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Here is a detailed comparison of VPlayed with its alternative and competitor VIDIZMO for video streaming and management.

Video is the new norm of today's era. As the video content is scaling up every day, the need to manage and organize them in a structured way is now critical. Either it is an on-demand video or a live stream video, there is no denying the importance of video in general.

According to research, brands spent $90B on video content which is expected to cross $100 billion by 2023. For this amount of data generated from organizations or businesses, we have video platform giants in the market to cater to your video needs by going one step ahead.

VPlayed happens to deliver a power-packed suite for audio and video streaming across all platforms. So is VIDIZMO, which happens to be VPlayed’s alternative, that enhances your video playback experience with the latest technologies. Let’s look at the two one by one

At a Glance

A bit of history, VPlayed started off in 2008 with 2+ onboard. By 2010, they had about 80+ onboard. By 2011 they launched IOT smart city project which gave them more prominence. After that, it was recognized as the leading SaaP company. In 2016, they entered the streaming media world and by 2019 it now serves worldwide. 

VPlayed is a video platform designed for live and on-demand streaming. Not only that, they also provide a set of functionalities for audio streaming as well. They provide hosting with AWS cloud storage while uploading and transcoding the content within the scheduled time. It also provides you with enhanced video analytics which is inbuilt such as analytical reports.

The above-described features in VPlayed are also supported in VIDIZMO. Furthermore, VIDIZMO is a Gartner-recognized video platform for both external and internal audiences. Live stream or on-demand video? Upload, manage and host both. VIDIZMO provides multiple integrations and multi-autonomous portals (Multi-tenancy) for various video use cases within one platform. It provides AWS services just like VPlayed and also provides Azure web services to leverage every piece of your content while delivering it to the targeted audience.

VIDIZMO vs. VPlayed – The Comparison

In this blog, we have taken some parameters and compared the two platforms according to them. It will help you understand which is the best fit based for your requirements.


VIDIZMO offers:

  • Rich security with audit logs for every video portal while meeting with the regulatory compliances such as GDPR and HIPAA
  • Safeguard your media by password protecting your videos
  • Define custom retention period of deleted media
  • Have a custom privacy policy and security policy for governance. For example, you can disable external access of the portal and only allow internal audiences the rights.
  • Limited sharing can be done via URL tokenization
  • You can domain and IP restrict your audience
  • SSO for centralized identity management access

VPlayed offers:

  • No audit logs mean no tracking of activity
  • Limited sharing through URL tokenization is not available
  • You can password protect your videos
  • No custom policies

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Access Management Control

VIDIZMO offers:

  • Role-based access is available. VIDIZMO offers 6 roles that are anonymous, moderators, admins, viewers, managers and contributors.
  • You can segregate content based on user groups or create separate portals for different departments.
  • For secure sharing and video access management utilize SSO integration for centralized identity management with a feature (SCIM) that enables auto-sync
  • You can restrict sharing of videos or limit access, downloads, or even the number of times videos can be viewed.
  • The generated link can be expired as you wish for limited sharing.

VPlayed offers:

  • VPlayed does offer role-based access; however, roles are limited.
  • SSO integration for video access management is available but no SCIM for synchronization.
  • VPlayed doesn’t offer content segregation.
  • You can limit share only by password protecting the videos.


VIDIZMO offers:

  • VIDIZMO offers third-party integrations with video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, MS Team and more.
  • Single Sign-On integration with 25+ SSO authentication providers like Azure AD, identity access management services such as Okta or third party login
  • You can integrate with LMS (Learning Management System) LMS such as Moodle, D2L or workday.
  • VIDIZMO’S other native integration including CMS, CRM, tracking applications like Google Analytics and many more
  • You can even request custom integration offered through professional services.
  • Doesn’t offer integration with audios.

VPlayed offers:

  • It offers integration with social sites and analytical tools such as Google Analytics
  • Offers Paywall integration
  • Server-side ad integration
  • Doesn’t integrate with LMS, CMS, CRM or provide any custom integrations
  • Integration with multiple audios



VIDIZMO offers:

  • VIDIZMO’s robust analytical tools give you insights into every content uploaded on the platform
  • Analyze through audit trails and track down every activity
  • Through video reports, you can analyze the number of views, downloads and shares.
  • Real-time live streaming insights for user engagement.
  • You can integrate with other tracking applications such as Woopra and Google analytics for deeper insights.

VPlayed offers:

  • Vplayed offers a real-time analytics dashboard
  • Through an engagement graph, you can analyze the engagement of each user.
  • Supports multiple integrations for analytics
  • Doesn’t have audit trails to track activities of user.


Artificial Intelligence

VIDIZMO offers:

  • With VIDIZMO’s AI video software enhance accessibility by searching among large amount of video content. You can search through transcripts, closed captions or in general in any language
  • Search via faces, emotions, spoken words or even objects.
  • Automated transcription
  • Automated translation of trancription in the language of choice
  • For better experience, recommend related video content to users

VPlayed offers:

  • Vplayed just like VIDIZMO recommends content via Recommendation Engines.
  • Search via keywords is available
  • Doesn’t has the ability to enhance search through faces, sentiments or objects
  • It doesn’t offer automated translation and transcription services.


The Verdict

In order to understand the major differences between the two, we have compared them based on the above criteria. VPlayed is more focused on entertainment industry whereas, for large enterprises with multiple use cases you can opt for VIDIZMO, which is not industry specific. You can go for a free trial of VIDIZMO to see what they have to offer.Learn More




Posted by Bareerah Shoukat

Bareerah is a product strategist at VIDIZMO - An expert in video streaming technologies. She helps businesses create marketing content that connects with their audience.

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