Integrating Video CMS and MS Teams for Recruitment and Onboarding

Learn how video CMS and MS Teams integration can significantly improve HR recruitment and onboarding programs.

According to McKinsey and Company, organizations that prioritize people development become talent magnets for employees who want to build their knowledge and networks. One way for organizations to become a talent magnet is by leveraging a video CMS.

In the fast-paced world of talent acquisition, human resources (HR) professionals constantly grapple with the challenges of recruiting and onboarding employees. 

The traditional methods, although effective to some extent, often fall short of meeting the demands of modern workplaces. This is where technology, specifically the integration of video content management systems (video CMS) and Microsoft Teams, steps in to revolutionize HR processes.

You might be wondering how traditional methods fall short in meeting the demands of modern workplaces when it comes to recruiting and onboarding employees. Hence, we will take a look at the challenges faced by human resources professionals in recruiting and onboarding.

HR Challenges in Recruiting and Onboarding

Every now and then, you might see a recruiter on LinkedIn complaining about the lack of talent. It is a matter of fact that human resources professionals are constantly met with the burdening challenges of recruiting and onboarding employees, some of which are discussed below:

Time-Consuming Processes

The conventional recruitment process involves multiple stages, from posting job vacancies to shortlisting candidates, conducting interviews, and, finally, onboarding. This manual approach is time-consuming and may result in delays in filling crucial positions.

Geographical Barriers

The talent pool is no longer confined to a specific location. Recruiting individuals from different geographical locations poses a challenge, especially when it comes to conducting interviews and seamless onboarding.

Communication Gaps

Effective communication is the backbone of successful onboarding. However, the lack of streamlined communication channels can lead to misunderstandings, delays, and a less-than-optimal onboarding experience for new hires.

Engagement and Retention

Engaging new hires from day one is crucial for their retention. Traditional onboarding processes often struggle to provide an engaging experience, leading to decreased employee satisfaction and potential turnover.

Empowering HR with Video CMS and MS Teams Integration

The good news is that the challenges mentioned above can be addressed by integrating a video CMS with MS Teams, a video conferencing platform. Here is how you can benefit from the integration under discussion:

Streamlined Recruitment Process

Video CMS and MS Teams, in tandem, enable HR professionals to create and host engaging and informative video content for job postings. This not only attracts potential candidates but also provides a comprehensive overview of the organizational culture and values.

Overcoming Geographical Barriers

Video CMS, coupled with MS Teams, facilitates virtual interviews, making it more convenient for HR professionals to connect with candidates regardless of where they are. This eliminates the need for candidates to travel for interviews, thereby eliminating the time and commute costs for prospective employees.

Not only this but a video CMS can also help in evaluating the responses of candidates later by hosting recorded interviews on a consolidated platform.

Enhanced Communication Channels

While you easily communicate on MS Teams, it falls short on several communication aspects. However, with a video CMS, HR professionals can elevate their communication with candidates by leveraging interactivity features, such as in-video quizzes, forms, and handouts.

This significantly reduces the chances of communication gaps between the two parties and paves the way for two-way communication.

Personalized Onboarding Experience

Video CMS allows HR professionals to create personalized onboarding videos that introduce new hires to the company's values, mission, and team members. Integrating MS Teams ensures that new hires have direct access to their onboarding team, fostering a sense of belonging from the very beginning.

Not only this, but HR professionals can also make sure their video content is effective and impactful by leveraging media analytics, such as analyzing the drop-off rate, top locations, engagement trends, and more.

VIDIZMO’s Video CMS X MS Teams

VIDIZMO’s EnterpriseTube and Microsoft Teams integration can be highly beneficial for recruitment and onboarding processes in several ways:

Efficient Management of Recorded Meetings

The integration allows organizations to have all their meeting recordings neatly organized in a YouTube-like on-demand video library.

This can be particularly useful for HR teams to manage and review interview recordings or training sessions. This ensures that all relevant information is easily accessible and can be reviewed at any time, improving the efficiency of the recruitment and onboarding process.

Optimized Video Streaming

VIDIZMO’s video CMS offers optimized video streaming, ensuring smooth playback of videos regardless of the viewer’s device or bandwidth. This feature can enhance the experience of remote candidates or new hires going through digital onboarding materials, making the process more seamless and user-friendly.

AI-Powered Search

VIDIZMO’s enterprise video platform supports AI-powered search by tags, metadata, spoken words, objects in the video, and more. This helps HR teams and new hires quickly find and focus on relevant parts of a video, such as a specific interview question or a section of a training module.


Recruiting and onboarding cannot occur in isolation. Hence, the participation of more than one party is integral for the successful execution of the recruiting and onboarding program. VIDIZMO’s enterprise video content management system allows for adding in-video quizzes, forms, and handouts in recorded MS Teams meetings in order to enhance interactivity

Compliance Requirements

VIDIZMO’s video CMS offers features like in-built redaction to meet various compliance requirements. This can be crucial for HR teams to ensure privacy and compliance in recruitment and onboarding processes, thereby reducing the risk of non-compliance and avoiding paying hefty fines to regulators.

Ease of Use

VIDIZMO’s video hosting platform is designed to make watching videos as easy as it is on YouTube or Netflix. This user-friendly interface can help to increase video consumption internally, making it easier for new hires to engage with onboarding materials.

Media Analytics

VIDIZMO’s granular media analytics empowers HR professionals to monitor the learning progress of employees being onboarded. This way, organizations can better evaluate the performance of their new hires by leveraging metrics, such as engagement trends, drop-off rate, media progress, completion rate, etc.

Not only this, but VIDIZMO’s media analytics also allow human resources professionals to elevate their employee onboarding program by automatically issuing completion certificates to successful candidates once they meet or surpass the pre-defined passing criteria.

Access Management

Organizational knowledge can prove to be a competitive advantage for organizations. Hence, businesses pay significant attention in order to prevent its leakage.

VIDIZMO allows you to define access and sharing for video content and digital media on a granular level. This can help HR teams control who can view and share specific recruitment or onboarding videos, ensuring that sensitive information is only accessible to authorized individuals.

Integration with Microsoft Teams

By integrating with Microsoft Teams, new hires can access all these features without leaving the Teams environment. This can streamline the onboarding process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

In the context of recruitment and onboarding, this integration can streamline the process by providing a centralized platform for all recruitment and training videos. This can enhance the candidate experience during recruitment and facilitate faster and more effective onboarding of new hires.

Moreover, the value addition to your business is multi-fold. The integration can lead to improved collaboration, efficient management of video content, enhanced searchability, and overall better utilization of organizational resources. 

This can result in cost savings, increased productivity, and, ultimately, a positive impact on an organization’s bottom line.

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In conclusion, the integration of video CMS and MS Teams brings about a paradigm shift in HR processes, particularly in recruiting and onboarding. This tech-savvy approach not only addresses the challenges faced by HR professionals but also enhances the overall employee experience. The future of HR is here, and it's powered by innovation and integration.

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