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VIDIZMO | Alternative to VdoCipher for Secure Video Hosting

VIDIZMO is a VdoCipher alternative for video hosting for businesses. Learn more about VIDIZMO's platform and what it has to offer.

If you are looking for a secure video hosting solution for your organization, then you might have come across VdoCipher. This is a secure video streaming solution, which uses DRM encryption. In this blog, we discuss an alternative to VdoCipher that’s worth exploring.

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a secure and compliant video platform that can be used as an alternative to VdoCipher in certain cases.

In this blog, we discuss how the two platforms are different comparing them across a few major capabilities. But before we begin it’s important to note that neither is better than the other. VIDIZMO and VdoCipher in fact, solve different types of challenges and this blog can help you decide which one is the better fit for your unique case.

In the Bigger Picture

Let’s first give you a general overview of what these two platforms are:


Screenshot of VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is like a corporate YouTube where organizations can store and share their videos. It’s a platform where users from your organization could login and view the videos that they have access to, collaborate and communicate with other employees in the organization. The platform puts the right security measures in place to ensure no person other than those authorized can view these videos (e.g., robust encryption mechanisms). Admins can add users into the platform and define settings to fulfill security and compliance requirements: who can view videos, what can users do with them, how can users share them etc.

As the name suggests, VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is an enterprise application such that IT can choose to run it in their on-premise datacenter, in their Azure, AWS, or a Fed-RAMP compliant cloud or even purchase it as SaaS. The platform integrates with existing systems so users can access videos added in an LMS or just use the YouTube-like portal, whichever is convenient.


A screenshot of VdoCipher website

VdoCipher is a video hosting solution where you can upload videos and then embed them on any external site (e.g., your website) or any internal site (like your LMS). You can also embed videos inside any android or iOS application. Once embedded, your videos are safe from a screen capture and from plug-ins that allow videos to be downloaded. This makes VdoCipher a great choice for the media industry where piracy is an issue.

VdoCipher provides Google Widevine DRM encryption for Desktop and Android by default. All videos are stored in the AWS cloud, which means you get protection at rest as well. 


Let’s now compare the two alternatives in terms of the features they offer.

Comparison in Terms of Security Features



It offers encryption at-rest and in-transit using AES and TLS. All encryption keys are protected using Key Encryption Keys (KEK) and access to keys is linked with your organization’s Identity and Access Management system (such as Azure AD).

This process is highly secure for internal streaming but not the best for streaming to anonymous users (so VIDIZMO is not the best bet for the media industry).


DRM is available as an optional add-on.

It offers encryption using DRM, which is a technology that helps safeguard data against piracy when shared with a public audience. Viewers can’t screen capture or download a video using any third-party tool.

It offers the option to restrict video embedding by whitelisting or blacklisting domains.

It offers the option to restrict video embedding by whitelisting domains.

It offers the option to restrict viewing to a particular location by whitelisting or blacklisting IP addresses.

It too offers the option to restrict viewing to a particular location by whitelisting or blacklisting IP addresses.

It allows admins to force an HTTPS connection to the platform, such that no user can browse your corporate YouTube from an alternate HTTP address.

It doesn’t offer the capability to force an HTTPS connection.

You can integrate the system with your SSO, IAM system or active directory. Users and groups can be synced along with their permissions using SCIM.

VdoCipher is not an internal knowledge sharing type of platform. Hence it does not offer the ability to integrate with your SSO or IAM system.

You can set a custom video availability after which the video is moved to the recycle bin. You can then set a custom retention period before its purged out of the system.

You can set a custom video expiry time for any embedded video.

It offers video and audio redaction capabilities as an optional tool, which helps in fulfilling compliance requirements.

It does not offer video and audio redaction.

You can generate a detailed audit log report for the whole platform or for an individual video. These logs show who accessed a file, when, from where and what they did with the video.

You can’t directly generate an audit log for a video file.

You have complete control on where your data is stored. It could be on your on-premise datacenter, in Azure or AWS or any other cloud in any region. You can also choose to purchase VIDIZMO as SaaS in the secure Azure cloud.

Data is stored in the secure AWS cloud and served through its CDN.

It offers hosting in Government cloud, as well as video hosting for FedRAMP.

It does not offer either of Government hosting or FedRAMP compliant hosting.

It does not offer the capability to add watermarks to a video.

You can easily add watermarks to a video through VdoCipher.


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Comparison of Other Capabilities



All videos can be automatically transcribed using AI. You can also manually upload closed caption files and edit them in the application.

Only allows you to manually upload closed caption files.

You can share by generating multiple tokenized URLs for a single video. This allows you to expire access for any video selectively. You can also limited share with a certain allotted views or time duration for viewing.

It does not offer any video sharing capabilities and only offers video embedding.

It allows you to generate quick <iframe> embed codes for a particular video. You can also embed parts of the application in other applications as widgets.

It allows you to quickly generate <iframe> embed codes.

It makes sure videos are optimized for playback on any device or bandwidth through transcoding, HLS delivery, CDNs and eCDNs.

It makes sure videos are optimized for playback on any device or bandwidth through transcoding, HLS delivery, and CDNs.

It allows you to add quizzes, surveys, handouts and timed annotations to videos. Users can comment on videos (which can be moderated).

You can’t add interactive elements to videos in VdoCipher.

Users can download videos through the application for offline playback.

Users too can download videos through the application for offline playback.

You can manually add tags or use AI to generate them. This helps in improving video search and categorizing videos when added to other systems.

You can manually add tags to improve search and discovery.

You can import videos from any cloud storage or any local storage. You can assign a watch folder where all uploaded videos will be automatically uploaded on the platform.

You can also import videos from Zoom or MS Teams.

You can import videos from Google Drive, Dropbox, Vimeo and Wistia. It does not offer the capability to assign a watch folder or import from Zoom or MS Teams.

You can use the platform to conduct a secure live stream as well.

It does not offer the capability to conduct a live stream.


Conclusion – VIDIZMO or VdoCipher

Employees choosing between alternatives

If you are streaming to a public audience and video piracy is a concern, then VdoCipher is great! However, it’s not the best for an internal organizational use case like sharing recorded Zoom meetings, corporate training or sending important videos to clients. Here’s where VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube would work best for you.

VIDIZMO specializes in internal streaming, but you can share select videos publicly as well if you need to. Here’s an embedded video for you to watch.


VIDIZMO offers a range of features with granular details to solve multiple video streaming challenges in an organization. Do check out these features, get a free trial or contact us to schedule a demo.

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