compliances such as GDPR, which leads to penalties.

“According to freedom of information data, thousands of data breaches by the U.K Police were reported in 2020, with 299 data breaches per police station”.

Such a substantial number!

So, what does GDPR say about data protection, and why is it important for all police forces to use a GDPR-compliant platform for data storage?

Want to know?

This article will answer all questions about GDPR data protection rules and their relationship with the police forces.

What Does GDPR Say About Data Protection and Security?

General Data Protection and Regulation (GDPR) is the privacy and security law designed to protect the personal data of European citizens.

It is applicable to all organizations within the European Union as well as organizations anywhere in the world related to citizens of the EU or doing business with them.

Police forces must adhere to the following data protection principles of GDPR (Article 5):

  • You must process and manage subjects' personal data lawfully and fairly in a way that is transparent to them.
  • You must process data for legal purposes specifically.
  • You must collect and process the minimal amount of data that is relevant and limited to the specified purpose.
  • Your data must be accurate and up to date. Any irrelevant or inaccurate information must be erased without delay.
  • You can store personally identifiable information of people as long as it is required for specified purposes.
  • Process data to ensure proper confidentiality, security, and integrity of stored data. Data security refers to two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, limited access to personal data etc.

Why Is GDPR Compliant Software Necessary For Police Forces?

The rules and regulations of GDPR have a drastic impact on all law enforcement agencies, as they are involved in data collection during investigations.

Therefore, every police department operating within the EU will be subjected to GDPR and must adhere to its rules.

GDPR creates opportunities for police forces to improve the quality of stored data and gives people the right to have full control over their personal data.

Giving them rights is necessary under the GDPR, and police must let individuals know how they can exercise these rights and meet requests promptly.

Along with these benefits, violating GDPR results in heavy penalties.

Violation of GDPR penalities

Rights of Individuals Under the GDPR

Some of the fundamental rights given to individuals under GDPR are given below:

  • The Right to Access: Individuals can request to know about how their personal data is being used by any organization or can get access to their data.
  • The Right to Data Portability: Individuals can securely transfer their data from one IT environment to another in any machine-readable format.
  • The Right to be Informed: Individuals should be informed before collecting or storing their data.
  • The Right to have the information corrected: Individuals have the right to update their information if it is inaccurate or incomplete.

The information mentioned above clearly shows that GDPR-compliant Digital Evidence Management software is necessary for all organizations, including police departments.

So, is your department looking for robust GDPR-compliant software for secure storage and management of digital evidence?

Before you start thinking, we got the answer right here!

VIDIZMO’s Digital Evidence Management System!

How VIDIZMO DEMS Ensures You Meet GDPR Requirements?

VIDIZMO understands the importance of data protection laws. Hence, it has designed an easy-to-use software Digital Evidence Management System for police forces to make data handling as secure as possible.

It helps to create a transparent environment in which users can feel more confident and well-informed about their data and its usage.

It empowers you to restrict or give access to users with specific permissions to access the portal.

Not only that, but it also allows users to swiftly update their personal information or request data correction if the data is inaccurate.

Are you curious to know about how VIDIZMO DEMS is the absolute solution for police forces?

VIDIZMO: A Complete GDPR Compliant Platform For Police

VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System Portal Display

VIDIZMO provides IDC MarketScape recognized Digital Evidence Management System that empowers police forces to ingest, store, manage, analyze, and share digital evidence within the same system.

It is trusted for its security and unique AI-Powered features such as automatic redaction of PII, quick search within the digital evidence, transcription, translation in multiple languages and whatnot.

Features are listed below:

  • Ingestion of digital evidence from multiple sources such as drone cams, body-worn cameras, CCTV, vehicle dash cams etc.

  • Flexible deployment options such as Commercial/Government Cloud (Azure or AWS), on-premises, or hybrid infrastructure.

  • Wide range of security features for the security and privacy of personal data, including AES-256 end-to-end encryption, SSO integration, and access reason provisioning.

  • Role-based access control with specific permissions given to each user to access the portal.
  • Safe and secure sharing of digital evidence files within and outside the department with options like a number of views, view-only option, expiry links, download only etc.

  • Meet compliance requirements through automatic redaction of sensitive data visible in digital files.

  • Integration with SSO identity providers, CMS, and RMS systems.

  • A quick search within digital files through metadata, auto-generated tags, and speech to text.

  • Tamper detection through cryptographic hash values to prove the authenticity of digital evidence.

  • Maintain a complete chain of custody reports to track who has accessed or shared files.

The list does not end here; we offer much more beyond your expectations!


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