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VIDIZMO | Alternative to IBM Cloud Video for Live/On-demand Streaming

By Shahan Zafar
A person using an enterprise video platform

In January 2016, IBM acquired the live streaming service uStream and combined it with its earlier acquisition of Clearleap, and its own IBM Aspera and IBM Cleversafe, to form the IBM Cloud Video platform. In the same year, it was recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video Content Management as a niche player. However, 4 years later, now IBM is just one video platform and there are numerous other alternatives out there. 

In this blog, we discuss one such alternative that is VIDIZMO and carry out a detailed comparison. Feel free to refer to our detailed guide on video platforms to learn more about the other vendors in this landscape. 

Summary | In 100 Words Why VIDIZMO is a Better Alternative to IBM Cloud Video

IBM Cloud Video is great for uploading a video and streaming it to your intended audience. However, it lacks features that a more advanced video platform like VIDIZMO offers.  

Say you want to add a quiz or an audio description to a video? Or you want to import SCORM content? Talk about branding, you want to use your colors or logos? You want to customize the player to restrict audiences from skipping within a video? Talk about sharing – Say you want to restrict recipients from being able to download videos, or just want them to view a video once. Talk about integrations – say you want to automatically ingest recorded meetings from Zoom, or play uploaded videos in your LMS.  

IBM Cloud Video falls short when it comes to the details of enterprise video challenges, and VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube offers a much better solution.  

Learn More About VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube


Criteria for Comparison

In order to compare VIDIZMO and IBM Cloud Video side-by-side, we have prepared a list of criteria that are important in evaluating an enterprise video platform.  

  • Security and compliance: According to the Accenture State of Cybersecurity Report 2020, the risks of security breaches are increasing, and IT leaders are investing in technological solutions that are more secure. Video platforms are no exception!  
  • Video sharing and access management: With compliances like HIPAA and GDPR, it’s important to ensure that only authorized people are able to watch a video and no other. This is also important to prevent breach of confidential information. Hence, your video platform needs to be capable of defining who can access a video file and what they can do after they have access (features like block downloads, sharing etc.).  
  • Video search: In the post COVID world, recorded meetings, virtual trainings, and other types of video content has increased. This is building up piles of video data in your storage and without a powerful search that can index and search within them, such data is useless. It’s important to have a video search that can search within videos, and help you quickly find the video you are looking for.   
  • Integrations: Data silos waste company resources and reduce employee productivity, and video data is no different. If your video platform doesn’t have the capabilities to integrate with your existing IT systems; LMS, CMS, Zoom, MS Teams etc. then you’ll have videos lying in disparate systems, which reduces productivity and creates problems in ensuring compliance.   
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): The AI market has been rising rapidly and it offers the capability of extracting valuable insights from video data. It’s important to look for a platform that offers AI capabilities, to help automate processes and save time and costs.   

VIDIZMO vs IBM Cloud Video


A screenshot of VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube

Here’s What VIDIZMO Offers:  

  • Allows you to add quizzes, handouts, surveys, annotations and more in both live and on-demand videos. Learn more about interactivity in VIDIZMO. 
  • Supports 255+ file formats for video, 360-degree video and SCORM for e-learning.  
  • Offers drone live streaming with geospatial mapping of drone movements. 
  • Offers a desktop application for offline video playback. 
  • Allows you to change the look and feel of your video portal, use your colors and logo, customize the player and more. Learn more about branding in VIDIZMO. 

As Opposed to What IBM Cloud Video Offers:  

  • Allows you to add Q&A to live streams only.  
  • Allows you to upload videos in a few common formats and the maximum file size is limited to 4 GB. No 360-degree video or SCORM support. 
  • No live streaming from drones. 
  • Doesn’t offer a desktop application for offline video playback. 
  • No branding features. 


Security and Compliance

Here’s What VIDIZMO Offers:  

  • Offers end-to-end encrypted video streaming. 
  • SSO Integration with more than 25 types of SSO providers, and automatic user and group provisioning using SCIM. 
  • Offers domain, IP and geographic restrictions. 
  • Offers customizable security policies – say restrict external sharing for the entire organization, departments etc.  
  • Offers support for DRM. 
  • Allows you to set a custom video retention period. 
  • Offers a simple interface to view video portal logs or logs for each video file (of all actions performed). 
  • Allows you to host in Azure, AWS or any cloud of choice – depending on whose security and compliance you trust. 

