How to Use Video for Retail Sales Training?

Learn why there is a need for retail sales training videos and how you can use VIDIZMO platform to deliver them to staff members across your organization

The retail industry is one heck of a ride, just like the others. It is a vast sector that ranges from departmental stores to coffee shops to the digital storefront. Consider the retail industry as a litmus test of an economy’s level of well-being. According to statistics, global retail sales are expected to reach $25.04 trillion in 2021. The competition is tough! Retailers are always assessing consumer data for a competitive edge. What if you get a competitive advantage through your team? Do you feel as if your employees could do better at selling and serving customers? You’re right about that.

This is why retail sales training videos are important. The sales professionals communicate with consumers on behalf of the entire business. Not sure what that entails? Well.. you’re at the right place!

Our blog will tackle what retail sales training is and its examples. Afterward, we’ll list down the common problems and explain the importance of retail sales training videos. Lastly, we will see how platforms like VIDIZMO can help in delivering these training videos.

What Is Retail Sales Training?

Retail training focuses on opting for such competencies that increase sales and provide a better customer experience. This happens with a mix of soft and technical training with other factors such as

  • Expertise in product knowledge
  • Assisting customers efficiently and in a friendly manner
  • Maintaining a good, safe environment
  • Closing sales and upselling

All in all, retail sales training aims to train their employees to be fast and fluent in product knowledge, and those who can successfully close the deals to boost sales with a positive customer experience.

A woman training a retail staff member

Examples Of Using Video for Retail Sales Training

To address the lacking skills, the following categories should be focused for a modern retail employee

  • Product Knowledge

Product and service knowledge is essential for every employee. Organizations use retail sales training to provide knowledge and make employees product experts. Product knowledge training can have interactivity such as quizzes that test an individual’s knowledge about a given product’s details. Moreover, it can include scenario-based training where they identify and match products with customer requirements.

  • Retail Onboarding

Onboarding new hires can include touring and meeting the sales team, reviewing the company’s processes or policies, and what it sells. A good interactive onboarding program will get your retail employees thrilled about their new job while looking forward to their responsibilities.

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  • Sales

In sales, you are either at the operating point of sale (POS) system or on the premise assisting customers in making the right purchase. Topics like competitor analysis, buyer persona, effective communication and others can be covered in the retail sales training module. Furthermore, they can be taught techniques in closing sales, cross-selling, upselling, or perhaps getting familiar with POS.

  • Customer Service

Successful brands like Costco and Nordstrom have an excellent reputation for doing whatever it takes to provide the best customer experience. Your team must be prepared to deliver positive and friendly customer service with all smiles regardless of the questions. Companies can use retail sales training to teach their employees how to navigate customer interactions and answer their queries efficiently.

A retail staff member smiling while serving a customer

  • Safety

Safety training can cover everything from general sanitation to the following protocol in fires, natural disasters, active shooters, etc. This training is a must not just in retail sales training but also for every other employee in the organization to ensure a safe and clean environment.

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Retail Training Challenges

  • Organizing in-person training can be a big hassle as many organizations have geographically dispersed branches
  • It is a challenge to pull up the whole office at a time and schedule a session without closing the operations for the time being.
  • Retail sales training often happens unpredictably, for example, when a new project launches. You have a short amount of time to speed up on the product
  • It can be costly to hire a sales rep for training at the last minute or in general.

These challenges may vary depending on the training format your company opts for. For instance, face-to-face training has many advantages but can be less productive in a new digitalized world. How can you overcome these? With a retail sales training video!

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The Importance of Using Video-Based Retail Sales Training

People go on the lookout for videos when they want to learn new skills. Video is a powerful medium that visually explains everything and makes the training engaging. According to the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard, the basic idea is that the instructors need a “library that helps establish a common vision of what excellent, rigorous instruction looks like in their own context.”

Employees get to have training from anywhere and anytime, allowing them to learn at their own pace with a high retention level. This will develop solid concepts and strategies where sellers can visualize the scenarios and think of ways to do better. Sales professionals understand the impact their performance will make as their promotion and salary go hand in hand. They are driven to understand and learn the concepts and contribute to boosting sales.

VIDIZMO Video Platform for Retail Sales Training

If you want to join the digital revolt and transform your retail sales training from physical to online, here’s what you are required:

  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Course Authoring tool
  • Web conferencing tools
  • A product knowledge management tool

Wait! That’s a lot of things!

What if I say you can use a centralized video content management system that offers you the best of every tool listed above and much more?

Yes, it is possible with VIDIZMO! A Gartner recognized video content management platform that helps you create an internal YouTube for retail training.

It lets you integrate with all the tools such as LMS, CMS, CRM, web conferencing tools, etc. VIDIZMO enables you to upload, manage, stream and share videos in a matter of seconds. The roadmap to retail sales training video can be managed efficiently with the help of a searchable online video content library.

The courses can be made interactive by adding quizzes and surveys, and the interaction can be analyzed through detailed reports.

You can keep your audience informed by conducting a secure interactive live stream worldwide where the video is transcribed and translated into multiple languages.

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You can do much more with VIDIZMO, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Manage your videos either live or on-demand for all end-to-end use cases for external and internal audiences.

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