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The Relationship Between Police and GDPR

By Osama Zahid
the relationship between police and GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a personal data and privacy regulation applicable in the European Union. GDPR is the answer to the growing privacy-related concerns of the public. According to a survey by RSA Data Privacy & Security Report, 7500 people were surveyed from Germany, France, Italy, the US and the UK, and 80% of the people said that losing their financial information was their primary concern. Law enforcement agencies also handle personal information, so privacy concerns need to be addressed. For this reason, police and GDPR are inseparable in the current world. Today, law enforcement agencies need to show that their systems, technology and processes are fully GDPR compliant. In the scope of this blog, we will get an overview of how police and GDPR are related and how VIDIZMO makes the process of compliance seamless for law enforcement agencies.     

What data is protected in GDPR?  

The term Data Subject refers to an individual whose personal data is collected, held, or processed by any organization such as a law enforcement agency. Personal data is any data that can be used to identify an individual. The general data that lies under the GDPR protection is:  

  • Basic identity information such as name, ID numbers, and personal addresses 
  • Health and genetic data 
  • Political Opinions 
  • Biometric data 
  • Racial or ethnic data  


Why is GDPR necessary for police and evidence management?  

GDPR provides an opportunity to improve the quality of stored data. Digital evidence is data and for any type of data processing, following compliance is essential. Giving individuals the rights related to their personal data is necessary under GDPR and police must let individuals know how they can exercise these rights and meet requests promptly.  
In addition to the benefits mentioned above of being GDPR compliant, there is also the threat of a hefty fine if the compliance is not adhered to. Police have to pay a fine of twenty million EUR or 4% of worldwide turnover for non-compliance with GDPR. VIDIZMO’s Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) ensures GDPR compliance is met.   

Recognized in IDC MarketScape*, VIDIZMO Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) streamlines the process of securing, managing, searching, analyzing, and sharing ever-increasing digital evidence.

How VIDIZMO ensures you meet GDPR requirements? 

We at VIDIZMO understand the importance and necessity of data protection laws. VIDIZMO takes people's privacy and data protection very seriously and is committed to complying with data protection laws. We are constantly working to stay compliant by upgrading data protection policies as needed, which helps make compliance easier. 

VIDIZMO empowers law enforcement looking to use DEMS to switch on GDPR Compliance within their Account and sub-portals. This entails that every user will be required to agree to the system's Data Processing Agreement (DPA) as soon as they land on the web application. All users need to do is check or uncheck the option available in the GDPR Compliance section of the portal settings.  

To comply with GDPR, VIDIZMO designed a system that makes following the compliance a seamless process. Following are some of the features included in DEMS:     

Right of Data Portability  

One of the fundamental data subject rights in GDPR is data portability. Users can download or copy personal data easily from one IT environment to another safely and securely without affecting its usability.   

VIDIZMO gives the option of downloading all personal data, keeping this data right in mind. The following information can be extracted in machine-readable format (CSV) from their profile section: 

  • User Name (First Name and Last Name) 
  • Email Address 
  • Profile Picture 
  • City 
  • State 
  • Country 
  • Default Language 
  • Assigned Role 
  • System Generated Logs 
  • Phone Number 
  • Tracking Information 
  • User Comments 
  • Annotations in Videos and Images 
  • Audit Logs 

data portability

Right to be Forgotten/Erasure 

GDPR’s regulation dictates that any individual has the right to have personal data stored from users’ consent erased from any IT software system. This is applicable when personal data is no longer necessary for the purpose it was initially collected or processed for.  

VIDIZMO offers this functionality to you so your portal users can delete all their stored personal data from the system using the Data Deletion button in the user profile section. 

Right to be informed 

In GDPR’s intention to give individuals control over the use of their data, they devised a policy known as “the right to be informed.” A law enforcement agency that collects and processes data must inform the type of data being collected and its processing to its users.  

data privacy

Keeping GDPR’s policy in focus, VIDIZMO has created a functionality of Consent Form and Data Policy Design Form:  

Data Policy Design Form / Privacy Policy  

A Privacy Policy allows users to know what information is collected and what is done with that information. VIDIZMO enables users (who are on manager level or higher) to design and update Privacy Policy for your portal. VIDIZMO helps create a transparent environment in which users are more confident about their shared information and its use. The best part is the version controlling, allowing changes in the Privacy Policy of your portal. You will be able to take your portal users consent again by displaying them the Consent Form.  

Consent Form - Cookie policy  

A web cookie or simply browser cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the users’ computer by the users’ web browser while browsing. To inform users’ about cookies being sent from their browser to your servers, a cookies policy is essential to serve as a declaration to users of what cookies are active on your website or portal, what user data you are tracking, for what purpose, where and with whom the data is being shared?  
To ensure police and GDPR compliance go hand in hand, VIDIZMO gives you the option of designing the Consent Form, which helps you get the user consent for processing their information whenever they visit your portal. 

Data Rectification/Correction  

The goal of GDPR is to ensure that personal data collected and processed by any organization is accurate. Therefore, it's a data subject right to correct inaccurate personal data and the ability to supplement incomplete personal data.  

VIDIZMO empowers its customers with the functionality of data correction so your portal users can exercise GDPR's Right of Data Rectification/Correction. DEMS’s portal users can swiftly update their personal information from their user profile section. Additionally, there is also an option of entering the optional personal details later if they have skipped it while registering to the portal. 

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To summarize, there are two key takeaways from the discussion. According to policies dictated in GDPR, any personally identifiable information that police store digitally needs to be properly protected, and the user whose personal data is in question must have absolute control over it.  Police need to process digital evidence swiftly, but at the same time, they also need to increase public trust by preventing data from being misused by third parties for identity theft, fraud, phishing scams etc. GDPR applies to all usage of personal data. In other words, today, law enforcement agencies in the EU cannot evade GDPR due to the ever-increasing amount of digital evidence that needs to be processed and analyzed in each of the cases. Police need to find a solution to ensure their focus remains on reducing the crime rate and safety for the general public instead of spending time to oversee if legal regulations and policies are being followed. Luckily, there is a perfect way out for the police - VIDIZMO DEMS – designed to cater to each of the aforementioned key takeaways.   

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Posted by Osama Zahid

I am a Partner Alliances Specialist at VIDIZMO, a Gartner-recognized, US-based leading provider of enterprise video streaming, digital content management and evidence management solutions for communication, training & learning, law enforcement, public safety, healthcare and virtual events in the cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployment models.

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