As Opposed to What IBM Cloud Video Offers:  

  • Offers end-to-end encrypted video streaming as well. 
  • SSO Integration with Google apps and SAML based SSO providers only. 
  • Offers domain, IP and geographic restrictions as well. 
  • Offers role-based access controls as well. 
  • Doesn’t offer customizable security policies. 
  • Doesn’t offer support for DRM. 
  • Can’t set a custom video retention period. 
  • Logs can be viewed for files, but the interface isn’t simple. 
  • Allows you to host data in IBM cloud only. 


Video Sharing and Access Management

Here’s What VIDIZMO Offers:  

  • Allows you to define for every video, who gets to see them – the entire organization, specific people, groups or departments.  
  • Allows you to generate multiple links for sharing and expire them as you wish. 
  • Allows you to define what recipients can do; block downloads, restrict sharing, define limited number of views or availability period. 
  • Generate lightweight embed codes, with the option to enable authentication/SSO before viewing. 
  • Offers email sharing where external recipients will need to authenticate temporarily to view content.   

Learn more about video sharing and access management in VIDIZMO. 


As Opposed to What IBM Cloud Video Offers:  

  • Allows you to define for every video, who gets to see them on an individual level.  
  • Allows you to generate a single link for sharing only. 
  • Cannot define what recipients with access can do. 
  • Easily generate video embed codes. 


Video Search 

Here’s What VIDIZMO Offers:  

  • Allows you to set custom metadata for videos to improve filtering – say classroom location, lecture ID, etc.  
  • Allows you to search inside video using AI-generated transcripts. 
  • Allows you to search inside video using faces and objects.  
  • Allows you to add automatic and manual tags to improve search.  
  • Offers video search in more than 40 languages. 

Learn more about search and finding videos in VIDIZMO. 

As Opposed to What IBM Cloud Video Offers:  

  • Allows you to set custom metadata for videos to improve filtering – say classroom location, lecture ID, etc.  
  • Allows you to search inside video using AI generated transcripts. 



Here are the Integrations that VIDIZMO offers:  

  • Zoom, MS Teams, Cisco WebEx to ingest recorded meetings. 
  • Zoom, MS Teams, Cisco WebEx for live streaming. LMS or CMS. 
  • 25+ types of SSO providers. 
  • Video streaming in SharePoint.
  • Google Ads and Woopra for tracking. 
  • CRMs. 
  • Content processing. 
  • Widgets to embed in existing IT systems.  
  • API support. 


As Opposed to Integrations that IBM Cloud Video Offers:  

  • Slack. 
  • Zoom, MS Teams, Cisco WebEx for live streaming. 
  • Google and SAML-based SSO. 
  • API support. 


Artificial Intelligence

Here’s What VIDIZMO Offers:  

  • Automatic generation of closed captions and transcripts in 80+ languages.  
  • Automatic translation of transcription into 80+ languages. 
  • Allows you to detect faces, objects, topics, on-screen text and sentiments in videos to improve search. 

As Opposed to What IBM Cloud Video Offers:  

  • Automatic generation of closed captions. 
  • AI for automatic video recommendations. 


VIDIZMO as an Enterprise Video Platform

VIDIZMO offers a Gartner recognized, a complete enterprise video platform that can be used for end-to-end enterprise video use cases – from sharing to training and learning, from managing recorded Zoom meetings to streaming marketing videos, to conducting live events. VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube does it all.  

A screenshot of VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube

Learn More About VIDIZMO Enterprise Video Platform

Contact us today to schedule a demo or request a free trial. 

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Posted by Shahan Zafar

Shahan is the Product Marketing Manager at VIDIZMO - An expert in video streaming, sharing and management platforms. Shahan is actively involved in researching and consolidating information regarding innovative features, customer challenges and emerging trends in this domain. You can email at shahan.zafar@vidizmo.com for any queries.

Tags: EVCM, online video platforms

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