What is Video File Tagging Software? & How Does It Work?

Learn how to search videos for spoken words, objects and faces to locate a specific video quickly in an extensive library.

Nowadays, videos are the primary source of information and communication. It boosts productivity and promotes collaboration. The use of videos is a necessary requirement throughout the business industry as it makes it easier for the end-user to get the message effectively.

But to get the most of it, you need a way to categorize and index the videos to make them searchable for the end-user. Video tagging software helps order and index videos to improve their organic searchability by organizing the videos through their subtopics.

What is Video File Tagging Software?

It is a software that would help make the videos searchable, reach the right audience at the right time, and get the videos ranked on the search engines by categorizing and indexing the videos through the subtopics to ensure their longevity.

It allows marking the video's specific details for immediate access later.

An example of how you might use a video tagging software would be labeling a video of a kid playing with his pet with the following keywords – kid, pet, cat, playing. It makes the video searchable in the search engines through these tags.

There are different types of Video file tagging software out there – some only support manual tagging and while some also offer automatic tagging of video. However, video tagging is just a small part of video content management.

Chances are you want to achieve a lot more through your videos – secure them, transcode them, share them temporarily or embed them on your site. You do not want to use a separate solution for all these use cases.

You will need an enterprise video platform like VIDIZMO. It is an all-in-one video solution provider which supports both manual video tagging and automated video tagging as well as all other video content management capabilities, including live and on-demand video streaming.

In this blog, we will explore all these various solutions with their benefits.

How and Where Does Video Metadata Factor in?

Video metadata is described as the data or information regarding the other part of data or information. Specifically, the metadata of a video file includes the creation date or description of the video file. The metadata can be created manually and automatically through video indexing software.

Manual Video Tagging

Video tagging can be done manually and automatically. Many organizations use manual video tagging, but it is not that effective. It would need the user to add the tags and label the video according to their analysis of the video’s content, but it would be time-consuming. Some of the solution providing software are as follows:

  • ExifTool: It allows the user who uses digital files for large-scale meta editing. It supports the common as well as the uncommon type of video formats.
  • TigoTago: It is beneficial for editing keywords and tagging files in bulk. It operates as a simplified editing tool that lets users bring the window over the items they wish to edit.
  • MP4 Video and Audio Tag Editor: It could help the users to add the tags and gives the chance to add important keywords to images and videos with less effort than others in this category.

Automated Video Tagging Software

While the automatic video tagging software helps you easily tag, manage, and organize your videos, it also provides accurate, comprehensive keywords for many videos in a short amount of time.

What Are the Benefits of Automatic Video Tagging Software?

Video tagging software is used for accurate content search. There are multiple benefits to tagging a video. Some of the benefits are as follows:
  • You can accurately find the right video in mere seconds without much hassle
  • Saves your time, effort, and resources for actual business-critical tasks.
  • You can make your spoken words searchable.
  • In an organization, a well categorized and indexed video library will help the departments to find accurate video content.

VIDIZMO: Video File Tagging Software & So Much More

VIDIMZO can be used to tag your videos manually or automatically, whichever way you prefer. The YouTube-like video library also supports organic content discovery and searchability by allowing you to create categories and feature important videos and playlists on the home page.

Info Search 1-1

However, VIDIZMO is no ordinary video tagging software – it is an online video platform that can be your own secure and private Corporate YouTube. You can stream live & on-demand video content and centrally manage all your video content without requiring multiple expensive solutions.

See a Live Demo of  What You Can Create Using VIDIZMO

VIDIZMO also goes one step ahead by allowing you to use the visual elements in the videos, like faces and objects, to search for specific content inside your videos. This is over and above the capability to search inside videos based on the spoken words and on-screen text.

To top it all off, the AI video software allows you to automatically transcribe your videos and have these further translated into more than 50 languages. Therefore, you can have multilingual tags in VIDIZMO ensuring accessibility for your global teams and stakeholders.

How is all this possible, you may ask?

Keywords are automatically extracted from multilingual closed captions to auto-generate the relevant tags to support platform-wide and in-video smart searches.

In-Video Search allows users to search the video for specific visual and auditory elements to jump to the exact spot they want. This can be accomplished using the following video AI capabilities:

  • Machine-generated transcription: automatically transcribes videos and translates them into multiple languages. This makes it possible to search for every word spoken in the video.
  • Facial Detection: you can search for a specific face within videos, and even label these faces for better identification.
  • Optical Character Recognition: this allows you to turn scanned handwritten documents, on-screen text, license plate shots, and other images into machine-coded text that you can index and search.
  • Other searchable visual insights are generated through emotion recognition, brand detection, sentiment analysis etc.
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