Video Post-Production: How to Securely Manage Your Video Content

Post-production studios are managing tons of videos for multiple clients. Learn how to effectively solve the challenges faced for improved productivity.

Finally done with your video production? Congrats! That’s one beast that you conquered. However, now starts your treacherous journey of video post-production. This is a make-or-break moment for all the effort that has been put into your project till now.

One major struggle post-production studios face currently is that the number of video assets to be handled has exploded beyond imagination.

Video consumption is at an all-time high and only rising, with people spending an average of 408 minutes per week just watching videos online.

With this rise in demand, online video has become the most people medium for entertainment, marketing, and other branded content. Post-production is handling more content than ever before with no room for mistakes.

In this blog, we will explore the challenges of managing this increasing load of videos. We will also reveal how a scalable YouTube-like video platform may help post-production studios manage their video content effectively through various automated processes.

Not only managing but securing these critical video assets while supporting limited sharing of these large video files with external vendors and clients.


Challenges of Managing Post-Production Video Content

Let’s now break down the most critical challenges faced by post-production studios in terms of managing their vital video assets:

Costly, Unscalable Storage

With multitudes of videos out there, quality output is a must to stand out.

As has been said by Hunter S. Thompson,

“Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.”

But higher quality video would also mean high storage space requirements as these videos would be much larger in size.

In such cases, opting for a free online storage option no longer works. A post-production studio especially should opt for a platform with cloud video storage options that are scalable and cost-effective.

Risk of Video Leakage

Post-production studios are handling videos prior to their release to the public or may entirely be intended for an exclusive, private audience.

Hence, while handling such footage, ensuring security is a must to avoid any chances of leakage or unauthorized access.

This is easier said than done as public platforms like YouTube just won’t work.

With the increasing number of cyber-attacks, organizations must also critically evaluate any secure video platform before opting for it to ensure that it truly does offer your required level of security.

Restricting Access

Access control of each video clip being worked upon is critical. Not just for security purposes but also to remove clutter and ensure organized content segregation.

A basic video platform will not provide you with such capabilities, which is a pity as each video is definitely never intended to be viewed by your entire organization.

Collaborating On-The-Go and Across Borders

Most editors are working with different footage from different sources or working with multiple clients at a time. They need to continuously collaborate and communicate with colleagues and clients in different departments, offices, and regions.

This can prove to be very difficult, especially when working with videos of different formats not compatible on all devices or browsers.

Even more troublesome is to ensure smooth streaming across borders without buffering or footage turning grainy. We all know such low-quality footage is unacceptable, especially for video post-production studios.

Video Buffering Infographic

Source: Mux

Large Videos Are Hard to Share

Videos that take up more space also require much more time while being shared ahead. The larger the video or the higher quality it has, the harder it will be to share them.

Sharing alone will not be acceptable either. For internal post-production video use cases, footage must be securely shared with only authorized individuals for a limited time. Suffice to say, this is definitely not an easy feat to accomplish.

You can’t just allow users to download videos. They will not have enough space after a certain while, and it drastically increases the chances of leakage and unauthorized access.

Streaming these videos on a secure video platform is the only way to go.

Searching Within Your 1000s of Videos

Imagine this scenario,

You are an editor working on 3 projects at a time - each having multiple video clips per shot coming out to be 100s of videos that you have to search within your storage.

Trying to search them amongst all the different folders and storage spaces will be your worst nightmare. Disentangling this mess takes an unbelievably long time – time that can be spent on actual work. It also leaves you in a sour mood and drains your creativity by the end of it.


For all the challenges we discussed,

Here Is a Solution for You

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube | A Secure YouTube-like Video Platform

Here is a video platform, kind of like YouTube, with so much more to offer in terms of video storage, security, sharing, organization, search, global content delivery, and whatnot.

end to end video platform for post-production studios - VIDIZMO

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You can use the VIDIZMO for internal streaming, segregating content, controlling access, and even creating public video portals for external streaming.

Plus, the platform is well-integrated with most IT systems like video conferencing tools (Zoom, MS Teams, etc.), LMS, CMS, and many more. You will definitely not be operating in a silo.


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Let us explore how all the critical challenges above will be solved for post-production studios.

Scalable, Cost-Effective Cloud Storage

Benefit from scalable storage options that allows you to store GBs and even TBs of video data – perfect for constantly shifting video requirements.

Tiered storage options allow you to have videos that require immediate access stored in hot storage and archive old footage in cold storage with lower storage costs.

Cloud deployment is available in Azure, AWS, or any other private cloud provider of your choice.

Top-Notch Security

Security is VIDIZMO’s forte. You have tons of capabilities at your fingertips.

Password protect videos and block downloads. Go for SSO integration for user authentication.

End-to-end encryption (at rest and in transit) protects your content from leakage.

IP, domain, and location restrictions are also possible. You can also set custom security policies and video retention period.

Limited Sharing – External or Internal

Share videos temporarily with external or internal viewers by creating multiple expirable links of videos with password protection.

Or guest share by sending an email invite of the video to external viewers. They would need to authenticate to watch the video. You can limit how long the video will be available for and the number of times a viewer may watch a video.

Access Management

VIDIZMO has a variety of access control options. You can restrict videos for private video streaming within your organization or even go beyond that restrict viewing to certain users or groups.

If you need to make some videos public, you can do so by allowing anonymous viewing.

High-Quality Playback-Ready Videos

Automatically transcode your videos into multiple renditions to support adaptive bitrate streaming and provide the best possible video viewing experience under varying bandwidth conditions.

Compatibility on All Devices and Browsers

Mobile Compatibility required for post-production studios

Modern video streaming protocols like HLS and MPEG-DASH are used to ensure that your videos are readily playable on all devices and browsers.

Global Content Delivery

CDN support is available to ensure that your videos are smoothly streamed for remote teams and offices across borders.

Accessible, Inclusive Content

Automatically transcribe and generate closed captions of your videos into around 39 languages and even transcribe multi-lingual content of up to 4 spoken languages out of our 22 supported languages.

Be sure to translate these transcripts into about 52 languages. Edit these transcripts to refine them further.

Smart Search – Platform-Wide and In-Video

AI-powered transcription ensures that every spoken word in your videos is searchable in multiple languages. Video artificial intelligence is further used to help you search videos based on on-screen text, faces and objects.

Plus, you can auto-tag your videos or attach manual tags and custom identifiers to support refined, filtered-down platform-wide search.

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With all the video asset management challenges set aside, post-production studios can solely focus on what they do best – producing the best quality output.

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