Using Video for Effective Construction Safety Training

Learn how you can create your organization's own YouTube-like video platform for effective construction safety training through VIDIZMO

Caution! Construction site, Keep out! You have often seen these signboards on a construction site as it is a hazardous place to work. With heavy machinery, blocks, building materials, electrical wires, there are multiple safety hazards. Due to its nature of heavy production processes and labor-intensive work it may result in occupational accidents that include serious injuries or long-term disabilities.

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The point is, you don’t want your limbs taken away. In the late 1800s, after the civil war ended, employees began to purchase insurance policies for protection in case injuries occurred at the job site. In 1970, the OSHA Act was passed, and as the technology improved and training was done via video, so did the safety and OSHA standards.

What OSHA, you may ask? We’re here to brief you on it. We will first see what construction safety is and its importance in the workplace. Furthermore, we’ll brief you on OSHA and see how you can make your construction safety training effective with videos delivered through a video platform like VIDIZMO.

What is Construction Safety?

Construction safety involves rules, regulations, and safety procedures at the construction site to keep workers safe from harm and injury.

Imagine how dangerous this job is when around the world, 60,000 workers lose their life every year due to this. Site risks range from working at height, machinery (cranes, bulldozers etc.) and materials, hazardous substances, electrical equipment, plus the effects of excessive noise, dust and vibration. The leading causes of construction site fatalities are falls, crush injuries, electrocutions, and caught-between injuries.

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Importance of Safety in the Workplace

According to research from Health and Safety Executive, the majority of fatal or non-fatal injuries occur due to slipping, collisions, improperly lifting or moving heavy objects. The safety measures will help employees avoid fatal situations in the first place and lower illness/injuries, costs, and reduce turnover by increasing productivity. Besides, every company's duty and moral responsibility is to look after the employee’s safety.

All the different sectors have safety risks, but it is up to the management to devote their time to strategize about what more safety precautions can be observed at the workplace. OSHA governs the entire scope of workplace safety. Let’s see what that is

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

OSHA is an act for safety and health administration passed in 1970 by the Department of Labor. It focuses on safety guidelines. Every business is subjected to Occupational Safety and Health Administration compliance requirements. To create a safer environment following are the outlined practices

  • Construction Industry Outreach Training Program
  • Guidance to Compliance Officers for Focused Inspections in the Construction Industry
  • Compliance Guidance for Residential Construction
  • Worker Safety Series Construction
  • Construction Industry Quick Start
  • Scaffolding Safety
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment

OSHA has also passed many legislations implementing many safety standards in construction. The Main 4 pillars or four-point safety program of OSHA’s Health and Safety Compliance are

  1. Management Leadership and Employee Involvement.
  2. Worksite Analysis.
  3. Hazard Prevention and Control.
  4. Training

With training being the latter, it is often difficult for the employees to conduct effective training. You have to go through all this hassle to gather people at one place. On the other hand, employees need to take notes or sit through long boring training.

Why Not Use Video to Make it Effective?

More Effective Construction Safety Training with Video

Face-to-face training is good but comes up with a lot of hassle. Why not make the process effective with the help of videos, whether live or on-demand. You can record a demo of heavy machinery, and highlight the precautions to take with the help of visualization for better understanding. Not everyone needs training at the same time; they can watch video-on-demand and at their own pace. This will save time for the company itself and the workers, thereby boosting information retention.

Online Video Based Training for construction

Since every piece of information is documented in a video, a worker can revisit it anytime. According to elearningindustry, learners are likely to remember 10% of textual content but 65% of visual content. You can effectively demonstrate and communicate your commitment to safety and health through demo videos, machinery usage policy, hazard communication and others. You can create engaging videos which are accessible anytime, anywhere, saving time, money and resources.

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With that being said:

Have You Ever Thought of Having a YouTube-like Platform for Construction Safety Training?

VIDIZMO – Your Best Bet

Here’s the time to think.

Why make it complicated when you can have your own YouTube-like portal for training?

VIDIZMO, a Gartner-recognized video content management system, lets you stream your training videos live and on-demand. You can make sure construction workers and others follow proper protocols.

With the help of VIDIZMO, you can add interactivity such as built-in assessment, surveys or feedback forms to make the videos more engaging. Create a consistent training procedure and deliver it in multiple languages through AI-generated transcription and translation. You can have playlists, collections, and categories, and an online content library to sort your video modules out to keep things organized.

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Yes, you can also integrate your LMS, CMS and other existing IT systems. Search your required video in seconds with the AI smart search offered by VIDIZMO.

Using a video platform for training and learning is just one case. VIDIZMO can be used for every end-to-end video use case for internal and external audiences.

What’s more? Find out all those features and feel free to contact us in case of any queries.

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