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VIDIZMO’s Flexible Solution: Addresses Legal and Compliance Challenges

VIDIZMO Video Platform ensures that customers meet any data residency, data localization, or data sovereignty laws and security standards.

With the increasing use of cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, data sovereignty issues have become a greater focus and risk. Subject to the laws of the country, data sovereignty is a country-specific requirement in which data is collected or processed and must, therefore, remain within its borders. 

Several countries have had these laws for decades, and new privacy laws, such as the GDPR, are only making them more predominant. For example, countries like China, Switzerland, and Indonesia (to name a few) require that their citizen's data must be stored on physical servers located within the country's borders. 

Which countries implement data localization and data sovereignty laws

Also, countries like India and Russia have data localization laws that require that data created within certain borders stay within them. In contrast to data sovereignty, application to this type of regulation is mostly to the creation and storage of personal data, with exceptions for rules over tax, accounting, and gambling.  

Furthermore, businesses operating in multiple locations specify that their data is to be stored in a particular geographic area of their choice, usually, for tax or policy reasons; this is known as the data residency requirement.  

Industries affected in different countries by data localization and data sovereignty laws


What Does VIDIZMO Offer to its Customer for Data Residency, Localization, and Sovereignty?  

We at VIDIZMO, ensure that our customers meet any data residency, data localization, or data sovereignty laws and security standards. By offering the most versatile range of deployment models, content storage, application hosting, encoding, and video streaming capabilities, companies can choose where data such as videos are stored, hosted, encoded, and managed based on geographic locations. 


For companies looking to comply with data sovereignty or data localization laws, the holy grail is getting a deployment process that handles growing volumes of digital assets such as videos and images in an agile, efficient fashion.  

To address this challenge, VIDIZMO provides the most flexible range of deployment models for hosting our video platform in any public, private, or hybrid cloud as well as on-premises data centers. Organizations through hybrid implementation can install some components on-premise and the rest on the cloud located in the region of their choice. 

The multi-tenant architecture also supports deployments with the unique ability to keep certain VIDIZMO Portals/tenant on-premises, while other Portals can be made available on the cloud on another location. 

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From the 2018 deadlines for GDPR to recent Australian privacy laws, some believe that these regulatory responses are compulsory to navigate the void created by industry regulations that often fall behind technological advances.  

In light of these complex laws, however, organizations realize they need control over- where their data sits. 

VIDIZMO allows some content to be stored behind a firewall and some in the cloud in another geographic location, enabling a flexible storage solution that also supports on-demand burst-out processing in which data moves in and out of the cloud as it changes. Cloud is utilized for offsite disaster recovery without downtime or data loss. This gives the organization's more control over where their data resides. 

Businesses can also place virtually any component of the solution in any location in the cloud or on-premises, to host some videos on any number of on-premises locations while others in the cloud, and intelligently branch users to the appropriate location. 


According to IDG's cloud computing survey, 73% of organizations have at least one application or a portion of their computing infrastructure hosted in the cloud and maintain a hybrid infrastructure. 

In a hybrid scenario, users can host VIDIZMO application behind a firewall, while allowing a limited amount of content to reside in the cloud in another location for external delivery, often to meet regulatory compliance.  

Users can also leverage VIDIZMO's shared cloud for hosting the application while storing all video files behind their firewall. Organizations also have the option to pull content from the cloud into WAN to distribute via their private CDN. 

Encoding and Video Streaming 

Customers can also avail local content encoding and caching/ streaming servers (as both hard and virtual/ soft appliances) that integrate with VIDIZMO in the cloud, so that the content never leaves customer's premises during its lifecycle from uploading to transcoding, caching, streaming and archival.  

Files can be encoded on-premises using a local software/hardware encoder before any files are uploaded to the cloud-based application in a region of customer’s choice. 


What does VIDIZMO give to its Customers by allowing a flexible Deployment, Storage, Hosting, and Encoding option? 


According to a report by Cisco, most organizations (42%) reported that meeting data security requirements was one of the most significant challenges. 

This is because a wide range of industries are subject to government regulations that ultimately determine how companies can use and store sensitive data.  

The financial services and healthcare industry, for example, are typical examples of industries where the government dictates how and where the data is stored – usually mandating that sensitive data be stored in a cloud provider that is compliant with these laws and is located within a particular geographic region.  

VIDIZMO, by providing a flexible deployment, storage, hosting, and encoding gives organizations the flexibility to meet these laws, regulations, and compliance. 

Customizable security 

Firms in specialized industries are also required to maintain industry-specific security guidelines, which in turn necessitate the need for sophisticated security customizations. 

In VIDZMO's hybrid deployment, customers have the flexibility to enforce their security and compliance policies. Also, in on-premises installations, organizations gain robust security standards customized based on specific organization processes, security, requirements, compliance, and regulatory standards.  

Moreover, as data resides on on-premises servers with robust in-house security and compliance standards, all data access is restricted on-site for every system, application, and database, fortifying security as per the company's specific security and privacy needs and requirements.  


Different countries have distinct laws and regulations relating to the way customer data is controlled. 

The most well-known and far-reaching set of data regulations is the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  

But there are dozens more – from the China Cybersecurity Law to Brazil's General Data Privacy Law, to Japan'Personal Information Protection ActAlso, Europe has separate privacy laws in 28 countries; the U.S. has more than a dozen regulations that apply to cloud-related data, including HIPAAand FERPA to name a few.  

For organizations, non-compliance penalties due to having little or no control over their data are substantial.  

VIDZIMO gives companies complete control of all their sensitive data and valuable intellectual property. 


To know more about how VIDIZMO can help you meet compliance requirements and gain more control to deploy infrastructure, store content, and host application.

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